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EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Gets Action Trailer

Eager EVE Online players will get a sneak peek of the action with the new EVE Online: Invasion cinematic trailer, released today. EVE Online: Invasion, the exciting and free new expansion coming next week, brings the fearsome Triglavian forces to known space for the first time. Fight for your territory and earn lucrative rewards as the Triglavians lay siege to your star systems. The Invasion expansion introduces three new and formidable Triglavian ships in the Tech II category and there will be additions to the Mutaplasmid system. Invasion also brings further iterations to the War Declaration system that will consolidate … Continue reading EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Gets Action Trailer

BattleBots TV Show Returns

The epic robot-fighting series BattleBots is set for its second season on Discovery Channel and Science Channel. BattleBots features the world’s biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots from all over the world as they duke it out for robot fighting supremacy. 2018 Champion Bite Force will return to defend its title against top competition including perennial contenders Tombstone, Minotaur, Witch Doctor, Bronco, Bombshell, and Yeti. Eight two-hour episodes will begin airing Friday, June 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery, while Science will air on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm starting June 12. The metal munching mayhem is coming back, … Continue reading BattleBots TV Show Returns

League of Legends Offers New Premium Spectator Mode

League of Legends Esports today announced Pro View, a new premium viewing experience that will be available for the Summer Split of the LCS (League Championship Series) & LEC (League European Championship). Pro View will allow fans to spectate the individual players of their choice during competitive League of Legends matches. Additional features within the Pro View Package include: • Multiview: Watch up to four synchronized streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs • Advanced Timeline: Kills, tower takedowns and other big plays are marked right on the timeline, and clicking a marker jumps to … Continue reading League of Legends Offers New Premium Spectator Mode

The Best Online Slots Sites

The best online slots sites are easier to find than you think. All you have to do to find one is to search for top slot sites in a search engine and the best ones will always top various independent lists. One such list which contains the best online slots sites you will find right here as we also want to pitch in with our opinion on which slots sites can be considered as the best ones out there. Casimba Casimba offers its players a wide variety of popular slots and very enticing bonuses and promotions. The slots come courtesy … Continue reading The Best Online Slots Sites

Sci-Fi Space Western Killsquad Coming to Early Access

Independent developer Novarama are pleased to announce their co-op action RPG, Killsquad, which will launch for PC on Steam Early Access this summer. Killsquad is a top-down co-op action RPG set within the futuristic world of bounty hunters known as ‘killsquads’. These hunter teams take on contracts to do the dirty work of big corporations with the lure of big money bonuses and the gravitas of intergalactic kudos. Killsquad features an in-depth loot and class system with procedurally generated levels and missions ensuring no play session, either in single player or with friends is the same.Taking place in a futuristic … Continue reading Sci-Fi Space Western Killsquad Coming to Early Access

We. The Revolution Charging to Consoles

Today, Klabater officially announced that We. The Revolution, a well received indie hit about French Revolution developed by Polyslash, will be launched for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 25 June 2019. Additionally, Nintendo Switch version is already available in pre-order. We. The Revolution hit PC on 21 March this year and instantly became an indie hit, reaching 2nd position on Steam top sellers list and landing in top 5 games streamed on Twitch in a week of its premiere. All the publishing expenses were recouped after a week of sales. The PC version of the game scored … Continue reading We. The Revolution Charging to Consoles

Which is better: IOS or Android for Mobile Gaming?

There are certain questions without an obvious answer and when it comes to the supremacy of operating systems for mobile devices, it is virtual impossible to reach a consensus. There are strong opinions on both sides and Android users are just as keen on defending their platform of choice as their counterparts using Apple phones. While there is no definitive answer at hand, we can definitely come up with at least a few conclusions on this hot topic. IOS Devices are Safer and more Reliable Online casino players who choose to gamble on smartphones and tablets powered by Apple’s operating … Continue reading Which is better: IOS or Android for Mobile Gaming?

Bus Simulator 18 Gets New DLC Maps

Renowned international simulation publisher astragon Entertainment and developer stillalive studios proudly announced today that new map content for best-in-class transit sim Bus Simulator 18 is now available on Steam. This map extension adds two new districts to Seaside Valley: Kerststadt, a bustling education and tech hub containing Seaside Valley’s airport, and Sonnstein, a rustic alpine village with winding mountain roads that encircle its gorgeous vistas. Also included are new tasks, mission-givers, and rider dialogue that further enrich the experience. Starting today, the map extension for Bus Simulator 18 is available on Steam for 12.99 EUR / 15.99 USD / 11.69 … Continue reading Bus Simulator 18 Gets New DLC Maps

Bandai Namco and ISKN To Partner on Games

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and France-based tech firm ISKN today announced a partnership which will bring together the entertainment publishing powerhouse and the innovative tech firm to create a creative entertainment platform for the whole family. Led by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe (BNEE), the partnership seeks to leverage the core strengths of each respective company to develop and bring-to-market a ground-breaking entertainment ecosystem which will be available in 2019. Possessing complementary expertise, the two companies are working together, utilizing ISKN’s multi-patented augmented interaction technology and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s publishing know-how to develop a unique product centered around fun, creativity, and immersion. … Continue reading Bandai Namco and ISKN To Partner on Games

The Most Popular Slots of 2019 – What Should You Play Right Now?

For several years now we have been constantly choosing the most interesting and high-quality video slots. Our top-rankings traditionally include models that appeal to our observers, get the highest ratings from readers and receive praise from users. At the top of fame are both the games of leading brands and the apparatuses of young studios, after all, not loud names become the main selection criteria. We take into account the level of return, gameplay features, originality of themes, animation entertainment, user-friendly interface, and other aspects. Our review is made to make you comfortable play slots online and have fun. Hot … Continue reading The Most Popular Slots of 2019 – What Should You Play Right Now?

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