Streaming an Indie Russian Horror Game

Our brave Modern Gamer Melissa Pierce takes on a frightening horror game set in the old Soviet Union. And because we are streaming this one, you get to come along for every disturbing discovery and jump scare.

Dom Rusalok means house of the mermaid in English. Melissa breaks down why with some fascinating real-life lore in our full review of the Dom Rusalok game. Be sure to check out Dom Rusalok on Steam if you want to try an adventure game with a serious Russian twist.

And before you go, we have to tell you that the GiN YouTube channel is getting repacked with lots of new content like this, plus live Twitch streaming shows are now up and running! We also have relaunched The GiN Lounge podcast! Come check out those links for some extra gaming goodness in groovy new formats!

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