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WWE Returns To The Ring With A Blast

I’ve been a long time fan of wrestling. Every Monday I watch Raw on TV and enjoy the hits and painful endings to most of the matches. Likewise, I have a long history with wrestling games, with mixed results over the past few years.

I was highly hesitant about the launch of the 2013 version of the franchise given some questionable moves the game has made in the past. However, this time around, the sins of the past seem to have been healed.

Once I started playing, the thing I did was to create a wrestler and made him my main guy. The features were quite comprehensive and allowed me to get my character almost exactly how I wanted him to look. I spent the following hours working on his moves including my favorite part, the Create a Finisher section. This is a showy move that will help set your wrestler apart from the pack.

After I finished tinkering with my character, I started on the WWE universe and decided to put my self in the championship match early on. This was my first taste of actual game play and I was impressed. My past experience in wrestling games made the controls second nature in a matter of moments. Of course, for newcomers to the series, the controls are simple to pick up. So don’t worry too much about that.

Graphics in WWE 13 are amazing. All the entrances of the various famous wrestles feels realistic, and most are accurate to what they are like in real life. All of the arenas are accurate too, or you can create your own using the Create An Arena section of the game. Now the fact that the graphics are so amazing really adds to the carnage. You see some of the detailed hits so well that you can almost feel them.

The reason for the perfect flow of the game is the Predator Technology 2.0, which comes from previous games, but without many of the flaws. It allows for 300 new moves from WWE 12, so there is so much you can do in the ring now, its practically an art form, a very violent art form.

Any good action and violence-based game needs an amazing soundtrack, at least I think so. Like the games before it, WWE 2013 offers a stellar lineup of songs for in-between matches.

If you or anyone in your family loves wrestling even slightly, then WWE 13 will make a perfect gift. With smooth graphics and fluid gameplay, players of all levels will enjoy inflicting pain on other wrestlers. And of course, all your favorites are here, so get ready to unleash some pain, or to get a lot of it, from your heroes of the ring.

WWE 13 earns an extremely high 4.5 gin gems and a recommendation for sports game of the year from me.

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