Sierra To Publish Physics Puzzler Shiftlings For PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Sierra today announced it has teamed up with Rock Pocket Games to publish the Norway-based studio’s upcoming puzzle platforming game, Shiftlings, coming to consoles and PC this spring. “Shiftlings was the kind of game we immediately knew we wanted to work on after playing it,” said Bob Loya, Sr. Director of External Development for Sierra. “Rock Pocket’s inventive take on the puzzle platformer epitomizes Sierra’s focus on finding great indie talent within the development community and giving them access to the tools and platforms they need to share their unique creations with the world.” Set in an intergalactic reality … Continue reading Sierra To Publish Physics Puzzler Shiftlings For PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Time Out!

TimeShift follows the adventures of a time-traveling scientist, and lets you freeze time to kill your enemies. But despite the cool concept, it never really pulls together.

Dark Angel flies on console

Dark Angel the game is based on the hit television show of the same name staring Jessica Alba and created by James Cameron. The game is a 3rd person adventure, with emphasis on stealth and fighting. The setting for the TV show and the game is 21st century post-pulse (apocalyptic) Seattle. The main character is Max, a genetically enhanced super-soldier developed for the military. As a child Max escaped from a company called Manticore along with other genetically enhanced children. To this day they are still-hunting her. Max is helped by her friends and in particular Logan Cale, a cyber … Continue reading Dark Angel flies on console

Relive the Nakatomi Nightmare

Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza satisfies the big shooter fan in search of something new. The graphics are ok and the plot is palatable, especially if you’ve seen Die Hard the movie and liked the character of John McLean. I am a little unsure why Sierra decided to publish a game based on a 10-year old movie, but I guess the number of people who have watched the movie thousands of times is a pretty big audience. But regardless of whether you have seen the movie, which if you haven’t, you’ve been living in a bubble for the last 25 years, … Continue reading Relive the Nakatomi Nightmare