Liberation is Dark and Beautiful Graphic Novel and Game Hybrid

Liberated offers a beautiful comic book type game set in a dystopian world where an algorithm controls the populace for money-grubbing corporations. But you can fight back with your team of Liberated agents to bring freedom back to the land.

Vigor Offers Free Multiplayer Looting and Shooting

Vigor is a free to play shooter that is a lot of fun, especially if you are stuck in quarantine and looking for something cool to do with your Xbox One or Switch consoles. It’s got good tactical elements for smart players, even if the gunplay is a touch weak.

Tackling Homeless Awareness in Change

In CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience, you are tasked with surviving on the cold streets of a nameless city filled with uncaring and indifferent people. Made by a team that was almost homeless themselves, it offers a unique and difficult gaming adventure.

Life and Death Meet in Spiritual Arrog Adventure

Celebrate life and prepare for a dignified death and what lies beyond in the fantastic puzzle game Arrog. This indie game was a lot more than our reviewer was expecting, and will surprise you too.

Burnout Paradise Remastered Slams onto Switch

There are games that never get old, and Burnout is one of them. It’s still packing a massive punch after all these years with it’s no-rules racing. Burnout Paradise: Remastered slams over to the Nintendo Switch, and brings with it tons of white-hot, fiery crashes.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Never Breakup is a game for the Nintendo Switch that is meant to be played with another person sitting right there beside you. Given the pandemic, that wasn’t possible for our reviewer, and playing this one alone is a tough challenge.

Lovely Lounge Lizards Meet Up in We Should Talk

We should talk is an adventure game where the player must construct texts in order to build love or lies with their girlfriend, and other folks lurking in a neon-drenched bar. The range of good and bad choices is pretty amusing, and the game features nine possible endings.

A Haunting Masterpiece: The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II is a beautiful masterpiece that not only continues the story from the first game, but also offers one of the most compelling and narrative-driven stories of the entire PlayStation 4 era.

Chasing The Dragon Again in Panzer Dragoon Remake

Nostalgia can be a powerful force, as our reviewer found out when he begged, borrowed and stole to get a copy of Panzer Dragoon: Remake. But that fuzzy feeling can only go so far, and sometimes, the past is best left as a memory.

Towaga Among Shadows: A Shooter With Enlightenment

Stand your ground in the beautiful shooter Towaga: Among Shadows as you defend your home and purify temples while also approaching enlightenment and saving the souls of damned. There is a lot to do, and all of it is fun!

John Wick Hex Casts its Spell

John Wick Hex takes the strategic chess-like dance of death that the Keanu Reeves character is known for and puts it front and center in an extreme tactical strategy game that is as much about time management and counting seconds as it is about raw destruction and murderous mayhem.

Danger and Delusion in The Case of the Damaged Detective

The plot of The Case of the Damaged Detective, 5-Minute Sherlock Book 01 is ridiculously annoying and amusing, with a government experiment allowing a man to overclock his brain for five minutes. It’s basically a road trip buddy story, in the style of Sherlock Holmes.

The Rise and Fall of Classic Collectathon Games

Playing SpongeBob: Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated got Neal remembering his love of the so-called collectathon games from yesteryear. He theorizes what happened to the former giants of Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro and other similar type titles in modern times.

GiN Game of the Year Winners

The world situation kind of upended the Game of the Year contest this time around. But many of you were able to vote, and we appreciate everyone who did. While there will be no physical ceremony due to social distancing restrictions, we did want to celebrate the great games that made the year so special. Here are your choices for the games of the year!

Dancing Through the Backlog with Shantae and Radiant Historia

This week our brave Save State Columnist dances enemies into submission with the alluring Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, then turns around and goes on an epic old-school quest with Radiant Historia. We may never see him again!

Reviewing Lower Decks

Things get, shall we say, a bit heated as the Game Over podcast crew attempt to review the new CBS All Access Star Trek Animated series Lower Decks. We better get Gary to the medical bay!

FIT and Yellowbrick Launch Gaming and Esports Online Education Program

Yellowbrick, in collaboration with New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, today announced the launch of Gaming and Esports Industry Essentials, a program designed to explore the expansive and lucrative world of Gaming and Esports.

A Timely Repair For A Busted PlayStation

When lightning destroyed our editor’s PlayStation 4, he thought his console gaming would be put on hold for a long time. But a streamlined and professional repair process from Sony got him running and gunning again in no time. Find out how the whole repair process went.

How the Game Industry can Support the Black Lives Matter Movements editorialist Junae Benne shows ways that game companies and gamers are supporting Black Lives Matter movements and rallying for change that can make the world a better place. encourages gamers everywhere to get involved.


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