Battle Fleet Ground Assault First Play

The game has been out for a few hours now, so we dive into the sequel to the amazing Battle Fleet series, Battle Fleet Ground Assault. Featuring the same turn-based WWII mechanics, Ground Assault adds tanks to the wargaming sandbox. Charge on with a first look at the new gameplay.

Battle Fleet 2 Launching in May With Ground Units

Mythical City Games announces today that the sequel of the popular turn-based military strategy game “Battle Fleet 2” will be released on Steam May 1st. Battle Fleet: Ground Assault is a new and unique turn-based strategy war game, designed for cunning tank based military maneuvers and challenging new battles, that brings a whole new tactical strategy experience to the genre. Editor’s Note: The original Battle Fleet game earned a top score of 4 and 1/2 GiN Gems in our 2014 review. Battle Fleet: Ground Assault takes some of the most exciting tank theaters of war from WWII and puts them … Continue reading Battle Fleet 2 Launching in May With Ground Units