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Neowiz Adds Unsouled Action RPG Game to Upcoming Lineup

NEOWIZ has just announced that they’ve added Unsouled to their lineup of games coming out this year. Being developed by Megusta Game, Unsouled is a challenging ARPG with brutal and fast-paced gameplay displayed in stylish pixel graphics. Unsouled tells the story of a prince from a collapsed empire that has the ability to absorb the souls of the dead and grow in power. The world is haunting and full of hordes of dangerous beings though, so it’s vital to chain together combos and counter enemy attacks if you want any chance of surviving. The battles are fast-paced and require great … Continue reading Neowiz Adds Unsouled Action RPG Game to Upcoming Lineup

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Gets Final Pre-Launch Trailer

SQUARE ENIX today revealed gripping new scenes from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, the enhanced and expanded version of the critically acclaimed and award-winning FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on the PlayStation5 (PS5) console. The new footage showcases the impressive PS5 graphics for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE and new content from FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, which follows Yuffie Kisaragi and her partner Sonon Kusakabe, on a dangerous mission to infiltrate Midgar and steal the Shinra Electric Power Company’s most powerful materia. In FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, players will fight as Yuffie, alongside Sonon, as they use fast and furious attacks to team … Continue reading Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Gets Final Pre-Launch Trailer

Resident Evil Village Creeps to Release

Capcom’s highly anticipated survival horror game Resident Evil Village is now available worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. Resident Evil Village immerses players into an intense battle to survive the horrors of a remote snowy village where a diverse cast of mysterious locals and terrifying creatures await. This action-packed title is the eighth main entry in the award-winning Resident Evil™ franchise which has shipped more than 107 million units globally and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Resident Evil Village is eligible to upgrade for free from PlayStation 4 to the … Continue reading Resident Evil Village Creeps to Release

How Dirty is Your Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch fans have cause for celebration after a recent study showed that the device offers the cleanest form of gaming. The gaming industry in the midst of a massive boom right now, with sales for the Switch, Xbox and PlayStation continuing to keep cash tills ringing around the world. However, while people seem to be happy to splash out on new consoles, it appears that they are not on the ball when it comes to keeping their devices clean. In-depth research by the gaming experts at casino brand Betway discovered that consoles can get pretty dirty if they are … Continue reading How Dirty is Your Nintendo Switch?

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Interactive TV Series Comes to Consoles

A new live-action game in the form of a TV series arrives on Xbox and PlayStation today, with all six interactive episodes available to binge-play at once. ‘Dark Nights with Poe and Munro’ is an anthology of supernatural tales about late night radio hosts and secret lovers John ‘Poe’ Pope and Ellis Munro. Editor’s Note: Check out our full review of Dark Nights with Poe and Munro on the Steam platform for PC. Each 20-30 minute episode features up to 29 “hotspot” decision points which players can use to direct the action and unlock alternate story branches and endings. Episodes … Continue reading Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Interactive TV Series Comes to Consoles

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Begins Limited-Time Post-Apocalypse Event

Today, Ubisoft announced a new limited-time event for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1, Apocalypse, beginning tomorrow and running for two weeks until May 18. Apocalypse introduces a post-apocalyptic version of Outback, where players will have to fight for their clan, hope and freedom to revitalize life. In the world of Apocalypse, humanity’s dependence on nuclear energy ultimately led to the fall of civilization and the emergence of two clans, The Keepers and The Warband. These warriors and scavengers seek the last plant on Earth, which holds the power to re-grow life on Earth. The new game … Continue reading Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Begins Limited-Time Post-Apocalypse Event

Watch Dogs Legion Deploys Update One

Today, Ubisoft announced that Update 1 (Title Update 4.0) for Watch Dogs: Legion will be available tomorrow on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store on Windows PC, Stadia, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service. Title Update 4.0 introduces exclusive content for Season Pass holders in single-player and in the online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion, including: • A new playable hero character, Mina Sidhu: Once a test subject, Mina Sidhu now wields the power of mind control and can take full control of an enemy with her … Continue reading Watch Dogs Legion Deploys Update One

Golf Impact Tees Up On Mobile Platforms

NEOWIZ today proudly launched the intense 1v1 competitive golf game, Golf Impact. Now available on both iOS and Android devices, Golf Impact takes thrilling mobile golf to a new level with stunning course locations like the Maldives, Fiji, Paris, and New York. Players are invited to go on a fantastical golfing adventure all over the world while they collect amazingly powerful clubs to take on even greater challenges. With an easy to learn, but difficult to master gameplay experience, Golf Impact is a thrilling world tour experience where players can compete against each other for amazing prizes and level up … Continue reading Golf Impact Tees Up On Mobile Platforms

Play The Best Online Casino Games in Japan

Under Japanese law physical casinos in Japan are completely prohibited, and while it is currently legal to bet on horse racing as well as some motorsports, the reality is that technically there is no physical casino in Japan that you can visit. However, in recent years, and with the rise of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, the possibility was opened for some physical casinos to open during this world-class event in some of the country’s most important cities. Among the cities candidates to open a physical casino in Japan are Osaka, Nagasaki, Wakayama, Hokkaido, and of course the capital of … Continue reading Play The Best Online Casino Games in Japan

Thief Simulator 2 Game Unmasked

Thief Simulator 2, a new instalment of the best-selling mix of stealth, adventure and simulation, will debut in 2022 on PC. The developers promise many improvements and new possibilities, including three diverse locations full of objects and goals. In 2023, Thief Simulator 2 is scheduled to also hit consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. The new instalment of the game is being developed by the Polish studio MrCiastku, and will be published by Ultimate Games S.A. The first Thief Simulator debuted in 2018 and was very positively received by players (with 85 percent … Continue reading Thief Simulator 2 Game Unmasked

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