Pixel Art RPG Daomei Village Announced

Have you fallen in love with gaming in the early 90’ of the previous centuries? Or even earlier? Then for sure you still love the aesthetics of those games. A bit rough, pixelated art and sounds you could never forget. And now the Daomei Village, a game by Gameparic, takes a lot from those good, old times, but combines it with modern RPG gameplay. Don’t wait a minute longer and take a deep dive into a pixelated world inspired by Chinese folklore. Daomei Village is a lot more than a simple game. It’s a story about changing your life. For … Continue reading Pixel Art RPG Daomei Village Announced

Arctic Explorer Game Inua To Launch on Steam, Mobile and Switch

Iko and The Pixel Hunt, co-producers, and ARTE France, co-producer and publisher, are proud to announce that their video game inspired by the mythology of the Great North, Inua: A story in Ice and Time will be available on February 10th for Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The game is already available for pre-order. Inua tells the story of Taïna, Peter and Simon, 3 characters wandering the frozen lands of the great Canadian north at different times. Separated by more than a century, their destinies are nevertheless deeply linked to each other, and to that of Nanurluk, the Giant … Continue reading Arctic Explorer Game Inua To Launch on Steam, Mobile and Switch

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Launches on PC and Consoles

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL has launched on consoles and PC. The hotly anticipated trading card game is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Steam, free to download and play worldwide. Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL takes the iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) and fully brings it to life in digital form. Collect from more than 10,000 cards spanning over two decades of Yu-Gi-Oh! history and build personalized Decks. Play and spectate beautifully presented Duels, masterfully rendered in 4K resolution with eye-popping animations and jaw-dropping music and … Continue reading Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Launches on PC and Consoles

Rifles and Robo-Moose: Leap Shooter Jumping to Early Access

Videogame developer Blue Isle Studios announced their newest title LEAP, a twisted team-based, aerial firefight focused first-person shooter coming to Steam Early Access next month. In LEAP, players will select from four unique classes, each delivering a unique balance of power, agility and defense as well as epic abilities that bring shock and awe onto their foes. Call in orbital strikes, set up automated turrets, or control guided cruise missiles as each exosuit is armed to the teeth. Large-scale combat takes place on a variety of stages and skilled mercenaries use jetpacks, grappling hooks and highly distinctive Personal Vehicles to … Continue reading Rifles and Robo-Moose: Leap Shooter Jumping to Early Access

Strange Horticulture Grows For PC Gamers

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Bad Viking are bringing their IGF nominated plant shop mystery game Strange Horticulture to Windows PC via Steam, GOG and the Epic Games store on Friday, January 21st. Strange Horticulture is an unusual game about collecting and cataloguing powerful plants. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your growing collection to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries. Publishers: Iceberg Interactive Developers: Bad Viking Platforms: Epic Games Store, GoG, Steam

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