Rebirth DLC Adds Terror and Terraforming to Surviving the Aftermath

Rebirth is the third DLC for Iceflake Studio’s Surviving the Aftermath, where players try to turn a struggling post-apocalyptic colony into a major new city. Rebirth adds a new blighted enemy, a separate research tree for upgrades, new buildings and the ability to finally heal the wasteland.

Diablo IV’s Free Weekend Demonstrates Beta’s Devilishly Good Gameplay

The Diablo IV beta opened its gates of hell over the weekend so that players could jump in and explore the prologue and Act 1 of the upcoming action RPG. Although there were some expected connectivity issues, the beta itself was incredibly fun to play, which bodes well for the full summer launch.

Enjoying the Noir Sci-fi Mystery Fusion of GRUNND

This week our intrepid Modern Gamer Marie Brownhill dives into the strange but fascinating world of GRUNND, a point and click adventure that tells an ambitiously complex and mysterious story.

Aces and Adventures Deckbuilding RPG Deals a Full House of Fun

Players in Aces and Adventures will combine traditional poker hands from a 52-card deck with others depicting spells and magical abilities in a unique card battler that is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master – just like you’d want in a deckbuilding adventure.

Anemoiapolis Makes a Big Splash in Liminal Horror

Anemoiapolis is one of the most unique horror games that we have encountered in a long time because other than a few obligatory jump scares, it entirely centers on the unsettling feeling of being alone in both strange and mundane environments.

Wild Terra 2 Delivers A Player Driven MMO World

Unlike most massively multiplayer online games, Wild Terra 2 forgoes traditional questing and plots in favor of a fully open, sandbox world where everything from the economy to the ecosystem is either controlled or heavily influenced by the players themselves.

World War II Action Evolves With Company Of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 continues a long tradition of real-time strategy World War II games going back almost 20 years. This newest installment adds a detailed campaign map, new abilities and units, and a new RTS platform that is primed for even more expansions and DLCs.

Fun With Maze Blaze And Colorful Rays

Maze Blaze is a colorful shooter that brings to mind arcade games of yesteryear, while also using all the horsepower of modern consoles or gaming PCs in order to deliver a sense-overloading, colorful experience filled with blazing lights and sound as you run and gun through endless, chaotic levels.

Amazing Loot Questing With Xploquest 3

If you are still waiting for Diablo IV or have dived way too deep into any of the Torchlight games, then you might want to give Xploquest 3 a try. It’s got the fight, loot and upgrade gameplay loop down perfectly and is great for some mindless monster-killing fun.

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator Rolls Up to Nintendo Switch

Simulation gaming is huge these days, with popular titles originally released for the PC finally making their way to consoles. We grab a socket wrench and grease gun and jump into Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator, now on the Nintendo Switch.

Heist Adventuring Comes to Dungeons and Dragons With Keys From The Golden Vault

Keys From The Golden Vault is a surprising and fun new adventure supplement that can be dropped into any existing Dungeons and Dragons campaign to add thrilling heist missions to the standard dungeon crawling. And the scenarios can work as standalone adventures or become the backbone of an entire campaign.

Post-Apocalyptic Storytelling Meets Open World RPG Platforming in Kandria

Kandria is a story-intensive title with lots of action and platforming in a surprisingly huge post-apocalyptic world filled with corrupted androids and other hazards. With 250 individually designed rooms to explore along with a variety of quests to complete, Kandria offers a unique challenge in a 2D pixel world.

Revisiting Endiness and The Legend of Dragoon

This week, Neal Sayatovich is Fresh Look’s guest columnist for his wife, Michelle. Neal relives some fond childhood memories by diving into The Legend of Dragoon, one of the first contemporary role-playing games, and a title that was recently ported over to the PlayStation 4 and 5.

The amazing staff of TravellerCon. Enjoying the Fun and Fellowship at TravellerCon USA 2022

GiN reporter and reviewer Colin Flanigan traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to enjoy the annual TravellerCon USA convention. While there, he attended a show with the creator of the RPG, ran a game, and met with some devoted fans who keep playing in and advancing the Traveller RPG world. There is also an upcoming charity livestream that you don’t want to miss.

State of Decay 2 on Steam Reanimates the Zombie Apocalypse

This week, Save State columnist Vincent Mahoney steps into the zombie apocalypse with State of Decay 2 on Steam. This edition of the title also includes all three add-on packs so there’s lots of zombie apocalyptic fun to be had while roaming around in State of Decay 2’s zombie sandbox world.

The Misadventure of Dr. Pershing Opinions

The podcast crew has a difference of opinion.

Critical Hits with Roll20’s Corey Rosemond

Roll20 is one of the best platforms available for playing role-playing games remotely with friends. But it could always be better, and that is just what COO Corey Rosemond is working on right now. We find out what’s up on the platform, and what is coming soon.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.


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