Adding A Sad Story to Metro Exodus with The Two Colonels DLC

Metro Exodus took us from the cramped tunnels of the Moscow Metro to an open Russian countryside blasted by nuclear war. Now, The Two Colonels DLC shows us the final fate of two uniquely connected commanding officers.

A Sequel’s Surge of Sci-fi Glory

The original Surge game was a surprisingly good action sci-fi adventure. And The Surge 2 is a worthy successor that doubles down on everything that made the original so amazing. We’ve got better graphics, more fluid combat and a much bigger world to explore and conquer.

Still Crazy After All These Years: Edna and Harvey

Join the Modern Gamer Melissa Pierce as she talks about how she helped a mentally ill girl escape an even crazier psych ward with her talking rabbit. All it took was some chewed up toenails. Of course we are talking about Edna and Harvey: The Breakout 10th Anniversary Edition.

Dead Dungeon: A Fitting Homage to Classic Platformers

The aptly named Dead Dungeon is like a fun master class for platformer experts. It requires pixel-perfect movement in order to traverse its 50 levels while gathering deviously placed collectibles along the way. You’ll also probably die in this one, a lot!

Magic and Marks Overflow with Adventure in Eberron Campaign Setting

The Eberron: Rising from the Last War Campaign setting book takes the mysterious and magical land of Eberron and brings it in line with the new fifth edition Dungeon and Dragons rules. This solid supplement also adds some interesting elements like a patron system and a new crafting-based artificer class.

What’s Happening With Monster Hunter World

Capcom has been extremely supportive of the Monster Hunter franchise. The official Iceborne DLC is rolling out to yet another platform, but new items and content are released all the time. Our reviewer Matt Jones goes over the state of Monster Hunter so far.

Time Waster Becomes Modern Gamer with GoNNER

This week we launch the inaugural Modern Gamer column with brand new GiN Host Melissa Pierce. She’ll be taking over the Time Waster slot on Saturdays. First up, a game that has slowly expanded to every single gaming platform, the odd but good GoNNER.

Driving an Adventure with Neo Cab

Neo Cab is a cyberpunk narrative adventure game where a feisty cab driver has to drive the electric blue neon streets of the Los Ojos metropolis while trying to both survive in the big city and solve a mystery involving the disappearance of her best friend.

A Riotous RPG Joke Book

Why can’t zombies write good music? They can only de-compose. And where to people buy their giant hammers? A maul. These and many other role-playing-centered witticisms can be found in the hilariously great A Dragon Walks into a Bar RPG joke book.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Offers Stupendous Sniper Shots

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is the sequel to one of the best sniper-based adventure games ever created. This time around, developer CI Games has forgone much of the open-world wandering for tighter, Hitman-like missions packed with plenty of action and challenge.

Sayonara Time Wasters!

The Time Waster comes to a close this week and Billy is taking the time to tie up loose ends and give readers an update about what’s coming next.

Fantastic Fun, Family and Fighting in Children of Morta Action RPG

Children of Morta is a rogue-like action RPG that puts you in charge of a family of monster hunters and wardens of a fantasy world fighting an evil corruption. Its got a surprisingly good plot, smooth combat and is pretty much all around a delight to play.

3 Games That Would Make Better Remakes Than Final Fantasy VII

This week The Skirmisher is racking his brain trying to figure out why so much effort is being put into remaking Final Fantasy VII when there are so many other worthy contenders that would make for a more fun experience. You know, like the game with the foul-mouthed squirrel and all the blood, or the best JRPG ever made.

Boldly Going Relics: Tis Not Too Late To Seek a Newer World

The Enterprise comes across an enormous structure in space, a Dyson’s Sphere, on which they discover the crashed remains of a federation vessel. While initially believing there to have been no survivors, they find that, through an ingenious transporter hack, a particularly important individual from the past has survived. This week on TNG Rewatch: Relics.

Pokemon Generation 7: Fly Me to the Moon (and Sun)

We are roughly a week out from the release of the eighth generation of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. To honor this momentous event, we are going back through the entire 23 year series history. Today we celebrate the most recent entry in our beloved series. It’s time for Pokemon Generation 7: Sun and Moon!

Creating Digital Safe Spaces for Women Gamers

This week we are pleased to introduce the founder of the Black Girl Gamers group, Jay-Ann Lopez, as our new GiN Eurofiles columnist. Jay-Ann will be adding her unique perspective to GiN as a hardcore gamer and a woman of color. This week, Jay-Ann talks about creating safe spaces where female gamers can hang out and enjoy their favorite pastime.

Nowhere to Go but Up!

The new Game Over podcast might be off to a rocky start, but Darius has a plan to get things back on track with a highly skilled technician for the show. The only problem is that Gary hates him – and he drools.

Seaton Hall University Supports ESports

Seaton Hall University announced that it’s newly minted eSports team will participate in the Electronic Gaming Federation Tournament.

Shambling Along: Are Zombies Overused in Horror Games?

Like any fan of horror gaming, our online editor loves Halloween. But what was once a beautifully frightening creature, those walking corpses known as zombies, have become a bit overused and dull in games today. Check out some other scary creatures that could amp up our frightening fun.

Why Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so Different and so Good

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth game in the popular tactical RPG franchise, so it was a surprise to many that so much has changed. We dive into the changes the developers made, and why this is one of the best RPGs of all time for Nintendo.


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