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Starfleet officer educated in the liberal arts, commanding a starship fueled on enthusiasm and armed with photon torpedoes made of duct tape, legal reasoning, and d20s that only roll natural twenties.

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Preemptive Strike: Journey’s End As It Should Have Been

Tensions continue to escalate in the Federation/Cardassian Neutral Zone, and the Maquis has begun engaging the Cardassians in open battle. Admiral Nechayev wants Picard to address the issue, and they both turn to Ro Laren. However, faced with a situation that dredges up ghosts from her past, Ro must choose between following her conscience and following her loyalty to Picard. This week on TNG Rewatch: “Preemptive Strike.”

“Firstborn:” How to Avoid Awkward Klingon Cultural Rites and Classic Temporal Paradoxes

Struggling with Alexander’s refusal to undergo the Rite of Ascension, Worf takes Alexander to a Klingon outpost where an assassination attempt brings him into contact with a man who seems a little too familiar. He warns of a plot, sending the Enterprise on a scavenger hunt, while on the home front, K’mtar has ideas for Alexander’s future. This week on TNG Rewatch: “First Born.”

Journey’s End: Dances with Wesley Crusher

Starfleet deploys the Enterprise to Dorvan V so that they can remove a group of colonists pending the planet’s handover to the Cardassians. The colonists refuse to be relocated, and Anthwara, the tribal leader, informs Picard that the must atone for his ancestor’s sins against Anthwara’s people. Picard must somehow negotiate a resolution to this dilemma before the Cardassians arrive, and the Federation finds itself in violation of the treaty. This week, on TNG Rewatch: “Journey’s End.”

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