Moonshine Inc Debuts On Nintendo Switch

Publisher Klabater is excited to announce the Nintendo Switch release date for Moonshine Inc. From July 11th, Nintendo Switch players can join their PC, Xbox, and PlayStation counterparts in exploring the intriguing world of illicit distillation. Developed and published by Klabater, Moonshine Inc. offers a unique and engaging experience. Players step into the shoes of an Appalachian moonshiner, tasked with building their own underground empire. This detailed simulation challenges players to master the art of illicit brewing, from sourcing ingredients and managing production to outwitting the authorities. Success demands strategic thinking and careful decision-making as players navigate the risks and … Continue reading Moonshine Inc Debuts On Nintendo Switch

Creature Lab Creeps to Consoles

Publisher PlayWay announces the release of Creature Lab on PlayStation 5. Creature Lab sets you on a difficult path of a genius, yet a bit wicked scientist with a very liberal approach to test subjects and official procedures. Establish your hideout and let the experiments commence. Conduct crazy experiments, mix mutagens, analyze their properties, grow DNA-based body parts, and attach them to your test subjects. Prepare your laboratory, obtain basic reagents, and see what happens when you mix them together. Don’t forget to name all your recipes. Apply your mutagens to test subjects and observe how they react. Discover nearly … Continue reading Creature Lab Creeps to Consoles