Sand Land Offers Compelling Adventure Based on an Akira Toriyama Manga

Akira Toriyama is best known for the Dragon Ball series, but he has also created other amazing works including Sand Land. The new title of the same name offers players plenty of action and adventure worthy of the manga series created by a master storyteller.

A Tower Full of Cats Offers a Time Traveling Hidden Objects Adventure

A Tower Full of Cats offers an exciting hidden objects adventure where players must rescue hundreds of furry felines lost throughout various eras of history from prehistoric times to modern day. There are over 1,400 cats hidden throughout the eras of history, and there’s many other objects to find.

ServiceIT: You Can Do IT Brings a Tech Twist to Business Simulations

ServiceIT: You Can Do IT is a business simulation in which players get to run an IT company and try to make it profitable while completing puzzles and dealing with an adversary. Players complete tasks like fixing hardware, retrieving or removing data and OS installation at an enterprise level.

Headquarters: World War II Takes Its Shot at Tactical Wargaming

From the makers of the excellent Strategic Mind series of historic wargames comes Headquarters: World War II, a title that combines old-school tactical wargaming mechanics with brilliant modern touches. It’s a great choice for any armchair general who enjoys the tactical side of warfare.

Filling Up Your Mug With Dungeonmeister: The Deck of Many Drinks

Designed to go along with the famous Deck of Many Things artifact from Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeonmeister: The Deck of Many Drinks provides lots of drink ideas and recipes that might help or hinder players in unique and fun ways.

Enjoy an Incredibly Bizarre, Weird and Sometimes Wonderful World With Indika

Possibly one of the most surreal titles to release this year, Indika features a traveling nun who regularly talks with the devil and an escaped criminal who chats with God. And that is the least bizarre thing about this amazing adventure.

Drive to Survive in Roguelike Heading Out Adventure

Part wacky visual novel, part old-school racer and part roguelike simulation, Heading Out is one heck of a unique title that is not to be missed. This surreal experience it offers is both interesting and fun for those looking for something a bit different.

Highwater Adventure Explores a Post-Apocalyptic Flooded World

Highwater is an interesting adventure where the world has flooded, and survivors need to explore and scavenge for resources. There is also some complex turn-based combat, a few puzzles and even indie music on the radio to round out this aquatic-based adventure.

Charming Regency Solitaire II Adds a Compelling Story to the Classic Card Game

Regency Solitaire II is almost like having the hit television series Bridgerton represented as a card game. Players will need to help Lady Bella establish herself in social circles, assist her family, create the best-looking garden in the county and win lots of card games.

Diablo IV Refreshes Its Endgame With Season 4: Loot Reborn

When developer Blizzard released Diablo IV, it was an epic moment for action RPGs. But about a year later, things started to feel a little bit stale until the release of the Loot Reborn season which changes and refreshes many core mechanics.

Medieval City Builder Manor Lords Becomes The King of Early Access

Manor Lords recently released to Steam Early Access, and while the developer Slavic Magic thought they might get a few hundred players, millions flocked to that new banner. We dive into this unique medieval city builder to see if it’s worth playing in Early Access and where the title might go next.

Enjoying Pocket Fishing’s Five Amazing Locations on the Nintendo Switch

Not only does Pocket Fishing on the Nintendo Switch let players experience fishing adventures while on the go, but it also simulates five amazingly challenging fishing locations around the world from New Zealand to Norway and the Amazon River.

Celebrating All Things Gaming at PAX Unplugged

The PAX Unplugged show is dedicated to tabletop gaming in all its forms, including role-playing, boardgames, card games, cosplay and more. It’s also one of the best organized shows around, making sure that everyone has a fun time, even while waiting in line for other events.

Save State Is Running and Gunning With Side-Scrolling Shooter Broforce

Save State columnist Vincent Mahoney was too busy to continue with his Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coverage as he planned in his previous column. Instead, he’s enjoying the side-scrolling run and gun title Broforce from 2015, where players get to be commandos from an overpowered paramilitary organization.

Mr. Turtle’s Expert Opinion

The podcast has Mr. Turtle give his expert opinion during the show.

Critical Hits with Roll20’s Corey Rosemond

Roll20 is one of the best platforms available for playing role-playing games remotely with friends. But it could always be better, and that is just what COO Corey Rosemond is working on right now. We find out what’s up on the platform, and what is coming soon.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.


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