Party Hard 2 is Not Worth Crashing

Party Hard 2 has a unique concept regarding a funny serial killer who likes to go around and murder everyone attending cool parties. Too bad the game is executed just as poorly as some of the main character’s kills.

Checking Out the Tonight We Hunt Demo

This week Billy is mixing up the Time Waster by checking out the demo for an Indiegogo game inspired by Castelvania called Tonight We Hunt.

A Gaming High With The Low Road

The Low Road is a clever point and click adventure game set in the 1970s. The hero wants to be a James Bond type secret agent, but ends up working in corporate espionage for an evil car company. It’s quirky, cool and a fun experience.

Child of Ash Ends Amazing Sword Chronicle Trilogy

Author Michaelbrent Collings has become a fantasy reader favorite, and his Sword Chronicle trilogy is a perfect example of good swords and sorcery. Child of Ash finishes the three book series in some surprising ways.

Switching it up with Fire Emblem Warriors

Neal Sayatovich has been playing the Dynasty Warriors franchise since he was a little kid. Now he tracks the development of Fire Emblem Warriors as well as reviews the core game, plus all the DLCs, on the Nintendo Switch.

Swinging By Stickman Hook

This week’s Time Waster is a mobile game called Stickman Hook that is all about swinging through various levels to reach the end. So is Stickman Hook worth getting your own hooks into? Come swing by our Time Waster this week and find out!

Artifact Battling for Computer Card Game Supremacy

Combining elements of DOTA-style, real-time arena combat with the deep strategic thinking of an advanced computer card game, Artifact is one of the most unique, challenging and fun CCGs to come out in a very long time.

GiN Classic Book Review: Good Omens

Special guest reviewer Bill Jackson is back with another classic book review this week of a title that you really should check out if you haven’t already done so. It’s Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Doodling With Escape Doodland

Escape Doodland is designed to mimic the drawings of a middle school age kid as you race through the game’s platforming mechanic. While the setting is sophomoric, the difficult gameplay is probably more college-like.

Detiled Offers Interesting Puzzles

The Time Waster this week is an interesting puzzle game called Detiled that challenges the player to complete levels while the floor disappears behind them.

Mutant Year Zero Brings Charm and Combat

Based off a Swedish role-playing game, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden combines darkly comical characters including a mutant pig and a duck, with turn-based tactical combat and exploration. It’s a little rough, but still a gem.

Brilliant Battling with Renegade’s Tale

One of the best military fiction type space opera books our reviewer has ever had the pleasure of enjoying, Renegade by Joel Shepard focuses on the crewmembers doing the actual fighting in a massive war.

Developer Bringing Light to a Long Dark World

This week, special guest columnist John Breeden highlights developer Hinterland Studios for forgoing immediate profit to instead go back and improve the core gameplay of their signature title, The Long Dark. It’s a selfless and gamer-focused model that other development teams should try and follow.

Another Cancelled Star Wars Game

It’s another week of bad news for Star Wars fan with the recent revelation that EA has cancelled what was going to be an open-world Star Wars game.

Baltimore Comic Con: Hunting for Black Lightning’s Creator

GiN Reporter Michael Major had one overarching goal at the Baltimore Comic-Con: to find the creator of a most beloved comic book series, Tony Isabella of Black Lightning fame. Find out how his noble quest unfolded. Spoiler alert: Tony is a great guy who happily granted us an interview after we caught him.

gaming highlights 2015 Game Changers: 7 Games That Changed Gaming History, for the Worse

Chella is still on vacation, so this week we have a special guest column from GiN reviewer Ryan Allen. Tired of all the endless lists about how games changed the industry for the better, he comes up with seven titles that made things a lot worse.

Unity For Humanity Developer Challenge Begins

Unity Technologies has opened their call for submissions for this year’s Unity for Humanity contest, which recognizes developing projects and tools that have a positive and meaningful impact on the planet. The winning submission will receive $25,000.

Interview with a Baltimore Comic-Con Cosplayer

As in previous years, cosplay is huge at the Baltimore Comic Con, a show that keeps comics solidly at it’s heart. We met Brandon Bazemore, a first time con-goer to ask him about cosplaying Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.

Department of Education Funds and Supports Educational Games

Dr. Edward Metz leads education technology programs at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. In addition to promoting educational and learning games, he is always on the lookout for worthy programs in need of government funding.


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