Pirates Outlaws Offers Deck Building On the High Seas

Pirates Outlaws takes the much-loved pirate genre and creates a deck-building, competitive card game around it. Although it could do with a little more polish, Pirates Outlaws has more than enough swagger to make for a fun adventure.

Black Desert Mobile Merchantry

The Black Desert Online game is great at providing an ocean of content for its players on the iOS and Android platforms. This week we examine a newly released feature called Merchantry where your adventurer can get rich and famous.

Grand Role-Playing with Persona 5 Royal

Our reviewer Michael Blaker has looked at thousands of anime movies and games over the years, so you might be surprised to learn that he just ranked Personal 5 Royal as one of the 10 best JRPGs he’s ever played. Find out more about this hidden gem.

Nordic Warriors Continue the Myth

Nordic Warriors carries on where Myth: The Fallen Lords left off back in the 1990s. Well, not really, but Nordic Warriors is so heavily influenced by that classic RTS that would be forgiven if you thought this was actually Myth 4.

Checking Out the New Shop Titans One Year Pet Anniversary

Cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, and unicorns, oh my! It’s the one year anniversary of Shop Titans, and the game is celebrating by offering players free pets and a host of other amazing features. We check back in on a Modern Gamer favorite.

Taking an Incredible Journey with Lost Ember

The beautiful Lost Ember game is as much a living piece of art as it is a clever and haunting exploration title that has players taking over different animals to help traverse the map and learn the secrets of the game’s lost world. It may be the ultimate chill gaming experience.

Make War, Not Love with Cool Budget Wargame

Make War is a wargame that takes most of the planning elements and presents them almost like a logic puzzle. It makes for a nice twist on the Epic Battle Simulator genre. It’s lack of polish is forgivable given the very low cost of entry and many hours of fun gameplay.

Taking a Leap of Faith in the beautiful Evan’s Remains Platformer Mystery

ne of the most beautiful pixel art games that she has ever seen, our Modern Gamer checks out a fantastic island holding deep secrets in Evan’s Remains. This puzzle adventure will have you platforming through portals and searching for a lost genius on an island filled with mystery.

Fighting Through a Lovecraftian Fever Dream with Alder’s Blood

Alder’s Blood is a tactical combat game with extreme horror elements. It actually mixes quite a few different genres into a beautiful and bloody gameplay mix that is sure to please those who enjoy dark stories and intense turn-based combat.

Young People’s Headphones Aren’t Child’s Play

Designed to protect budding young gamers (and music lovers) from overly loud noises, the My First Headset headphones use bone conduction technology to move sound directly through your skull, which gives great sound quality without as much risk of hearing damage.

Education Meets Apps in Incredible Virtual Gettysburg Battlefield

The American Battlefield’s Gettysburg Battle App is one of the best examples of a free historical application that is as interesting and entertaining as it is educational. Check this one out for yourself, or as an activity for the whole family.

Light Horror Meets Skillful Storytelling in Someday You’ll Return

You play a father searching for a child lost deep in the woods in Someday You’ll Return, although there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. With light horror elements and an engaging story, this is a good game to get lost in for a while.

Bugged About The State of Bugs

In the old days, armies of play testers had to make sure that games were nearly perfect at launch, because patching them was next to impossible. Today, early buyers of games have become unpaid play testers, patches come out frequently, and The Skirmisher thinks it’s weakening videogames.

GiN Game of the Year Winners

The world situation kind of upended the Game of the Year contest this time around. But many of you were able to vote, and we appreciate everyone who did. While there will be no physical ceremony due to social distancing restrictions, we did want to celebrate the great games that made the year so special. Here are your choices for the games of the year!

The Promised Space Program Crashes and Burns

This is a bit of an odd week as our Save State columnist performs accidental gremlin genocide with the Kerbal Space Program. And then we have Riviera: The Promised Land, a classic JRPG that challenges players to forget everything they think they know about how to actually play one.

Mandalorian Dreaming

While the Game Over guys work on a new show, Porkrine falls into a deep and dreaming sleep, where he cavorts with some unsavory characters with a unique set of skills, and plots his revenge.

FIT and Yellowbrick Launch Gaming and Esports Online Education Program

Yellowbrick, in collaboration with New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, today announced the launch of Gaming and Esports Industry Essentials, a program designed to explore the expansive and lucrative world of Gaming and Esports.

How the Game Industry can Support the Black Lives Matter Movements

GameIndustry.com editorialist Junae Benne shows ways that game companies and gamers are supporting Black Lives Matter movements and rallying for change that can make the world a better place. GameIndustry.com encourages gamers everywhere to get involved.

Honest Conversations About Minority Representation in the Game Industry

Our latest GiN Columnist Junae Benne talks with people around the game industry about minority representation in videogames, and the creative content rooms where games are developed and made. She finds an industry in transition, with a long way to go.


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