The Postal Dude Takes Another Shot on Consoles

Way back in the early days of the modern gaming industry, the Postal game came out guns blazing, leaving controversy and angry parental groups in its wake. That classic has been remade now for the PlayStation, though it almost seems quaint by today’s standards.

First Timer Wowed By World of Warcraft

News that Blizzard is launching The Burning Crusade for World of Warcraft Classic has got old school gamers excited to experience WoW again for the first time. But our Modern Gamer never got to play the game back in the day, so he’s checking it out for the first time. And wow, is he amazed.

PlayStation 5 Deep Diving into the Impressive PlayStation 5 Console

Scarcity issues aside, the Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the most amazing game consoles released in years. Not only are native PS5 games incredible, but many older PlayStation 4 titles get a huge upgrade when running on them on the new hardware.

A Relaxing Journey Through Tiny Lands

Not every game that we review at GiN is an adrenaline rush. Some are quite relaxing, like Tiny Lands which challenges you to spot the differences between two very tiny and interesting 3D landscapes.

Chaser Tracer Offers Fun and Free Mobile Gaming

Loosely based on neon-soaked arcade games from the 1980s, Chaser Tracer is a fun and free casual game for both the iOS and Android platforms that will have you racing to trace a variety of interesting shapes in an intense environment.

Sci-fi Murder Mystery in Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos

Murder on Eridanos is the second of two planned DLCs for Game of The Year winner The Outer Worlds. The stupendous sci-fi RPG shooter is back again with a murder mystery adventure that is as compelling as it is darkly humorous. This is how you end a game on a high note.

Sir Brante RPG Offers a Dark Storybook Tale

Told as a highly advanced choose your own adventure type of story, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante offers unique gameplay, a fine story and an interesting if melancholy world. Role-players looking for a different sort of challenge can find a lot to like here.

An Elephant of an Adventure in Shelter 3

Shelter 3 is a beautifully artistic adventure game where you must lead your heard of elephants through dangerous territory in a quest to keep them all safe, well-fed and happy as you march towards your new home.

Monster Hunter Rise Elevates Amazing Franchise

Rise is a fantastic new entry into the already amazing Monster Hunter series. The newest game offers more than enough hunting, crafting, exploration and adventuring to enthrall both newcomers to the genre as well as grizzled vets looking for their next big challenge.

More Mystery in The Alexander Secret

The Alexander Secret is the second book in The Mahabharata Quest series, which is a lot like the Da Vinci Code or the Angels and Demons books, but dripping with Indian culture as well as its rich history. It’s a great read for anyone who enjoys deep mysteries.

Let Your Cards Talk in Signs of the Sojourner

Signs of the Sojourner is an interesting visual novel where you use cards to communicate with those you meet in the game as they become a kind of language. It’s an unique way to play if you are looking for something new.

Mastering the Mobile Revolution

What would you expect from one of the newest epic mobile MMORPG out there? A lot maybe, Blade and Soul: Revolution is the most recent mobile game from Netmarble. It’s stacked with tons of action, magic, blades, dungeons and everything else that makes a good RPG.

Revenge Of The Butterfinger Marketing

This week Neal swings back after it is announced that Final Fantasy is doing yet another promotion that involves buying Butterfingers for content. He also takes time to show a Magic: The Gathering case study.

Rolling on Roll20’s Online Role-Playing

With most in-person events cancelled or becoming virtual, it’s no wonder that role-players are also taking advantage of online platforms to get together and conquer their high fantasy, sci-fi or more traditional Dungeons and Dragons-like worlds. We checked out the Roll20 platform over the past few months, and loved what we found.

Stanley-sama, Parables is War

This week’s save state takes a look at two different forms of narration in the form of The Stanley Parable and God Wars. Read about Vince’s experience with two very different styles of play and remind you how much The Stanley Parable judges you.

A PS5 Country Song Singalong

We all know its tough to get a PlayStation 5 right now. But some people may be trying a little too hard.

The GiN Lounge: The Conspiracy To Mute Mario

This week the guys cover topics ranging from how Nintendo’s Mario treatment may be the start of a bad trend of trying to FOMO gamers to death to developers trying to cancel Youtubers with DCMAs to asking if Yoshi’s have rights. Join Neal and Vincent on this off-the-rails episode of the GIN Lounge.

CS:GO Upcoming Tournaments

CS:GO is thriving at the moment. Last year it lost some momentum with canceled tourneys during the pandemic. But this year, its set to come roaring back with lots of new events on the schedule.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.

Nate Wooley Obit Picture Honoring a Dear Friend and Mentor

GiN Online Editor and Columnist Neal Sayatovich writes about how much Nate Wooley meant to him. We recently lost Nate Wooley, but he will never be forgotten.


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