Taking an Incredible Journey with Lost Ember

The beautiful Lost Ember game is as much a living piece of art as it is a clever and haunting exploration title that has players taking over different animals to help traverse the map and learn the secrets of the game’s lost world. It may be the ultimate chill gaming experience.

Make War, Not Love with Cool Budget Wargame

Make War is a wargame that takes most of the planning elements and presents them almost like a logic puzzle. It makes for a nice twist on the Epic Battle Simulator genre. It’s lack of polish is forgivable given the very low cost of entry and many hours of fun gameplay.

Taking a Leap of Faith in the beautiful Evan’s Remains Platformer Mystery

ne of the most beautiful pixel art games that she has ever seen, our Modern Gamer checks out a fantastic island holding deep secrets in Evan’s Remains. This puzzle adventure will have you platforming through portals and searching for a lost genius on an island filled with mystery.

Fighting Through a Lovecraftian Fever Dream with Alder’s Blood

Alder’s Blood is a tactical combat game with extreme horror elements. It actually mixes quite a few different genres into a beautiful and bloody gameplay mix that is sure to please those who enjoy dark stories and intense turn-based combat.

Young People’s Headphones Aren’t Child’s Play

Designed to protect budding young gamers (and music lovers) from overly loud noises, the My First Headset headphones use bone conduction technology to move sound directly through your skull, which gives great sound quality without as much risk of hearing damage.

Education Meets Apps in Incredible Virtual Gettysburg Battlefield

The American Battlefield’s Gettysburg Battle App is one of the best examples of a free historical application that is as interesting and entertaining as it is educational. Check this one out for yourself, or as an activity for the whole family.

Light Horror Meets Skillful Storytelling in Someday You’ll Return

You play a father searching for a child lost deep in the woods in Someday You’ll Return, although there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. With light horror elements and an engaging story, this is a good game to get lost in for a while.

Star Horizon is Not Quite Foxy

Star Horizon is yet another in a long line of games that tries to be just like the classic Star Fox. And like so many before it, there is a big crash and burn in its future. Star Horizon is good in parts, but doesn’t live up to its potential.

Sonic Conquers the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 Game

There may be no Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year thanks to the pandemic, but that won’t stop Sonic and his friends from winning some gold medals and conquering the games in Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Stealing Time with Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator is, not surprisingly, a game that simulates small heist-like break-ins and other trials in the life of a professional thief. A conversion from virtual reality, it has an interesting concept but quite a few problems with gameplay and execution.

Developing Young Photographers with My First Camera

Parents with kids looking to get into photography should check out My First Camera, which is a fully functional camera with a thermal printer for instant printouts of whatever budding shutterbugs want to shoot.

Tanks for the Memories, ShellShock

Take one part chess. Add in a little Pong. And then pack on about 10,000 tons of TNT. Mix it all together and you have ShellShock, an explosive PvP title for those who like a little strategy with their mass destruction.

Bugged About The State of Bugs

In the old days, armies of play testers had to make sure that games were nearly perfect at launch, because patching them was next to impossible. Today, early buyers of games have become unpaid play testers, patches come out frequently, and The Skirmisher thinks it’s weakening videogames.

At the Brink “Gambit:” Jean Luc Jones and the Enterprise Crusade

The crew searches for Captain Picard only to encounter rumors of his demise. Riker takes command, but mercenaries kidnap him. Data attempts to hold everything together while the not-so-deceased Picard plots. This week on TNG: Rewatch: Gambit Part I.

GiN Game of the Year Winners

The world situation kind of upended the Game of the Year contest this time around. But many of you were able to vote, and we appreciate everyone who did. While there will be no physical ceremony due to social distancing restrictions, we did want to celebrate the great games that made the year so special. Here are your choices for the games of the year!

Silly and Serious Gameplay Collide in Save State This Week

This week our Save State columnist does a little silly co-op with The Stretchers on the Nintendo Switch. But after getting pushed into saw blades too many times, he reverts back to brooding single play with The World Ends With You.

Of Citizens and Squirrels

The best laid plans of mice and men, or in this case of citizens and squirrels, end up going astray this week. We’re sure that poor Porkrine is laughing about the sudden downfall of his nemesis.

FIT and Yellowbrick Launch Gaming and Esports Online Education Program

Yellowbrick, in collaboration with New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, today announced the launch of Gaming and Esports Industry Essentials, a program designed to explore the expansive and lucrative world of Gaming and Esports.

How the Game Industry can Support the Black Lives Matter Movements

GameIndustry.com editorialist Junae Benne shows ways that game companies and gamers are supporting Black Lives Matter movements and rallying for change that can make the world a better place. GameIndustry.com encourages gamers everywhere to get involved.

Honest Conversations About Minority Representation in the Game Industry

Our latest GiN Columnist Junae Benne talks with people around the game industry about minority representation in videogames, and the creative content rooms where games are developed and made. She finds an industry in transition, with a long way to go.


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