First Steps into Fallout 76’s West Virginia Wasteland

The beloved Fallout series heads to the West Virginia wilderness with the introduction of Fallout 76. Our reviewer is hard at work on the review, but wanted to show off his first few steps into this brave new world with a series of videos.

First thing is first, we have to make a character. There seems to be plenty of customization options, and the character that Todd ultimately creates kind of looks like him. In addition to starting out with a good build, there is a really cool level up system that involves cards which we have never seen before in a game, especially not in an MMO.

Notice as he continues to adventure, how easy it is to group up with other players. Fallout 76 was designed with few NPCs in the world, with the expectation that players would form groups and make their own adventure. From what we see so far, it looks like that process works pretty well.

Todd will be leveling up and his full review will be right here at very soon.

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