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Acquisitions Incorporated’s TTRPG Actual Play Adds Hilarity and Excitement to Reboot

Acquisitions Incorporated is one of the oldest Dungeons and Dragons actual plays, which are podcasts or web shows that feature people playing tabletop role-playing games for an audience. It has returned with a reboot of the series for a new season, and viewers can expect lots of familiar faces and fun.

GiN Streaming Video Reviews are Back!

After a long break, the streaming reviews are back in force with the launch of our brand new Twitch Channel. And we’ll also be adding shows over on YouTube. You can now watch our first new show with Modern Gamer Melissa, as she tackles the delightful world of Jet Kave Adventure.

Battle Fleet Ground Assault First Play

The game has been out for a few hours now, so we dive into the sequel to the amazing Battle Fleet series, Battle Fleet Ground Assault. Featuring the same turn-based WWII mechanics, Ground Assault adds tanks to the wargaming sandbox. Charge on with a first look at the new gameplay.

Let’s Play Kingdom: New Lands

We are taking a look at Kingdom: New Lands this week, a new side scrolling strategy game from developer Noio and publisher Raw Fury. You read that right, it’s a side scrolling strategy game. While that might seem odd, the simple controls conceal a bevy of interesting and deadly strategic choices.