Play Ball With MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 continues the tradition of great baseball action. Although there are only a few enhancements from last year, the ones it has really improves the game. That helps MLB The Show 20 maintain its dominance as the best of the best for baseball games.

Diving Deep into the Cool Ocean of Beyond Blue

Exploring the ocean was never so safe and relaxing as it is in Beyond Blue. Based on a BBC documentary series, this game has some of the most beautiful, educational gameplay around.

Revving up The Franchise with NASCAR Heat 5

NASCAR 5 pumps up the racing genre again with new game modes, new tracks, drivers and events. Coupled with a physics and graphical upgrade, NASCAR 5 is one of the best racers yet, and not one to be missed.

Make Your Own Army in Rogue Summoner

Rouge Summoner challenges you to create your army to fight in a series of puzzle-like battles where your newly minted minions will go head to head against some powerful enemies.

Drawkanoid Offers Brilliant Brick Breaking

Break through bricks in space and time in the splashy, neon-drenched arcade classic reborn as Drawkanoid. Play this one for a few minutes on a break, or for hours on end to unwind. It’s arcade action at its best.

An Amazing RPG Adventure: Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 releases at just the right time, offering gamers one of the best tactical RPGs in years. It’s got deep gameplay and role-playing, tightly focused and fast tactical combat, an interesting game world and enough content to keep players engaged for up to 80 or more hours per playthrough.

More Mysterious Action in Control Ultimate Edition

The Control Ultimate Edition offers a seamless blend of deep storytelling with white hot third-person shooting action that is a marvel to behold. And now that Control has all of the expansions together in one package, players can enjoy the amazing gameplay without interruptions.

Puzzle Adventure With Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Willy Morgan receives a mysterious letter from his father who’s been missing for ten years. Now it’s up to you to help Willy find out what happened to him in this delightful puzzle adventure for kids and the young at heart.

Slowly Enjoying The End of Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is one of the latest in the series of casual crafting and simulation games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. It’s not a bad game, but doesn’t really do too much to break from the pack. Kind of like the real summer in 2020, its okay, but not nearly the best ever for most people.

Worth a Scooby Snack: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

Zoinks! Scooby-Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion is a lighthearted take on the clever Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame that is just as fun as the original, but more suited for players of all ages. And Jenkies, this is a fun game to play!

Breaker, Breaker! It’s time to save lives in Accident!

Get a chance to see what it’s like to be a first responder in the Accident simulation game. Save as many people as you can, find clues about what caused the accident and follow all procedures. And if you screw up, don’t forget to rewind time.

Falling for Fall Guys Fantastic Free for Alls

Loosely based on a wacky Japanese game show, Fall Guys is taking the world by storm. It offers 60-player pandemonium-fueled multiplayer matches randomly selected from a pool of 20 ridiculous levels. The biggest challenge might be holding back your laughter long enough to seriously compete.

Entering The Diskless Age

The Skirmisher is concerned that the new diskless consoles will become the norm one day, leading to inflated prices for games and an elimination of the secondary market that many less wealthy players rely on.

Rolling on Roll20’s Online Role-Playing

With most in-person events cancelled or becoming virtual, it’s no wonder that role-players are also taking advantage of online platforms to get together and conquer their high fantasy, sci-fi or more traditional Dungeons and Dragons-like worlds. We checked out the Roll20 platform over the past few months, and loved what we found.

Save State: Tracking Monsters And Fighting Fire With Swords

Save State takes a look back at older combat games that served as the foundations for incredible sequels in later generations. This includes older Monster Hunter and the first English language Fire Emblem.

GiN Sunday Cartoon: Trouble with Tribbles?

Poor Gary can’t catch a break, but getting flooded by tribble wannabes was not something that he was probably expecting. And it probably wont help his sci-fi meltdown recovery.

2016blizzcon_heroesesports_day2_willchiangphotos-546 Why do Esports Still Rely Heavily on Land-based Tournaments?

The world was thrown into chaos by the coronavirus crisis, and most of the popular forms of entertainment were severely affected. Although eSports fared much better than most, it was still affected by the near absence of land-based events and competitions.

The Eyes Have It

One of the most important senses for gamers is sight. But constant videogaming combined with everyday screen time can put a lot of strain on our eyes. We talk with an eye doctor about ways gamers can help protect their sight while playing.

A Timely Repair For A Busted PlayStation

When lightning destroyed our editor’s PlayStation 4, he thought his console gaming would be put on hold for a long time. But a streamlined and professional repair process from Sony got him running and gunning again in no time. Find out how the whole repair process went.


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