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King’s Bounty 2 Announced

1C Entertainment is elated to let the dragon out of the cave on the return of their acclaimed turn-based tactics series, King’s Bounty! Releasing in 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, King’s Bounty 2 will take players to the land of Antara, iterating on the classic turn-based tactics and RPG elements of the series. Pre-orders are now at Offering a fresh take on the acclaimed fantasy series, King’s Bounty 2 expands upon its tactical turn-based battles to offer players a truly immersive RPG experience. Weight is added to each move, from battles to developing relationships with the people … Continue reading King’s Bounty 2 Announced

Crossroads Inn Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Kraken Unleashed Studio and Klabater have released all-new gameplay and story trailer for its upcoming Kickstarter-funded fantasy tavern sim Crossroads Inn. The developers have also revealed two distinct gameplay modes for players to explore: Campaign and Sand Box. Gamers will be able to build, manage and adjust their taverns, but also immerse into the rich RPG story line. Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim with role-playing games elements. The game consists of two unique modes offering totally different experiences. In Sandbox mode gamers will focus solely on managing their business and economy – to build their very own tavern, … Continue reading Crossroads Inn Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets 4K Multiplayer Maps

Activision is back with more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay! Captured in 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro, this gameplay includes 5 different game modes across 5 multiplayer maps, including one night variant! Maps shown include: Grazna Raid – Headquarters Azhir Cave (Night) – Team Deathmatch Hackney Yard – Cyber Attack Azhir Cave – Headquarters Gun Runner – Domination Aniyah Palace – 5 Flag Domination Pre-order now and get open beta early access beginning on September 12, first on PS4. Publishers: Activision Developers: Sledgehammer Games Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Choose the Best Boosting Service

The number of boosting services for MMO players is growing. In gaming, the excitement of exploring the virtual universe is often diminished by tedious tasks that consume time and energy. Many websites offer to deliver a quick and high-quality boost to your game account. However, high demand often gives rise to unscrupulous providers. To rank up, you need patience and many hours of practice. Reputable companies like Boostcarry at offer to spare you the toil. The highest level is where the real gameplay begins. Delegate the work to professionals and enjoy the benefits of a higher ranking shortly! Aside … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Boosting Service

Comming of Age Knights and Bikes Game Heads To Steam

At long last, it’s time to strap on your hemet and get ready to ride! Today, Foam Sword and Double Fine Presents announced that the highly anticipated Knights and Bikes will release on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 27. Knights and Bikes is a hand-painted action-adventure for 1 or 2 players, set on a British island in the 1980s. It’s a coming-of-age story starring Nessa and Demelza, exploring the coasts of Penfurzy on their trusty bikes, looking for a legendary lost treasure in a Goonies-inspired tale of excitement, danger, fun and friendship. The two new friends, … Continue reading Comming of Age Knights and Bikes Game Heads To Steam

Angry Birds Friends Game Flocks To PCs

With the Angry Birds once again gracing movie theaters worldwide in The Angry Birds Movie 2, the enraged avians are also coming to your Windows 10 PC via Angry Birds Friends, which releases today — free to download — on the Microsoft Store. Angry Birds Friends offers the quintessential bird-flinging, pig-popping Angry Birds experience, but adds a fun competitive layer with bite-sized tournaments to pit yourself against your friends’ slingshot skills. With new tournaments released every week and thousands of levels to enjoy, the destruction is almost endless. “We’re excited to release two of our most popular Angry Birds games … Continue reading Angry Birds Friends Game Flocks To PCs

The Changing Face of Online Gambling

The biggest change to impact the world of online gambling in the past decade has been a relatively simple but nonetheless utterly fundamental shift in the sheer size of the industry. H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business gather and publish comprehensive statistics on the size and scope of the online gambling industry on a monthly basis, and their data for July 2019 shows that the gross revenue pulled in by the global online gaming industry had risen from €14.9billion in 2007 to €40.9billion in 2017. This represents a growth rate of 174%, and predictions for future years – including estimates … Continue reading The Changing Face of Online Gambling

Family Oriented Children of Morta RPG Gets September Release Date

Publisher 11 bit studios and developer Dead Mage are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated roguelike RPG, Children of Morta will be arriving on PC this September 3, 2019. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will launch on October 15, 2019. To celebrate the launch date announcement, you can check out the all-new trailer below. Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful Mount Morta into a violent and monster-infested nightmare. Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save the ones you care for? Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG about a valiant … Continue reading Family Oriented Children of Morta RPG Gets September Release Date

PlayStation Players to Get Free Dogfigher World War II Game

PlayStation 4 Exclusive DOGFIGHTER –WW2, the high-flying aerial Battle Royale will be released in North America this Fall. Developed by Grumpy, I-BONG and IGGYMOB, DOGFIGHTER – WW2- gives you the chance to take to the war torn skies of both the European and Pacific theaters of WW2 in a way you’ve never seen before. The warplanes in DOGFIGHTER –WW2- are all authentic and replicated from their real-life World War 2 counterparts, and players will get experience dogfights in them via massive Battle Royals with up to 40 other players. There will be two versions of the game available at launch: … Continue reading PlayStation Players to Get Free Dogfigher World War II Game

The Most Popular Online Games to Play Right Now

Online games have been coming up with ways to keep us entertained for years. From flashy bonuses to unbelievable themes, there is always something waiting around the corner for us when we opt to play these games. Let’s take a look at some of the best online games you can play right now. Why Play Online Games? Online games can be found all over the internet from your favourite casino to flash websites filled with all the types of games you could ever imagine. The great thing about playing these games is that they are available all the time. You … Continue reading The Most Popular Online Games to Play Right Now

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