Popping Back into Puzzles with Chuzzle 2

This week Billy feels like he’s back in high school as he checks out Chuzzle 2, a sequel to a game that came out back in 2005. Is Chuzzle 2 as good as the origional, or perhaps even better? Only one way to find out!

Advance into the Groove with Wargroove

Heavily inspired by the classic Advance Wars game, Wargroove is a competent and exciting wargame with a brilliant single player mode and plenty of multiplayer action too. In fact, Wargroove is a lesson in how to create a game with both sound strategy and tactics.

Action Stations as The Free Fleet Comes Home

We continue our trend of reviewing full book series this week with the second entry in the Free Fleet tales, Coming Home. The action and adventure in Coming Home is palpable, and avoids some of the uncomfortable points of the first book.

Playing a Few Hands with Slay the Spire

A perfect balance between dungeon-running and deck building, Slay the Spire is one of the most unique and fun rogue-like titles that our reviewers have played in a long time. You will easily find yourself delving ever deeper, and trying to build the perfect deck to get you just a little bit further.

An Early Look at BB Takes Flight

The Time Waster is mixing it up this week with an early look at BB Takes Flight, a mobile game from the newly-created Dr. Seuss Studios.

Soaring High with Plane Mechanic Simulator

The life of a wartime airplane mechanic might not be as exciting as a fighter pilot, but when you only have a few minutes to patch bullet holes, change the oil and fix a wonky head gasket, your skill will really be taxed to get those war machines flying again.

A Flawed Gem with The Recruitment Rise of the Free Fleet

Although The Recruitment Rise of the Fleet is clearly the freshmen effort by an author, it has some interesting concepts that make it worthy of a read. And it stars a gamer as the main hero, which is always a plus.

Superb Spellcasting with Mages of Mystralia

Mages of Mystralia is a cool Zelda-like game that puts a heavy emphasis on crafting your own unique arsenal of spells. It’s so powerful that you can even break the game a little bit, solving puzzles far before you should.

Killing Monsters in Rangers of Oblivion

This week the Time Waster is all about a mobile MMO Action RPG called Rangers of Oblivion that mimics Monster Hunter to the best of its ability.

Metro Exodus Tunnels Out to Success

Leaving the cramped metro tunnels behind for the wide open Russian countryside, Metro Exodus takes series fans on an amazing, wild new ride that will have them exploring hot deserts, lush forests, sweltering swamps, and of course, a few classic underground tunnels.

Discovery’s Tilly Shines in The Way to the Stars Novel

Engineer Sylvia Tilly is a fan favorite character on the Star Trek Discovery television show. But we don’t really know much about her twisted backstory. The Way to the Stars novel fills that in nicely, providing a great background that explains her strenghts and weaknesses from the show.

Puzzle Platformer Rehtona Provides Another Challenge

Overall, Rehtona is an adorable little puzzle platformer that has players navigating between light and dark worlds, and having actions taken in them influence one another. Even the name Rehtona is another puzzle itself. See if you can figure it out.

Searching For The Lucha Underground

When not gaming, Todd, like many of us, uses his consoles for streaming. He’s got simple tastes. He likes hot wings, cold brews and the Lucha Underground show on the El Rey Network. So why is it that every streaming service wants to keep him away?

USS Discovery Best of Wonderland

Both the Orville and DISCO wrap up some plot lines while throwing out significant new twists. Plus, we’re treated to fantastic space battles, time on Burnham’s Old Vulcan Home, and one exceptionally angry mother. Strap in, folks, we’re going on a ride.

Finally Got a Name

Joe is finally giving up on keeping his secret from Jordan, but he didn’t quite get the outcome he was expecting was his friend.

Baltimore Comic Con: Hunting for Black Lightning’s Creator

GiN Reporter Michael Major had one overarching goal at the Baltimore Comic-Con: to find the creator of a most beloved comic book series, Tony Isabella of Black Lightning fame. Find out how his noble quest unfolded. Spoiler alert: Tony is a great guy who happily granted us an interview after we caught him.

Stadia Google Stadia Declares Itself The Future of Gaming

Stadia is the cloud-gaming service from Google, which promises seamless gaming across devices and sets its stall out against the console manufacturers. Is Stadia really the future of gaming?

Are New eSports Bars a Viable Business?

You can add eSports to the theme of new bars popping up around the world. But is this trend a flash in the pan, or does it have real staying power? GiN Freelancer Sophie Jackson dives into the heart of the scene in Scandinavia, talking with bar owners about their experiences catering to the gamer crowd. Grab a cold one and come on in!

Vote Now for the Games of the Year!

The nominations are in. There were some close calls, but the top nominees in each category are ready for you to vote on. Which games deserve to be crowned as the best of the best that 2018 had to offer? That is completely up to you. May the best games win!

Interview with a Baltimore Comic-Con Cosplayer

As in previous years, cosplay is huge at the Baltimore Comic Con, a show that keeps comics solidly at it’s heart. We met Brandon Bazemore, a first time con-goer to ask him about cosplaying Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.


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