Chris Richards, GiN Staff

Chris started playing video games back in the early 80's on an Atari 2600. His first PC was a Tandy 1000 (circa 1985) from Radio Shack and his first game was a little adventure game called Rogue. He is still addicted to it. And its all been down hill from there. He blew the dust off of his old 360K 5 1/4 floppies to provide you with a little bit of Game Industry History. Download a copy of Rogue compliments of the GiN staff.

Recent Posts

Many Shall Pass!

Guardians of Middle-Earth’is an arena-style battle pit featuring characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy realm. It looks good, plays well, and is surprisingly accessible to newcomers.

Indy Returns Again

Actually there is no need to fight over the new LEGO Indiana Smith 2: The Adventure Continues game, with an innovative split screen mode that lets multiple people play, and spread out within a level too.