Rolling in the Deep with Tangledeep

Into the realm of rogue-like adventure games like ADOM, Shiren the Wanderer, Nethack and others, we can add the delightful Tangledeep, one of the best RPGs of this type that we have ever played. Get tangled up in this great dungeon delver.

A Quantum Conundrum in Outland’s Tale

Outland, Quantum Earth Book One is a good end of the world type disaster tale that has some deep physics like experimental quantum uncertainty principals at it’s core. Basically, science nearly destroys the world, and these people try and survive it.

Walking a Dark Path with Aragami: Shadow Edition

Although not particularly unique among stealth action games, Aragami: Shadow Edition is a solid title that will thrill those who like sneaking and stabbing in a semi-realistic cel-shaded environment. Give this one a whirl.

Crashing Through Tower Breaker

The Time Waster this week is an hack and slash game on mobile devices called Tower Breaker that Billy is more than a bit torn on. The game is great, but we might have a case of simply too many unskippable video ads really disrupting the play experience.

Taking it to Eleven with Mortal Kombat 11

The amount of gory details and hardcore fighting inside Mortal Kombat 11 is insane. And it’s got a deep story mode, a krypt diving adventure area and plenty of brutal one versus one combat. If you thought that Mortal Kombat 10 was amazing, then this new game is your combat masterpiece.

Demon Divine Delves Deeper into Demon Accords

We have been following The Demon Accords book series for quite a while, and Demon Divine, number 14 in the series, is quite possibly the best tale yet from author John Conroe.

Very Angry Birds in Blazing Beaks

We don’t know why the birds are so angry in Blazing Beaks, but they sure have gathered a lot of firepower. The game offers a fairly short stint of fighting levels, but also a nice local co-op mode, plus a lot of replay ability.

Bounce Blast is Simple Mobile Fun

Billy’s Time Waster this week is a simple arcade game for smartphones called Bounce Blast that is all about getting high scores.

World War Z is a Zombie Killing Fun Fest

Based on the book and movie, World War Z the game offers hours of good and gory zombie killing for single players, four person cooperative multiplayer parties and even in PvP matches against both live people and computer-controlled undead hoards.

A Lively Tale with Unliving Academy Novel

Peter Green just has his pajamas, a silk tie, and a one-way bus ticket to Mrs. Battisworth’s Academy for Unliving Boys and Girls, a strange and spooky school for dead orphans like himself. This book is like Harry Potter, but with dead kids.

Lost In Translation: Sword and Fairy 6

Our reviewer is used to translating books he reads from Japanese, but even he was confused at what the Sword and Fairy 6 game was trying to accomplish. The story is a terrible, badly translated jumble, and the graphics, audio and controls are just as rotten.

Flip: Surfing Colors Season Two is Here!

Billy is taking another look at a previous Time Waster this week with Flip: Surfing Colors Season Two, but how does it compare to the first season?

Amazing Raging: Rage 2 First Impressions

Todd goes crazy playing Rage 2 this week. His review of the game is not quite ready, but he was bursting to let you know how this one is playing so far. We’ve even got a 30 minute movie of an extended firefight, cumulating in an epic convoy assault.

Video Game Tuesday: E3 2019 Predictions

Michael’s back for this week’s Video Game Tuesday with a look at what he thinks we’ll see at this year’s Christmas in June for gamers. It’s his E3 2019 Predictions!

Something Strange

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have all been getting along fairly well lately. We just don’t know if that’s a good thing for gamers or not yet.

GiN Readers Pick the 2018 Games of the Year

Thousands of readers came together to select the top games of the year for 2018 from an impressive pool of candidates. We had everything this year from cowboys to space aliens, and shooters to simulations. As the best games rose to the top of the crop, these are your picks for the Games of the Year.

cel-shading John Wick Hex and the return of cel-shading in games

John Wick Hex is the new game from Mike Bithell and Chella’s excited by the cel-shading aesthetic. She looks back at the best cel-shaded games, from Jet Set Radio to Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

Films that should be games Six films that should be games

John Wick is getting the game treatment, with Mike Bithell at the helm, but there are so many films that could make great games. Drew and Chella devise a list of films you may not expect to see as games and discuss how they could work.

Characters inside a Sony virtual reality also wear Sony VR headsets. Sony Gears Up For Future of Esports Spectating with VR Patent

The popularity of eSports is skyrocketing, with tournaments for everything from platform fighters to racing games to realistic 3D shooters, with fans having almost as much fun as the competitors. Sony may be upping that too, having just filed for a patent on a VR eSports headset system designed for spectators.

He’s Got The Whole Virtual World In His Hands

Adam Berenzweig of CTRL-labs has been working for most of his life on helping humans and machines communicate with one another. His latest project is a revolutionary interface which will add much more of our bodies into virtual realities.

Interview with a Baltimore Comic-Con Cosplayer

As in previous years, cosplay is huge at the Baltimore Comic Con, a show that keeps comics solidly at it’s heart. We met Brandon Bazemore, a first time con-goer to ask him about cosplaying Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.


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