Railway Empire 2 Releasing for Consoles and PC

Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media’s Railway Empire 2 will release on May 25, 2023 with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and also on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, PC, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year. With Railway Empire 2, don the coat of a clever entrepreneur, take over a small railway company in the early 1800s and turn your steam engines into the workhorses of the economy. Grow your company into the largest railway company of the continent and outsmart your competitors as you connect … Continue reading Railway Empire 2 Releasing for Consoles and PC

Farming Adventure Everdream Valley Arriving to PC and PlayStation

Mooneaters, Untold Tales and VARSAV Game Studios have announced the release date for their cozy farming adventure Everdream Valley. The game will first release on PC, PS4 and PS5 on May 30, 2023 while the Nintendo Switch version will be released sometime around June 2023. Everdream Valley is a farming adventure with a dash of magic. By day, restore your grandparents’ quaint homestead into a summer paradise. Raise crops, care for animals and rebuild to your heart’s content. At night inhabit the various farmland creatures through your dreams and bring enchantment to the valley. Everdream Valley Features: Bring Life and … Continue reading Farming Adventure Everdream Valley Arriving to PC and PlayStation

Cruise Ship Manager Launching on Steam

Developer Image Power has announced that the full version of Cruise Ship Manager will debut on Steam on May 24, 2023 for $9.99. The release follows a successful free prologue for the game published in March, allowing players to get a 6-cruise taster of the unique blend of tycoon, simulation, and relaxing gameplay. The full experience will allow them to sail the Mediterranean Sea without limits in search of business reputation and profit. In Cruise Ship Manager, players take the challenge of becoming the owner of a cruise ship sailing the sunny Mediterranean Sea. Maintain your vessel, plan your route, … Continue reading Cruise Ship Manager Launching on Steam

Garden Simulator Releases to Consoles

Renowned artist Claude Monet once said: “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” And now you can create your masterpiece on consoles. Development team Produktivkeller Studios and publisher SunDust have announced the release of the PC sleeper hit Garden Simulator on consoles in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store (including Smart Delivery) and Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Check out the full GiN Review of Garden Simulator! Console players can now take care of plants and their lawn in their own backyard, while walking in Monet’s footsteps – without any remorse if their green thumbs fail them. With Garden Simulator you … Continue reading Garden Simulator Releases to Consoles

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