Battle Fleet Ground Assault First Play

When Mythical City Games came out with Battle Fleet, and then Battle Fleet 2, it represented a wonderful milestone for gamers who preferred either World War II or naval combat simulations. There was even a campaign where you could fight the entire Pacific War as either the Japanese or American Navy. In fact, the original Battle Fleet game earned a top score of 4 and 1/2 GiN Gems in our 2014 review.

Now the game is evolving. Battle Fleet: Ground Assault takes some of the most exciting tank theaters of war from WWII and wraps them into another action-packed turn-based strategy game. Using nearly identical mechanics, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault boasts a wide array of historically accurate WWII vehicles and tanks as well as different play environments that provide topographical challenges during combat.

We dived into the game almost as soon as it was available, hitting the beaches of Normandy, the snowy Norwegian countryside, French hills and even the heart of Germany. A full review of the game is incoming, but this video will help to show that Ground Assault comes pre-loaded with lots of new strategic challenges.

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