It’s a Diablo II redo

Hey all you Diablo II fans out there! Your wait is over. The Diablo II expansion set is finally out. Well, it’s been out for a few months but I have been too busy playing it to write this review. In order to install the Diablo II expansion set, you must already have the original Diablo II installed on your system. So for all of you who have been chomping-at-the-bit for the expansion set, here are some of the new features and enhancements that you’ll find. The first thing you will notice are the two new character classes: the Druid … Continue reading It’s a Diablo II redo

Baldur’s Gate II Rocks RPGs

There are two ways you can spend the holiday season. The first involves dinner with the family, huge lipstick-smeared kisses from aunts you barely know and riveting conversation about how in the old days people walked to school in the snow and it was uphill both ways. And then there is the fun way: Baldur’s Gate II. It was almost a given that the sequel to the winner of the GiN RPG of the Year would be awesome. About the worst thing that could have happened is that nothing at all would have changed, and even then Baldur’s Gate II … Continue reading Baldur’s Gate II Rocks RPGs

The Incredible Machine is Ridiculous, Frustrating

The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions is incredible. It’s incredible how much of your time it can suck away. Like a really good book with really short chapters, you just keep telling yourself that you will complete one more quick contraption and then take a break. Hours later you emerge from your computer, bleary-eyed with your mind spinning and wondering why on earth you just had to break three more fish tanks just to get that darn Mel off to work. Breaking fish tanks is a common sub-goal of this game. What kind of sick mind thought that up? There … Continue reading The Incredible Machine is Ridiculous, Frustrating

Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is one of the most realistic war simulations I have ever played. At times this can be both wonderful and frustrating at the same time. You start out in the campaign mode as a single infantry soldier. You are confused as to what is happening and so are the rest of the men, as evidenced by the different cut scenes where you and your buddies get to talk. You get to do everything from being part of a massive infantry attack on a town, to running in full retreat when you are obviously overwhelmed, to … Continue reading Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games

102 Dalmatians is Disney at its Best

Disney software has produced a winner. I wish all their games were this good. 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue is fun for the entire family and completely playable for children eight and up. If you have an easy to use joystick, younger children might enjoy it as well. The premise for the game is simple and straightforward. Cruella De Vil and her minions are back and up to no good. They’ve started a toy company with lousy robot toys and they are blaming their lack of sales on pets. Their evil plan: If children don’t have pets to spend … Continue reading 102 Dalmatians is Disney at its Best

Patrician II is in a League of its Own

Through all the to-do around the new console platforms and who’s got the hottest sports games and so forth, it’s good to see certain types of games that I thrive on enjoying some popularity on the PC. In particular, the economic/military strategy games are really starting to come out. Maybe it’s because of Civilization III coming out in November or maybe something else entirely. But I don’t care, I am just enjoying the influx. One game that I had the privilege of previewing was Patrician II. Patrician II takes you to northern Europe in the 14th century, during the time … Continue reading Patrician II is in a League of its Own

Blue Shift is half-baked Half-Life

It’s not a special edition or add-on: Blue Shift is the official sequel to Half-Life, the awesome first-person shooter series from Sierra. But is it as good as the original? Is it even worth buying for $50? I guess the answers depend on how much you enjoyed the first one. Although in this sequel players do not necessarily have to know about the original story, it helps. In Blue Shift, players you’re no longer a competent scientist who probably makes enough money to drive home in a luxury car, but rather security guard, Barney Calhoun. Barney is a rather incompetent … Continue reading Blue Shift is half-baked Half-Life

NHL 2002 Gets its AI Back

This review comes on the night after the first Washington Capitals game which I attended. Granted this stupid town is obsessed with Michael Jordan and basketball at the moment. Hey idiots, bear in mind that one player will not help the stinking Wizards. Can you say Deion Sanders? There is no denying that Jagrmania is rich at the MCI Center, as his addition to an already strong defense and killer goaltender might be DC’s underrated saving grace. And if tonight’s 6-1 victory over the defending Eastern Conference champ New Jersey Devils is an indication, I suggest everyone quit looking at … Continue reading NHL 2002 Gets its AI Back

Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

Observe!! The "Crane Stance!" Wytaaaaaaa!!! "Moon Stance!" Wootooooooo!!! "Bear Stance!" Mootooooo!!! "Crouching Tiger!" Shen-muuuuuu! "Hidden Dragon!!" Voodooooo!! "Flying Foot Kick!" ShaaAAAWAKAAAaaaaa!! * Takes a bow * Phew! Man, you wouldn’t believe the adventures I’ve been on the last few days. I mean I’m fighting bug-eyed tarantulas, thorn-filled hedgehogs, fireflies half my size, snapping seashells, giant wasps and all sorts of wild creatures wanting a piece of me! But lookout, my misfortune-filled foes, cause I’m well versed in the ancient forms of martial arts, and with my lightning quick reflexes I’m untouchable!!! That’s right, I shall make you all rue the … Continue reading Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

Outlive is no Starcraft Killer

I normally rate games based on how much fun I have with them while I am playing them, and then I factor in all the other things like whether or not it is a neat or new concept. So while Outlive is nothing to email all your gaming buddies about, based on some of the games I have been playing lately, it is not a bad title. And as you will see, I really enjoyed the first few missions. Outlive is a real-time strategy game set in the 21st Century where the population is outgrowing the planet and we are … Continue reading Outlive is no Starcraft Killer

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