GiN Classic Book Review: Cryptonomicon

Bill Jackson will be reviewing a series of classic books for GiN over the next few weeks. This week, the Cryptonomicon comes to light, and woe be to us all! If you want to know how the modern techno thriller got its start, crack open the pages of this vile and delightful tome.

Middling With Martian Mayhem in Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars

The Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC does a lot of cool things, like reducing gravity to support monster jumps, and introducing laser type weapons to help you thwart an alien invasion. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t quite live up to its other set pieces.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a Blast!

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is the Time Waster this week and Billy is more than happy to check out this fusion of fighting games and Pong.

Deep Diving into an Ocean of Horror in Narcosis

Being trapped in dark water is a pretty common fear. Narcosis combines that with claustrophobia, arachnophobia and traditional monsters to create one heck of a scary, narrative type of horror game experience.

GiN Classic Book Review: Summer of Night

Bill Jackson will be reviewing a series of classic books for GiN over the next few weeks. This week, although summer is winding down, it’s not too late to dive into an amazing horror tale set during summer vacation in Dan Simmon’s Summer of Night. This was the Stranger Things of its time, and is still a great read today.

Old-school Arcade Action Reborn in Tempest 4000

A perfect example of a crowd-funded success, Tempest 4000 pulls the best elements from Tempest 2000, Tempest X, Space Giraffe and the classic arcade game into a visually stunning new title that is sure to dazzle!

Checking Out the Mega Man 11 Demo

This week Billy is subbing out a Time Waster review to look at the new Mega Man 11 Demo and share some of his thoughts on it.

Doing the Dirty Cop Dance in This is the Police 2

Following onto the first game, though not requiring it, This is the Police 2 lets you run a rural town’s police department using strategic decisions and the occasional tactical battle. Keep the peace however you see fit, either clean and squeaky or violent and corrupt – the choice is yours.

GiN Classic Book Review: Snow Crash

Bill Jackson will be reviewing a series of classic books for GiN over the next few weeks. These are great stories that you might have missed, or might just miss, and which some of our favorite videogame tropes are likely based. First up: the cyberpunk classic: Snow Crash.

Multiplayer Mayhem With Nidhogg II Combat Platformer

Designed purely as a party game, best enjoyed with a lot of people whacking each other in local play, Nidhogg II can be a blast in the right circumstances, but kind of a letdown if playing alone.

Molecats Offers Mediocre Puzzles

The Time Waster this week is a puzzle game called Molecats for PC. The cats are cute and the graphics are cool, but in a game like this, it all comes down to the puzzles. Are they challenging enough to warrant checking it out?

Shape of the World is a hypnotic exploration game

Shape of the World from developer Hollow Tree Games is a relaxing exploration game that delivers a hypnotically beautiful procedurally-generated world. A journey through a fantastical world, for the ultimate in relaxing gaming. It’s available now on a variety of platforms for gamers looking for a cool way to destress while having fun.

Games that Didn’t Measure Up to their Hype

We’ve all been there, anxiously jumping into a game that everyone proclaims to love, only to find an experience that for whatever reason, we didn’t really enjoy. Todd lists his top five games that were critically acclaimed, beloved by all, but that he just couldn’t enjoy.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster is Filling Up

More and more characters are being added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster and some fan favorite picks may not make it into the game.

Rolling out with Blerdcon and Roll20

Only in its second year, Blerdcon, short for Black Nerd Convention, highlights people of color, LGBTQ, women and those with disabilities active in nerd culture such as anime, cosplay, gaming, comics, fantasy and sci-fi. Find out how it went this year in our report.

Design Play Disrupt Design Play Disrupt: Games celebrated alongside Michelangelo and Magritte

Video games are being celebrated at London’s V&A museum, in a show that looks at the creativity behind big titles, as well as exploring the culture of games and the ideas they express.

Ensuring Security in eSports

GiN Editor Neal Sayatovich had just returned from covering an eSports event in Ohio when he learned about the terrible shooting deaths of gamers at a tournament in Florida. He talks about what must be done to ensure that both players and spectators can safely enjoy eSports in the future.

How Online Casinos Balance Gaming and Games

Online casinos like the one run by PlayFrank must tap into a surprising amount of game technology to keep their customers entertained in an increasingly crowded field. We chatted with the team there about their skills as game designers, and how much game developer talent is really needed to run a modern online casino.

Department of Education Funds and Supports Educational Games

Dr. Edward Metz leads education technology programs at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. In addition to promoting educational and learning games, he is always on the lookout for worthy programs in need of government funding.


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