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What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like?

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or play one in a blue moon, the gaming experience has never been so good. With a newly published title in Xbox series five and PlayStation 5, the gaming community is expected to experience some electrifying moments in coming years. The expected revenue of this year of the universal games market is around $175.8 million, and that of 2023is around $220 billion. This estimated revenue structure is published by NewZoo via VentureBeat. The lion`s share of the overall revenue comes from mobile gaming. In 2020 mobile gaming contributed approximately $77.2 billion in 2020 with … Continue reading What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like?

Classic 1990s Inspired Puzzle Platformer Time Loader Coming to Consoles

META Publishing and developer Flazm have released the accolades trailer for the physics based puzzle platformer, Time Loader, available now on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. Along with releasing the accolades trailer, Flazm and META Publishing have announced that the critically acclaimed game will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2022, with a planned release on next generation consoles in the future. Console players can look forward to exploring Time Loader’s emotive story, where players take control of a quirky RC robot and manoeuvre their way around craftily designed levels in an effort to … Continue reading Classic 1990s Inspired Puzzle Platformer Time Loader Coming to Consoles

Void Slayer Arena Shooter Announced

Void Slayer is an arena-shooter FPS, in which the size of the arena and the health of the main character of the game are interconnected. The player’s goal is to survive as long as possible among the enemies pressing on from all sides. The game is being developed by a small team of Madmind Crew and will be released by Madmind Studio early next year, and now you can watch the first Teaser Trailer. Void Slayer was presented for the first time in the form of a playable demo during Epicjam 2021. Created in one weekend by several Madmind Studio … Continue reading Void Slayer Arena Shooter Announced

Why are OTT Platforms Partnering with Mobile Gaming Companies?

Licensing of high-profile IPs gives mobile gaming developers a severe edge. Due to this reason, we are seeing increasing partnerships between them and entertainment brands, contributing to the power of mobile gaming. A fascinating example of such a tie-up is between mobile gaming companies and OTT platforms. The pandemic situation has led to a massive exodus of mobile users seeking the comfort of entertainment in gaming applications. The Big Data generated out of the user activity is pure gold for both game developers and OTT players alike. Games such as The Walking Dead, South Park, etc., have seen grand success … Continue reading Why are OTT Platforms Partnering with Mobile Gaming Companies?

Popular PC Game Little Bug Flies to Console

RedDeerGames and Buddy System are proud to inform you that Little Bug is available now on Switch and Xbox consoles. This adventurous platformer was initially released on Steam, collecting a whopping 96% of positive reviews on the platform! To show you what the game is really about, Chris from RedDeerGames explained the key elements of the title on this peculiar launch trailer. About Little Bug Play as Nyah and her light companion at the same time. They share an incredible bond that allows a little girl to swing and jump high, destroy obstacles, defeat dangerous demons and light the path … Continue reading Popular PC Game Little Bug Flies to Console

Crossout Rolls Out Holy Motors Update

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of the Holy Motors Content Update for the post apocalyptic online vehicular action game Crossout. Players are getting the new Battle Pass season with unique rewards, new asymmetric PvP mode, updated “Fortress” map, a new relic weapon and a new “power nodes” car construction feature. The inhabitants of the Valley are now in reverential fear of the Ravagers, and all the factions are working on a way to counter the threat. The Mechanics and the Founders have developed new weapons and car parts based on the studies of destroyed Ravager machines, and … Continue reading Crossout Rolls Out Holy Motors Update

Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Horror Game Transient Slinks to Consoles

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developers Stormling Studios are excited to announce that Transient is releasing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 8th. From the creators of CONARIUM and the DARKNESS WITHIN series, TRANSIENT is a Lovecraftian Cyberpunk thriller. Experience the game like never before in the EXTENDED EDITION. This release includes additional gameplay, a brand-new ending and an assortment of quality-of-life improvements – also available to PC players on Steam via a free update to the 2020 release. Presented in stunning 4K resolution, this ultimate release includes HDR support, additional achievements, multiple saves and enhanced controller … Continue reading Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Horror Game Transient Slinks to Consoles

Shopping Mall Renovator Game Announced

Hyper Studio, part of Gaming Icubator, announces Shopping Mall Renovator – a game where you restore old, dilapidated shopping malls to their former glory. Clean up, redecorate and design the smaller stores in the building and let your imagination run wild by arranging the most exclusive boutiques – not forgetting the neutral areas of the gallery. The game offers many tools, interior design elements and possibilities, thanks to which you can adapt them to the requirements of your tenants, and satisfy the customers of the shopping center with their uniqueness. Remember to pay attention to places such as restaurant points, … Continue reading Shopping Mall Renovator Game Announced

Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode and Zombie Hordes

Undying, the tale of a mother and son striving to survive the zombie apocalypse, is currently available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Today’s major update brings a host of new features and content to the game as we head into Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Survival Mode – Unlocked after players complete Day 30 in the main game, Survival mode plays quite a bit differently as it allows Anling and Cody to last as long as they can in the game world, and deemphasizes the story content. In short, it’s all about survival and thriving in the zombie apocalypse. … Continue reading Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode and Zombie Hordes

They Always Run Gets New Gameplay Trailer

They Always Run, is participating in the Autumn Sale on Steam giving fans 40% Off starting at 10 am PDT Today, Wednesday, November 24th thru November 30th on Steam. Become Aidan, a three-armed mutant who hunts the most dangerous bounties in the galaxy. Catch, slice, dice and destroy enemies in this exciting 2D platformer with a space-western setting. The game also has a new gameplay trailer. Check out our full review of They Always Run. Developers: Alawar Premium

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