An RPG Gem Shines in Solasta Crown of the Magister

Designed to be played like an authentic around the table, pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons adventure, Solasta Crown of the Magister is an amazingly fun role-playing experience even as it continues to develop through Steam Early Access. It’s a critical hit for RPGing adventure.

Mycroft Returns in Mycroft and Sherlock Book Two

The second book in the series focusing on Sherlock’s less famous brother Mycroft Holmes, this story finds our hero at the ripe old age of 26 trying to unravel a drug conspiracy and the murders of innocent street urchins.

Enjoy a WWII Stealth Party With Partisans 1941

Partisans 1941 is one of the newer generation of real-time, small unit tactics stealth games where your outnumbered squad must sneak around and carefully overcome overwhelming odds. Set during the early days of World War II, you will have no shortage of enemies to wage your guerilla warfare against.

Electric Age Greatness in Bartlow’s Dread Machine

Grab your shiny new pennies and head down to the arcade for some impressive old timey shooter action with Bartlow’s Dread Machine, one of the first games to earn a perfect score review from our Modern Gamer. So you know this is a good one!

Visage Haunts The Top of The Horror Game Genre

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game loosely based on the venerable P.T. title. You explore a mysterious and ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments.

Wingspan Brings Strategic Card Gaming To Everyone

Wingspan is a deeply strategic card game about helping wild birds survive and thrive in different habitats. The subject matter should help it appeal to a wide audience of players, while the strategic depth will keep everyone playing and competing.

Deep Storytelling RPG Hybrid Comes to Switch

The World of Darkness universe comes to the Nintendo Switch, with deep storytelling and plots that up to now, only PC gamers got to really enjoy. We stroll into Werewolf: The Apocalypse as it takes a bite out of consoles.

A Clucking Good Time With Chicken Police

Chicken Police Paint It RED is a unique detective story game where all of the main characters are represented as animals with human-like features. The main character is a hardboiled chicken detective that, other than the feathers, hits all of the film noir tropes.

Wild Werewolf Adventure in Heart of the Forest

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Heart of the Forest is the first game from The World of Darkness to feature a werewolf as the main character. Can these big, furry titans give the vampire games a run for their undead lives?

Crime Scene Cleanup With a Twist

In Body of Evidence you act as a crime scene technician, only this title has a major surprise. You don’t work for the cops. You are an agent of the bad guys, cleaning up all the evidence of their nefarious crimes.

A Valorous Victory for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Anyone looking for adventure should sail no further than Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. This latest Assassin’s Creed game takes everything good about the series and wraps it up in an exciting and beautiful Norse-flavored package that is packed with brutal Viking combat.

Short Stories Add Flavor to Demon Accords Series

The Demon Accords Compendium Volume III is another short story compilation entry in the Demon Accords universe, and it covers some characters we’ve never seen before and reintroduces us to others we haven’t seen in a few books. It’s an enjoyable read, especially for fans.

Feeling a Little Sad in Squadrons

The Skirmisher normally loves games, but the sparse single player campaign for Star Wars: Squadrons along with some other questionable design choices has got him feeling kind of blue this week. Have you ever really anticipated playing a new game, only to feel the stinging pain of regret once you finally got to play it?

Rolling on Roll20’s Online Role-Playing

With most in-person events cancelled or becoming virtual, it’s no wonder that role-players are also taking advantage of online platforms to get together and conquer their high fantasy, sci-fi or more traditional Dungeons and Dragons-like worlds. We checked out the Roll20 platform over the past few months, and loved what we found.

Bugs May Cause Unyielding Rage

For the first Save State of 2021, Vincent goes a little wild with look backs to two very different classic titles, Bug Fables and Streets of Rage 4. Guess which one caused more fury and frenzy?

GiN Cartoon: A Long Controversy

The Game Over Podcast gang tackles a very long controversy this week while covering a story about a new children’s cartoon in Denmark about a man named John Dillermand with a large and prehensile…well, not exactly a tail. You kind of have to see it, or you wont believe them.

After a Year Away, The PGL Schedules First Major CSGO Tourney

The PGL will host the next CSGO Major, which will occur between October 23rd and November 7th of 2021, if all safety conditions to hold live competitive events are met by that time, in Sweden.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.

Nate Wooley Obit Picture Honoring a Dear Friend and Mentor

GiN Online Editor and Columnist Neal Sayatovich writes about how much Nate Wooley meant to him. We recently lost Nate Wooley, but he will never be forgotten.


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