Greg Crowe, Features Editor

Greg's illustrious gaming career started out at the age of three, when he managed to get a bean from 'Don't Spill the Beans' wedged up his nose. While he has never been quite that intimate with a game since, he loves all manner of games, and will play anything that is put in front of him. He even goes to a week-long convention every year devoted entirely to board games. Keeping the website up and running can be hard work, and Greg likes to relax with a nice puzzle game, but also likes to play LotRO with some of his GiN colleagues. Adventure games and shooters have also been known to hold his interest. And he still maintains a sad devotion to that ancient religion: Civilization II.

Recent Posts

Breached: Beautiful, But Frustrating

Breached is one of the most beautiful sci-fi games you will likely find this year, with a great concept and even cool things like real science puzzles that you wont find almost anywhere else. It’s also, unfortunately, one of those games that is likely to drive you crazy as you play. Come read our love/hate review of this really cool adventure game.

Nelly Cootalot Will Make You Hoot A Lot

It’s a rare thing, but occasionally an adventure game comes along with the exact right mix of immersive environment, brilliant writing and well-constructed puzzles. Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is one such game. Come along as we dive into this fun pirate-themed romp, with voice acting from Tom Baker.