John Breeden II, Chief Editor

As a journalist John has covered everything from rural town meetings to the U.S. Congress and even done time as a crime reporter and photographer.|His first venture into writing about the game industry came in the form of a computer column called "On the Chip Side," which grew to have over 1 million circulation and was published in newspapers in several states. From there he did several "ask the computer guy" columns in magazines such as Up Front! in New Mexico and Who Cares? in Washington D.C. When the Internet started to become popular, he began writing guided Web tours for the newly launched Washington Post online section as well as reviews for the weekend section of the paper, something he still does from time to time. His experience in trade publications came as a writer and reviewer for Government Computer News. As the editor of GiN, he demands strict editorial standards from all the writers and reviewers. Breeden feels the industry needs a weekly, reliable trade publication covering the games industry and works tirelessly to accomplish that goal.

Recent Posts

Tabletop Playground Board Game Simulator Rolls To Steam

The newest board game simulator Tabletop Playground from Modularity Games and Plasticity Studios, is out now in Steam early access for $15 USD. It’s available on Windows PC and with VR support, and to celebrate the release we’re running a 10% launch discount for the first week of sale. If you are anything like us, and love trying new board games or replaying the classics, then Tabletop Playground is the game for you. The physics have been finely tuned so dice bounce over the table in a satisfying manner, and the Unreal Engine powered 3D environments means your polished mahogany … Continue reading Tabletop Playground Board Game Simulator Rolls To Steam

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