It’s Sort of Good To be The King in Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace puts you in the role of the king of a struggling kingdom. You will need to satisfy the needs of your people, interact with your sometimes unreasonable family, and keep everyone from getting murdered in a pending invasion.

Retro Review: Getting As-SIM-ilated

GiN is looking waaaay back as a fun feature during these trying times. We will occasionally be taking a look at games from simpler days that were published many years ago. Up first, The Sims from February 2000, a title that many of us lost a lot of hours exploring.

Beautiful Glass Masquerade 2 Shatters Other Puzzlers

Puzzle games are often hit or miss these days, as there is a certain science to it that few developers know how to master. They should all take a look at Onyx Lute’s Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, as it’s one of the very best puzzlers we have come across in years.

It’s Family First with Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator

Congratulations, it’s a girl! Ciel Fledg: A Daughter Raising Simulator puts you in the role of a 30th century parent of a planet overrun by aliens. No pressure, but your job is to raise the most important child in the world.

Sam’s Story Adds Amazing Ending to Metro Exodus

Sam’s Story follows our favorite US Marine from Metro Exodus in his quest to find a ship to take him back to America in the flooded and violent ruins of Vladivostok. It’s one of the best DLCs of the entire Metro series, and not an adventure to be missed.

Challenging the Pending Apocalypse with Frostpunk: The Last Autumn

Frostpunk: The Last Autumn takes us to a time in the award-winning game when the frost has not yet killed the entire world. But we know what is coming, which makes your building and people-managing skills all the more critical.

Out of Space Offers Zany, Cooperative Fun

Finally getting out on your own place is big deal, even in space. Too bad those pesky aliens are out to wreck your new apartment. Grab a broom, rally your roommates, and fight for your right to party in Out of Space.

AO Tennis 2 Hits The Court

Our reviewer is a huge fan of tennis simulations, so he really wanted to love AO Tennis 2. And at times, he did. But this game’s potential glory is ultimately lost in a sea of questionable choices by the developer and outright buggy gameplay.

Skellboy Drops its Bones into Action RPGs

Skellboy is an action RPG where your hero is able to swap body parts to change out their abilities and skills. It features decent artwork and nice hack and slash gameplay which might be enough to help it shine in a crowded field.

Comics, Story and Demon Hunting Combine in The Blind Prophet

You’re an apostate hunter in a world where demons roam and hide amongst humanity. Your goal? Liberate RotBork and kill them all. This comic book game has action, mystery, puzzles and lots of demon killing. So pretty much everything.

Bury the Nazis Again in Zombie Army 4

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an amazing shooter that never takes itself too seriously, and in fact goes out of its way to achieve oddball greatness. Killing Nazi zombie hoards in the middle of World War II was never so satisfying. It’s a ton of fun by oneself, and a total star for multiplayer.

Sailing Satire at Sea Misses The Mark

Here Be Dragons is a comical ship-based combat game set in the time of Christopher Columbus, where hapless captains battle against mermen for control of the high seas. The story is impressive, but the game falters a bit in its fundamentals.

Pondering RPGs in a Pandemic

Neal is going a little stir crazy this week on coronavirus lockdown. He’s playing colossal role-playing games to pass the time, which sounds like a great strategy. But finding a modern RPG to match the golden titles of yesteryear is proving more challenging than locating a store that still has paper towels.

The Importance of Leadership: “Chain of Command pt. 1”

We’re heading back into the vault to continue with our TNG Rewatch. This week, Starfleet gives command of the Enterprise to a new captain, and Picard disappears with Worf and Dr. Crusher on a secret meeting in “Chain of Command part 1.”

It’s Official: Coronavirus has Cancelled E3 Expo 2020

Citing concerns over the COVID-19 virus, also known as Coronavirus, The ESA said that the safety of the many visitors and vendors expected to attend the show this year could not be guaranteed, and thus E3 Expo 2020 has been cancelled.

Saves So Nice, We Save Them Twice

This week our intrepid Save State Gamer, Vincent Mahoney, enjoys his quarantine with some classic games and collections. This week, he tackles The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and the Mega Zero ZX Legacy Collection.

Checking in on the Gang in Quarantine

Like most of us, the Game Over podcast crew are quarantined and forced to shelter in place. They are putting on a brave face, but taking a closer peek, we think they might be starting to crack.

Formula 1 Fans Can Enjoy a VR Grand Prix Amidst The COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all major sporting events have been postponed indefinitely, leaving millions of fans upset. But Grand Prix racing will still take place, virtually. And fans can participate.

Shambling Along: Are Zombies Overused in Horror Games?

Like any fan of horror gaming, our online editor loves Halloween. But what was once a beautifully frightening creature, those walking corpses known as zombies, have become a bit overused and dull in games today. Check out some other scary creatures that could amp up our frightening fun.

Why Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so Different and so Good

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth game in the popular tactical RPG franchise, so it was a surprise to many that so much has changed. We dive into the changes the developers made, and why this is one of the best RPGs of all time for Nintendo.


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