Black Desert Mobile Makes Online RPGs Portable

We’ve all played deep MMOs on the computer, but what about on your phone? This week the Modern Gamer checks out Black Desert Mobile, the portable version of the popular PC online RPG. Will it cast a similarly powerful spell?

Crossroads Inn Offers Unique Fun with Flaws

Crossroads Inn has a lot of potential to be a fun business simulation where medieval travelers come to your ever-growing establishment for mead and mayhem. Unfortunately, the AI path-finding seems to have the black plague, which seriously dampens the fun.

LUNA The Shadow Dust Offers Brilliance and Beauty

One of the most player-accessible puzzle games we have reviewed in a long time, LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated point-and-click adventure brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.

Paranoia or Self Sabotage? Only Friend Computer Knows

Are you bored with everyday life? Need a boost? Pick up Paranoia! It’s a game where the average worker-gamer gets introduced to a whole new parody of gaming in slapstick frustration. It’s weird, wild, weird again, and a little wonderful.

Remothered Brings True Survival Horror to Switch

It’s not easy making a good horror survival title. But Remothered: Tormented Fathers shows that it can not only be done, but made so well that the horror aspects almost take a supporting role to the really impressive plot.

Mosaid Featured Image Mosaic Is A Weird, Beautiful Ride

Mosaic takes you into a world that is at once alien and painfully familiar. Not your typical puzzle game, it makes a statement on modern life that most can probably relate to. Brave the grey new world and give Mosaic a try.

Enjoy a Thrilling Murder Mystery in She Sees Red

Delve into the dark world of the Russian nightclub and drug scene in the interactive thriller She Sees Red. This is an interactive movie with deeply adult themes. If you are up for a challenge, and are not to squeamish, then She Sees Red is ready for you.

Recasting Half-Life Magic with Black Mesa Remake

It’s been 22 years since most of us have set foot in Half-Life’s secret Black Mesa facility. Now the developers at Crowbar Collective have reopened the lab in Black Mesa Xen, a perfectly recreated Half-Life experience loaded up with plenty of modern extras.

The Pedestrian offers Extraordinary Puzzle Gaming

It’s rare when we get a brand new type of puzzle title, but that is what developer Skookum Arts has done with their wonderfully fresh game, The Pedestrian. You are tasked with helping the famous stick figure from those ubiquitous informational signs get safely across some challenging environments.

Explosive Action with Tank Maniacs

This week, our Modern Gamer gets repeatedly blown up playing Tank Maniacs. But it’s all in good fun, especially when the art style and gameplay for this single or multiplayer tank battler is so smooth. As a bonus, she plugs in a new Steam controller to her PC. See how that goes!

Knights and Bikes Brings Childhood Imagination to Life

The Knights and Bikes adventure game perfectly captures what it’s like to be a child with its whimsical blend of fantasy and reality overshadowing a more serious plot being dealt with by the adult characters in this masterpiece of a game.

Williams Pinball Brings Back Classic Arcade Action

Williams Pinball: Volume 5 features three classic tables from the golden age of arcades. All are faithfully reproduced with beautiful graphics and accurate ball and gameplay physics. Tables in this volume include Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire and No Good Gofers.

Are Microtransactions Pricing Gamers out of Gaming?

Neal is busy playing games this week and getting ready for a big event which will be named later. But in the meantime, he’s definitely not spending his cash on microtransactions, a practice that he believes does so much more harm than good for the gaming community.

Pokemon Generation 7: Fly Me to the Moon (and Sun)

We are roughly a week out from the release of the eighth generation of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. To honor this momentous event, we are going back through the entire 23 year series history. Today we celebrate the most recent entry in our beloved series. It’s time for Pokemon Generation 7: Sun and Moon!

Gaming Inclusion is More than Just Being Present

Thankfully, lots of gamers are embracing the concept of equality and inclusion in gaming. But Black Girl Gamers group founder Jay-Ann Lopez reminds us that true inclusion goes beyond just inviting others to play.

Game Over Podcast: Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Gary better fix his legal troubles quickly, because Porkrine is taking over the Game Over show, and perhaps not in a good way. This week he reviews the new Fantasy Island movie, without ever actually seeing it!

Niagara University Opens The Nest Esports Gaming Facility

Another major university is embracing eSports on their campus, with Niagara University cutting the ribbon on The Nest, a state-of-the-art sports lounge and new gaming area for the university’s growing Esports club.

Shambling Along: Are Zombies Overused in Horror Games?

Like any fan of horror gaming, our online editor loves Halloween. But what was once a beautifully frightening creature, those walking corpses known as zombies, have become a bit overused and dull in games today. Check out some other scary creatures that could amp up our frightening fun.

Why Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so Different and so Good

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth game in the popular tactical RPG franchise, so it was a surprise to many that so much has changed. We dive into the changes the developers made, and why this is one of the best RPGs of all time for Nintendo.


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