The Force (and everything else) is Strong in Jedi: Fallen Order

It’s been a very long time since we had a good Star Wars game. And then, suddenly, there was STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s not just a good Star Wars game. It’s a great one with smooth gameplay, a good story and movie-like special effects.

Getting Your Game On With The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide

Going well beyond typical advice about improving role-playing games, author James D’Amato actually divides up various games by type, and then offers specific help to keep things interesting and fun. It’s a must read for any game master looking to level up their performance.

A New Era Begins: Pokemon Sword and Shield

We devoted over a week of pre-coverage to the release of the eighth generation of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. And now, after much combat and exploration, our Pokemon expert is ready to reveal his full review of the next generation of this revered series.

Virgo Versus the Zodiac is Way Too Complex

Billy’s exhausted this week after playing Virgo Versus the Zodiac for the Time Waster and who can blame him with such a mentally-taxing game?

Disco Elysium is a Weird and Wonderful RPG

Disco Elysium is easily the most stylish, interesting and unique RPG to come out this year. Make no mistake, this is a weird game, where you can die from either physical or physiological trauma. But diving into this surreal adventure is so worth the price.

Star Trek Goes Sci-Fi Western in The Antares Maelstrom

Part western, part mystery, part action-adventure, The Antares Maelstrom is a fast-paced tale set in the Star Trek universe. Events on a small backwater non-federation planet will test Kirk, Sulu, Scotty and the entire crew of our beloved Enterprise.

Murder and Trivia Merge in The Jackbox Party Pack 6

The You Don’t Know Jack people have lately been releasing new Jackbox Party Pack games almost every year. Their latest, The Jackbox Party Pack 6, is certainly the most unique and twisted set of party games they have ever created. Should this new pack be a guest at your next holiday party?

A Thanksgiving Time Waster to Consider

This week’s time waster is a little different as Billy took time to hang out with his family and check out an interesting board game on Thanksgiving.

Stupendous Sci-Fi in The Outer Worlds

Dripping with atmosphere, snark and charm, The Outer Worlds has a unique flavor that blends classic Buck Rogers style sci-fi with modern dystopian storytelling. An instant classic, The Outer Worlds is a definite must-play for those who love RPGs or exceptional science fiction.

Videogames Meet Literature in God of Gnomes

Inspired by the god sims such as Black and White and dungeon managers like Dungeon Keeper, God of Gnomes finds a boy named Corey in the unusual position of trying to save the last of the Gnomes race. Videogames merge with literature this week in our GiN book review.

Terrific Third Person Fighting in Astral Chain

Made by the team behind Nier Automata and Bayonetta, Platinum Games has created Astral Chain, one of the best-looking, action packed third-person combat adventure games to come out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. With a great story and unique gameplay, this one is a must play on the Switch.

Digimon ReArise Digicomes to Digismartphones

Digimon ReArise is the focus of Billy’s time wasting this week as he looks to fill that Digimon love he’s had since childhood.

Hardcore Grand Finale Part One: Recapping 2019 Gaming

The countdown to Todd’s final retirement is on this week. And as saddened as this news makes us, we are still pretty stoked that he is going out with a bang. It’s time for the 2019 Hardcore awards. Who will earn accolades, and who will get the lemons this year?

Burnham's ta'al Jolan-tru, Mr. Spock: Rewatching Unification

Starfleet sends the Enterprise to investigate the disappearance of one of its most decorated officers, leading Picard and Data into a web of Romulan intrigue. Meanwhile, Riker and the rest of the Enterprise crew must race solve the riddle of a missing Vulcan ship to avoid further catastrophe. This week on TNG Rewatch: Unification I and II.

Fixing That Resident Evil 3 Cover

The cover for the remake of Resident Evil 3 has leaked and Capcom can’t help but redesign the characters every time it redoes a game.

Pokemon Generation 7: Fly Me to the Moon (and Sun)

We are roughly a week out from the release of the eighth generation of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. To honor this momentous event, we are going back through the entire 23 year series history. Today we celebrate the most recent entry in our beloved series. It’s time for Pokemon Generation 7: Sun and Moon!

Gaming on the Cheap for the Holidays

We all want to get and play the latest and greatest hits in gaming this holiday, but don’t overlook the possibility of snagging some great titles that are either still being actively developed, or perhaps a little older, and as such are being offered for some amazing holiday prices. This week is all about trying to game on the cheap!

AdventureX 2019 – Our Favourite Games and Talks

This week Chella and Drew recount their favourite experiences from this year’s AdventureX, the UK’s only convention dedicated to narrative-driven games. It was a busy convention this year, so they didn’t have time to see everything, so there’s probably a few glaring omissions – but don’t worry, they’ll be there next year, too, and you can take them to task then.

Seaton Hall University Doubling Down on ESports Activities

Seaton Hall University announced that it’s newly minted eSports team will participate in the Electronic Gaming Federation Tournament as part of the Big East Conference. The school recently completed a major eSports computer lab, and looks forward to becoming a major player in that arena.

Shambling Along: Are Zombies Overused in Horror Games?

Like any fan of horror gaming, our online editor loves Halloween. But what was once a beautifully frightening creature, those walking corpses known as zombies, have become a bit overused and dull in games today. Check out some other scary creatures that could amp up our frightening fun.

Why Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so Different and so Good

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth game in the popular tactical RPG franchise, so it was a surprise to many that so much has changed. We dive into the changes the developers made, and why this is one of the best RPGs of all time for Nintendo.


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