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Honoring a Dear Friend and Mentor

This is an article I had hoped to never write. There are some people who are nothing but a force for good in this world and when they depart it is often the hardest to take. We recently lost GiN Founding Publisher Nate Wooley to cancer and it sent waves throughout the company and beyond. Nate was a great person who helped build a lot of careers. I myself am no exception to this.

GiN Columnist Neal Sayatovich
GiN Columnist Neal Sayatovich

Just about ten years ago I was living in Marietta, Ohio next to longtime GIN favorite Billy White. We got to talking as he went to school with two of my cousins and GIN came up. I asked if there were any positions available because I love games and writing. Billy sent it up through Nate who, despite a pretty light resume gave me the green light and gave Chief Editor the final call. I know that Nate lobbied the editor to give me a chance, and it was his influence that put me over the top in the decision to make me a part of GiN.

That was not the end of Nate’s kindness as he trusted me to recommend me to the Motley Fool. There I was, a young and, for the most part, poorly educated kid from central Ohio writing finance articles for one of the most respected finance publications. And Nate has done this for other GiN writers as well. He always wanted to help people develop into the best versions of themselves.

Nate Wooley at E3
Nate Wooley learns about a brand new game at an early E3 Expo Trade Show.

Outside of his career assistance, Nate was just one of the nicest people. I have friends from Marietta, Ohio who knew Nate from other endeavors who are just as sad to hear about his passing. The more you talk to people that Nate interacted with you realize just how much he meant to everyone.

I know without Nate I probably would be nowhere near where I am at today. GiN gave me a big chance to become the best version of myself.

Thank you Nate, we all miss you.

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