Superlative Military Fiction With Team Yankee

Team Yankee is a speculative military fiction novel that presupposes that NATO and the Warsaw pack triggered World War III back in 1985. Written by Harold Coyle, its actually a retelling of an excellent story by Sir John Hackett, which is also the basis for a thriving minitures combat game.

The American Revolution Fights Again on Switch

The Classic Assassin’s Creed III game jumps to the Nintendo Switch, where players can pull some amazing American Revolution era assassinations, plus some awesome naval combat, in a more portable format. Find out if this remake is worth floating with over to a new platform.

Dark Rage is a 2D Dark Souls Clone

Dark Rage is the Time Waster for this week and Billy can’t help but notice that the game is trying to be a 2D Dark Souls.

Freezing Out The Fun in Fade to Silence

With a wintery world, beautiful graphics and horrifying monsters, Fade to Silence could have been one of the most unique survival titles in years. Unfortunately, poor design choices and outright bugs condemn it to being a decidedly less than average adventure.

Smoke and Shadow Leads to Halo: Renegade’s Tale

Gamers should love the HALO book franchise, because it dives deep into the lore and the universe that is only lightly covered by the games. HALO: Renegades does this, while also delivering a compelling sci-fi story that stands on its own.

Razer Turret Brings Light To Console Gamers

Console gamers who crave the precision offered by a keyboard and mouse can look no further than the Razer Turret, a newly minted, precision gaming keyboard and mouse designed exclusively for the Xbox One. And all those fancy colored lights are a cool bonus.

Hang Line: Mountain Climber Falls a Little Flat

Billy is back to mobile gaming this week after his short break away. For his first time back out, he straps on his climbing gear and goes for the summit with a climbing simulation callled Hang Line: Mountain Climber.

Outward Offers Unusual RPG Challenges

In the Outward RPG, you’re not really special. You’re not a hero. And you certainly aren’t the chosen one. Yet you must still venture forth and overcome incredible odds with no handholding. Not every player will make it, but if you like challenges, you might thrive.

Getting a Little Wild with Wild Novel

Wild is for sure an adult read, though the main plot involves a woman who can take the form of any animal at will. Once a month the full moon transforms her into a fierce wolf-like creature without a human conscience, which tends to make her relationships difficult.

Beta Battling in The Cannon Arena

We take a look at Cannon Arena in beta this week, a tank versus tank combat game that attempts to blend single and multiplayer modes, and do something a little bit different for this classic genre.

Cuboid Keeper is a Shump Win

The Time Waster this week has Billy taking a break from mobile gaming as he checks out a PC game called Cuboid Keeper with an interesting take on shumps.

A Perfect Pointing and Clicking Apocalypse

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive is an old school style point and click adventure that tries to stay grounded with real world solutions to the game’s many problems, while also presenting a compelling and somewhat epic sci-fi story.

Keanu Reeves at E3 2019 E3 2019: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Faced with a more subdued show this year, Todd still finds several amazing moments where gamers can rightly rejoice. Here are his picks for the best and worst moments of a very different kind of E3 Expo show.

Video Game Tuesday: Thoughts on the Bungie/Activision Split

Michael’s back with the answer to the question he got asked the most on his hiatus for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. It’s his Thoughts on the Bungie/Activision Split!

What About Microsoft E3?

The big event of the year for gamers around the world has come to an end, and one of the biggest surprises comes from the Microsoft E3 press conference.

GiN’s Complete E3 Expo 2019 Coverage

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it is commonly called, was another exciting event this time around. Although the show was not quite as crazy as in previous years, and there were a few notable absences, there were plenty of surprises, and lots of gaming news, sometimes from unexpected and interesting places.

Watch Dogs 3 Watch Dogs 3’s post-Brexit London Setting is an Opportunity

Watch Dogs 3 is set in post-Brexit London, which should mean less focus on gun violence. Chella hopes for a Watch Dogs that focuses on hacking and accepts the tonal inconsistency gun-based combat has brought to the series.

E3 2019 games E3 2019 Games: The Best Trailers

E3 2019 dished up a seriously long list of games from the press conferences alone. Drew and Chella have distilled the show to the essential list of E3 2019 games on this episode of Argue the Toss. Come on by and see what games you should be looking forward to playing in the next year!

Call of Duty World League Conquered by 100 Thieves

With a massive crowd of Call of Duty esports fans in attendance, 100 Thieves rallied through strong competition to capture the CWL Anaheim Cup, the team’s second major event victory of the 2019 CWL season. They now head on to even more tournaments, and attempt to become masters of the entire season.

He’s Got The Whole Virtual World In His Hands

Adam Berenzweig of CTRL-labs has been working for most of his life on helping humans and machines communicate with one another. His latest project is a revolutionary interface which will add much more of our bodies into virtual realities.

Interview with a Baltimore Comic-Con Cosplayer

As in previous years, cosplay is huge at the Baltimore Comic Con, a show that keeps comics solidly at it’s heart. We met Brandon Bazemore, a first time con-goer to ask him about cosplaying Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.


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