Marie Brownhill,

Starfleet officer educated in the liberal arts, commanding a starship fueled on enthusiasm and armed with photon torpedoes made of duct tape, legal reasoning, and d20s that only roll natural twenties.

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“Terminal Provocations:” Lower Decks Warps Back to the Nineties

HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! “Terminal Provocations” thrives on nostalgia. There’s a corrupted, malevolent AI and a problem with the holodeck safety protocols, all familiar fare for the Star Trek franchise. The episode promises a send up of these tropes but ends up mired in story elements that its source material did better, or at least, more honestly. Plot Ahoy! Starfleet dispatches the Cerritos to negotiate the return of century-old Starfleet cargo under salvage by the Drookmani, and despite Captain Freeman’s attempts to resolve the situation peacefully, things go sideways. Somewhere below the command deck, Ensigns Boimler and Mariner leave fellow … Continue reading “Terminal Provocations:” Lower Decks Warps Back to the Nineties

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