Todd Hargosh, Testing Director

Todd's columns have appeared in many publications such as GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, PC Gamer, and Electronic Games. Todd is a founding member of GiN and speaks from an "old school" gamer's perspective. Embracing the notions of all classic gaming, game soundtracks, and the original "hardcore style," he also shuns the trends he feels are ruining the game industry, such as the embracement of 3D, the over-saturation of MMOs, and misleading game advertising.

Recent Posts

Death Stranding For Everyone?

This week, when not constantly playing The Outer Limits, Todd is excited about the news that Hideo Kojima’s (maybe) masterpiece Death Stranding is breaking out of the PlayStation 4 platform and coming to PC games as well. Not that everyone feels the same way.

Another Perfect Hit Title For Mario

There is something amazing about a game that lets players add to the innovation and fun, and Super Mario Maker 2 does that and then some. In addition to a solid core game, the player created levels are practically professional, and unlimited in number. It’s another winning title for our favorite plumber.