Scooby Doo Haunts the PS2

Scooby Dooby Doo…where are you? Ah, the sound of my youth. I remember back in the days when I didn’t have to worry about homework, keeping my room clean, girls, or any of the other countless "important" things that bog my day when all I had to do to be happy was park in front of the TV and turn the dial to Cartoon Network. I admit it, I spent many an afternoon watching TV instead of playing out in the sun, but how could I go outside? These mysteries were always so interesting, and I just HAD to find … Continue reading Scooby Doo Haunts the PS2

Red Faction is a Shot Above

I have a great affection towards the guys at Volition for their amazing Freespace series on the PC. It was this series that continued the space combat action that I grew up with in Wing Commander, and lasted for two great games. But recently they decided to direct their efforts to the first person shooter genre with Red Faction, a game which has been receiving a lot of hype. Fortunately the hype is definitely worth it, as Red Faction is definitely the best single player FPS the PlayStation2 has in its library. I was easily attracted to the main storyline, … Continue reading Red Faction is a Shot Above

WWF Royal Rumble is WCW Clone

As I write this review, I am in the middle of watching the World Wrestling Federation’s Summerslam pay-per-view. In typical WWF fashion, the production is top-notch, with nary a hitch. Their rival, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) has taken a major fall from grace, and their last pay-per-view, New Blood Rising, is a perfect example. WWF and WCW video games seem to follow the same story. While I was impressed with both WWF Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64 and Smackdown! on the PlayStation, I did not like WCW Mayhem for either N64 or PlayStation. When I heard that THQ (who made … Continue reading WWF Royal Rumble is WCW Clone

WWF Smackdown! slams competition

Acclaim has held the license for the World Wrestling Federation for over 10 years. However, most of the titles they came out with were forgettable. The NES ones were pretty much a joke, and the early releases for PlayStation and Saturn were arcade-based. Only the SNES, Genesis, and the PlayStation Warzone were worth bragging about. On the other end, THQ was having success with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) lineup. Starting with WCW vs. the World for the PlayStation, and working their way up to the very impressive WCW/nWo Revenge on the Nintendo 64, there were many gold nuggets to … Continue reading WWF Smackdown! slams competition

WCW/NWO Revenge will bodyslam the competition on N64

Last year THQ bought exclusive rights to the WCW license until January 1999. Since then they’ve produced two top-seller wrestling titles. "WCW Nitro" for the Playstation and WCW/NWO World Tour for the Nintendo 64, both helped put THQ on the map in terms of gaming. Now with their contract almost up with WCW, THQ has been hard at work trying to push out more killer titles into the wrestling world. The newest member to the THQ wrestling library is WCW/NWO Revenge for the Nintendo 64 platform, the sequel to WCW/NWO World Tour. Packed with 128 Megs as opposed to its … Continue reading WCW/NWO Revenge will bodyslam the competition on N64

FIFA 98: It’s a kick to play, but no goal scorer

EA Sports’ FIFA International Soccer ( series has had its share of ups and downs. Starting off as a fairly decent Genesis cart in 1993, the series reached its peak when it was released on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. It was this game, in fact, that was responsible for the 3DO receiving a following as a mildly successful gaming system. The next year’s version for the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation also faired very well. But then came the ’97 lineup. It was this version that made gamers wonder what went wrong. The gameplay was very sloppy, and the … Continue reading FIFA 98: It’s a kick to play, but no goal scorer