Pokémon Series Tries Something New With Scarlet and Violet

The beloved Pokémon series has undergone many reiterations, although they are mostly filled with incremental changes. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet really does try something new with the introduction of the robust open world Paldea region and three separate story paths.

Scoping out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Single Player Campaign

We’ve covered the awesome Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer action, and now it is time to dive into the single player campaign. Sometimes the single player side of Call of Duty games gets shorted in favor of multiplayer, but not this time. The single player campaign is one of the best of the entire series.

Enjoying The Battle of Polytopia on the Nintendo Switch

Heaps of praise have landed on the pixel-based game The Battle of Polytopia since it launched, and for good reason. This is everything gamers want in a 4X strategy title. Now, it lands on the Nintendo Switch and plays every bit as good as on other platforms.

Getting a First Look at the Upcoming Japanese Folklore Card Battler Mahokenshi

Continuing our first look at new games this week, we take a look at Mahokenshi, a card battler that is steeped in deep Japanese Folklore. This beautiful game is due to be released in January, but we got a look at the first five levels of the game on Steam.

Zeroing in on the Early Access Apocalyptic Adventure Zero Sievert

Zero Sievert is an Early Access post-apocalyptic shooter and exploration game set in Eastern Europe and made with colorful pixel art. Taking inspiration from games like Stalker, Metro and Escape from Tarkov, it nonetheless blazes its own trail.

Pounce Into a Great Platforming Adventure With Catmaze

Catmaze is a really interesting mashup of genres that combine into a delightful game. It’s partially a Metroidvania type platformer. It’s steeped in Slavic myths. And it has a really cool witch and two very cute cats with mythical powers. You don’t want to miss this one.

The Blue Blur Blazes New Trails in Sonic Frontiers

The iconic Sonic the Hedgehog blazes onto the scene once more in the brand new Sonic Frontiers adventure. With a gigantic cast of characters, beautifully rendered new levels and speedy challenges, this could be the game that helps Sonic race back to the top of the heap.

Digging Into the Delightful Shovel Knight Dig

The original Shovel Knight game helped to boost the entire indie game movement. Now, developer Nitrome and publisher Yacht Club Games are back with Shovel Knight Dig, hoping to tunnel towards success with platformer players one more time.

Blast Through Colorful Passages and Procedurally-Generated Creations in Maze Blaze

Maze Blaze is an arcade shooter where players fight swarms of enemies while solving procedurally-generated maze levels that are dripping in neon lights and brilliant special effects. Those who miss old-school arcade action will find a lot to enjoy in these dazzling mazes.

Resident Evil Village: Winter’s Expansion Keeps the Series Horror Alive

Resident Evil Village is a masterpiece of horror gaming and storytelling. Now the Winter’s Expansion lets the fun keep going with the continuation of Rose’s story, a new third person game mode, and a temporary return visit to Village’s amazing settings and creatures.

Mario and Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Takes Aim at Turn-Based Strategy

Mario and his Rabbids friends are out to save the universe in the new Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope game, which pits the good guys against some traditional Nintendo enemies in fluid tactical combat that would certainly give XCOM a run for its money.

All Aboard for Adorable and Peaceful Puzzler Experiences With Railbound

Anyone looking for a relaxing puzzle adventure involving adorable trains and railroad type puzzles will enjoy Railbound, a title that starts off extremely easy and then ramps up the challenge as you play.

Joining the Teams of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

As with millions of other players, Michelle is playing Pokémon Violet and Scarlet this week alongside her husband and friends. And while most people seem to be flocking to team Violet, she finds that she is Team Scarlet all the way. Find out about some of her epic adventures this week in the new open world Paldea region.

Fan Collective Unimatrix 47: Star Trek Prodigy’s “Preludes” Episode

This week, Fan Collective Unimatrix 47 examines Star Trek: Prodigy’s sixteenth episode of the first season. In the wake of the revelation of Dal’s backstory, the Prodigy team give us the details on the rest of the crew’s back stories. We get long-awaited discussions of how Rok-Tahk, Zero, and Jankom Pog came to be on Tars Lamora.

The amazing staff of TravellerCon. Enjoying the Fun and Fellowship at TravellerCon USA 2022

GiN reporter and reviewer Colin Flanigan traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to enjoy the annual TravellerCon USA convention. While there, he attended a show with the creator of the RPG, ran a game, and met with some devoted fans who keep playing in and advancing the Traveller RPG world. There is also an upcoming charity livestream that you don’t want to miss.

For Your Steam Awards Consideration: Astlibra Revision

It’s time for the Steam Awards. This year, Save State columnist Vincent Mahoney is putting forward an indie game called Astlibra Revision which he hopes everyone will consider with a nomination because it’s certainly a labor of love for the developers and fun to play as well.

The Podcast’s Musings on Mario

During the podcast, Darius and Katz discuss their thoughts about casting decisions for the new Mario movie.

G2 Esports Announces All-Female Team Hel to Compete in League of Legends

G2 Esports, one of the world’s leading entertainment and esports brands, is proud to announce the launch of its newest team, Hel, that will compete in Riot’s main title, League of Legends.

Critical Hits with Roll20’s Corey Rosemond

Roll20 is one of the best platforms available for playing role-playing games remotely with friends. But it could always be better, and that is just what COO Corey Rosemond is working on right now. We find out what’s up on the platform, and what is coming soon.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.


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