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Picklock Game Sneaks to Nintendo Switch

Picklock, highly acclaimed by gamers, gripping robbery stealth-adventure is out on Switch. Abandon your honest life and shamelessly steal from your neighbors’ houses. Remember to put aside your moral code in the process. Entered a children’s room and found a collector’s doll? Don’t overthink it, just grab it! Your goal is to continually develop your burglar’s skills and become as sophisticated in your crimes as possible, and, of course…rich! Break-in, steal, and deceive your way to a luxurious existence. At each level, you will face a new challenge. Your targets will range from a roll of toilet paper at your … Continue reading Picklock Game Sneaks to Nintendo Switch

Play the Black Legend Demo on Steam

The Black Legend demo, previously only available during the Steam Autumn Festival, gives you an early taste of the first hour of Black Legend and shows off some of the early classes, weapons, quests, and enemies. In Black Legend, the player leads a custom squadron of mercenaries into the accursed city of Grant to aid a struggling resistance against a deadly cult of fanatics. Piece together stories from survivors, discover new equipment and classes for your team, and delve into many locations during your quest to discover how to stop the city’s curse from spreading. Explore deep into the city … Continue reading Play the Black Legend Demo on Steam

What Would Be The Best Poker Playing Experience For You?

Despite the growing popularity of exciting, high-end video games and other absorbing forms of entertainment, the love for old-fashioned card games has not vanished. Among many classic propositions, the variety of poker games is certainly worth noticing. There is a lot to choose from, and the internet’s constant development only adds to the possibilities. It’s just a question of making the whole experience suited to one’s preferences and expectations. The game of choice The first and most obvious course of action would be to find the right game for you. The poker scene has immensely developed since its humble beginnings … Continue reading What Would Be The Best Poker Playing Experience For You?

Become a Legend with these Thrill-seeking Slots

  Newcomers to online Slots may not be aware of the thrills and spills that await, once you get those virtual reels spinning. You can be transported absolutely anywhere, for as little as just £0.01 – a fair deal if you ask us! Sound like something that could be your cup of tea? Read on to find out more about our top Slots picks that’ll make you a legend on the online gaming scene! Legend of Hydra: Power Zones At the helm of this game you’ll find a legendary six-headed Hydra monster, coming alive when you spin the six reels. … Continue reading Become a Legend with these Thrill-seeking Slots

Can Southampton seriously challenge for Europe this season?

It had once looked like Southampton head coach Ralph Hasenhüttl was certain to be sacked. His team had just suffered one of the club’s worst humiliations – a 9-0 home defeat to Leicester City, and the team looked devoid of purpose and quality. That was 25th October 2019. Just over a year later, the mood around St Mary’s couldn’t be more different, and crucially, Hasenhüttl is still the man in charge. He has overseen a dramatic turnaround in fortunes at the south coast outfit, and at the time of writing, Southampton sit nicely poised in 5th place in the Premier … Continue reading Can Southampton seriously challenge for Europe this season?

Call of Duty Nuketown 84 Returns

One of Call of Duty’s most iconic multiplayer maps is now available for all players for free! Nuketown ’84 is a fast and frenetic 6v6 map set in a nuclear testing ground modeled on an idyllic American neighborhood. Although the layout may look familiar to fans of the original Black Ops Nuketown, Nuketown ’84 is a sister site in the Nevada desert originally primed for nuclear testing that was ultimately inhabited by a group of social misfits who made it their home. For more information on Nuketown ’84, including tips and tricks, head to the Call of Duty blog. Publishers: … Continue reading Call of Duty Nuketown 84 Returns

Build an Awesome Abode in Dreamhouse The Game

Become a novice construction engineer with one big dream: earn enough money to build your dream house with your own hands. Start your company and accept all sorts of orders, from general ruined property renovations to leveling undeveloped land and house foundation excavation. Take on projects from constructing a small hut in the forest to a real hacienda on a sandy beach. Once you have earned enough funds and experience, you will finally have the chance to build your very own home from scratch. Draw up a design and follow the construction plans accordingly. Take care of every detail, from … Continue reading Build an Awesome Abode in Dreamhouse The Game

Ten Puzzle Games You Must Have Played

Puzzle games are among the most popular genre of games, and thousands have been produced since the advent of video games. However, it goes without saying: Some are better than others. So, what are ten of the best puzzle games that all video game fans simply must have played? Read on for more. Tetris Tetris, of course, is one of the best selling games of all time. First produced in the Soviet Union in 1984, this game has gone on to sell over 200 million copies and be reproduced dozens of times by numerous different companies, including with a recent … Continue reading Ten Puzzle Games You Must Have Played

Red Dead Online To Be Offered as a Standalone Game

Red Dead Online – the vibrant, ever-evolving world where you can take on a range of unique roles and pursuits to blaze your own outlaw trail across the American frontier – will be available to purchase as a standalone game from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam on December 1st. For the first time, new players who do not already own Red Dead Redemption 2 can experience everything Red Dead Online has to offer, including access to all future content updates. Check our our review of Red Dead Redemption 2. Forge your own … Continue reading Red Dead Online To Be Offered as a Standalone Game

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