Wonderful Wildermyth Brings Fairytale RPG to Life

Blending deep storytelling, supreme characterization and good tactical combat, the Wildermyth RPG is a breath of fresh air for role-players who want to join their heroes from their first careful steps into adventure until their celebrated retirements.

Los Santos Tuners Adds Crazy Car Culture to GTA Online

GTA Online may be a seven year old game, but plenty of free content updates keep the community of players happily engaged in less than legal fun. This summer’s update, Los Santos Tuners, puts the focus squarely on hot vehicles and the drivers who love them.

Subnautica Makes A Big Splash on NextGen Consoles

Subnautica made a huge splash when it was released back in 2018, and the new Subnautica Below Zero game might be even better. But Subnautica itself was also upgraded for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, which makes all that undersea adventure even more appealing.

Wasteland 3 Adds Glory in Battle for Steeltown DLC

The Wasteland 3 RPG expands with the Battle of Steeltown DLC, an interesting little mid-game side romp that adds new mechanics, weapons and very difficult battles to the core RPG game. If you are looking for a new challenge for a great RPG, Steeltown is a solid bet.

Valheim: Masterful Combat and Survival With a Viking Twist

It’s crafting and exploration week at GiN with another spotlight on a survival game. Today we are looking at Valheim, one of the most exciting open world survival titles where you can craft and build almost anything from a Viking ring fortress to a Taco Bell.

Student Project Becomes Capable Survival Game in Arid

Looking for a new challenge in survival games? Arid began life as a student project, but is now available for free on Steam. The game challenges players to explore, craft and survive for as long as they can in one of the hottest and most inhospitable places on planet Earth.

Condemned To A Good Time With Curse of The Dead Gods

Roguelikes are having a moment, and Curse of the Dead Gods is yet another entry into a genre that’s struck an incredibly rich vein of form lately. Curse of the Dead Gods is among the best so far, so you should definitely check this one out.

Slipways Offers 60-Minute Deep Strategy Challenges

Slipways is an ingenious new strategy game that tosses out most of the micromanagement aspects of building and running a galactic empire while keeping the challenge level high. Most games can be played in under an hour.

Thronebreaker Brings Card-based RPG Action to Mobile

Our Modern Gamer columnist has been hooked on all things Witcher these days, and that includes a somewhat obscure offering from CD Projekt Red called Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales that marries GWENT and The Witcher 3.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Explodes onto Steam

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is an exciting first and third person mech combat shooter where you and up to three friends control a lance of stompy mechs doing whatever dirty work the great houses want, and earning reputation and piles of C-bills in the process.

Shakedowners Series Puts its Unique Mark on Sci-Fi

Shakedowners is an amusing story of a bottom of the barrel captain whose only real talent is breaking new starships so that the engineers can fix them before they see active service. But when the pride of the Federation Fleet is attacked on one of his shakedown cruises, things change in a hurry.

Cute 3D Pen Brings Art and Design to Everyone

The myFirst 3DPen essentially functions a lot like a glue gun, only it doesn’t get nearly as hot because instead of activating glue, it’s melting plastic filament so they can be drawn into colorful patterns. This is a clever way to make the art of 3D design accessible to almost anyone, even very young kids just starting out as budding artists.

Making Game AI That Doesn’t Leave the Player Behind

Role Playing Games have been constantly evolving every gaming generation, and one of the things that has been changing is the various combat systems and the artificial intelligence behind the games. The Skirmisher ponders some of those good bad and quirky developments this week.

Blerdcon 2021 Returns to Celebrate Black Nerd Culture

Blerdcon 2021 was a roaring success. As usual, the organizers and volunteers overcame many challenges, including COVID-19, and put on a great and unique show that was obviously loved by the community. It will no doubt be even bigger next year.

Spectacular Shmuping Yesterday and Today

This week our intrepid Save State gamer tries out two very different Shmups from two eras of gaming. First up is the classic Sigma Star Saga from the Gameboy days, followed by Black Skylands on Steam, which is still in early access but is already pretty fun to play.

GiN Cartoon: You Dirty Rat

Our rodent antagonist is of course angling to make a deal about opening up the garage studio, but the negotiations have hit a bit of a furry snag.

The GiN Lounge Celebrates E3 Expo 2021

E3 Expo 2021 is in full swing and the GiN Lounge is digesting all the exciting news from the show. It’s quite a celebration this week with music by Diego Nava and special guest Ben Becton. Come join the party.

Will Chess Become The Next Big eSport?

The 2021 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour will, for the first time in history, determine the world’s best chess player over a full competitive season of online chess.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.

Nate Wooley Obit Picture Honoring a Dear Friend and Mentor

GiN Online Editor and Columnist Neal Sayatovich writes about how much Nate Wooley meant to him. We recently lost Nate Wooley, but he will never be forgotten.


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