Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

After purchasing most of the assets of THQ when it went out of business, Nordic Games is now rebranding itself as THQ Nordic to show its commitment to those titles and properties. The following press release explains the situation. Normally we would rewrite it, but in this case, we think the original text shows the flavor of the company. Text of Announcement: It all started out in Sweden in 2008 as a mini-venture to self-publish such illustrious titles like Dance Party Club Hits, Kart Racer and Truck Racer (just to name a few) on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The following year, … Continue reading Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

Deep Silver Gets Metro, Saints Row, Volition Studio From Bankrupt THQ

Koch Media, a leading independent producer and marketer of digital entertainment products in Europe and North America, announced today that it has secured the intellectual property rights for two of the most popular and successful THQ franchises, Metro and Saints Row, as well as Chicago-based development studio, Volition, as THQ continues to liquidate its assets in closed auctions this week. Deep Silver, Koch Media’s international publishing powerhouse, will lead all further development and marketing on the Saints Row and Metro franchises, each of which boast millions of units sold worldwide and vast, dedicated fan bases. ‘Koch Media welcomes the addition … Continue reading Deep Silver Gets Metro, Saints Row, Volition Studio From Bankrupt THQ

All THQ Game Properties To Be Sold Off

For a while it looked like bankrupt publisher THQ would sell its entire company to Clearwater Capital, but investors blocked that plan. Now instead, according to Distressed Debt Investing, each individual game property will be auctioned off separately on January 22. This will give THQ’s creditors more of a chance to make up more money than the general sale probably would have, with other publishers bidding against each other for the cream of the THQ crop. It could also give fans of games such as Saints Row, Metro and Homefront the chance to see their games live on in new … Continue reading All THQ Game Properties To Be Sold Off