Frontline Tactics Hits Steam, iOS Version Due Soon

The battle lines have been drawn and global peace is at stake as Meridian4 (@Meridian4) and Full Control today release Frontline Tactics on Steam for PC and Mac, with an iPad and iPhone version due out next month. The tactical strategy game drops players in the thick of a mission to quell an uprising by a splinter military group bent on overtaking the oil-rich nation of Fahrahn. Although it enjoys a robust single-player option, what really sets Frontline Tactics apart is its ability to let gamers play against each other in two different multiplayer modes, regardless of which version they … Continue reading Frontline Tactics Hits Steam, iOS Version Due Soon

Meridian4 Building Monster Mansion

Continuing to bring quality casual game play to the iOS platform, North American publisher Meridian4 today announced it has partnered with developer Oceanside Interactive to haunt the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch later this summer when they release Monster Mansion, a new free-to-play character and building management game. Attendees of this year’s Casual Connect, which is being held July 24 ‘ 26 in Seattle, will be the first to meet Transylvania’s finest when Monster Mansion opens up the doors to give select groups a peek inside. ‘As we continue to expand our great offerings on the App Store, it’s important … Continue reading Meridian4 Building Monster Mansion

Stellar Impact Lands

The intergalactic battle lines have been drawn and the time for action is now as North American publisher Meridian4, together with developers Headup Games and Tindalos Interactive, today announced the arrival of their online tactical strategy game, Stellar Impact. Now available on Steam and other top distribution channels, Stellar Impact puts players in the Commander’s chair, devising strategies and dictating the orders that will lead their space armada to victory. "In addition to building a strong community for the game, our beta program for Stellar Impact has enabled the development team to fine tune in-game features, implement enhancements and line … Continue reading Stellar Impact Lands

Deadly 30 Zombies Stalking Download Sites

They may walk, but you’ll need to run to survive the unquenchable zombie lust for living flesh in Meridian4’s new Deadly 30. Pure Indie, this classic side-scrolling shooter was developed by the two-man team of Iggy Zuk and Gonzossm, and was discovered by Meridian4’s partner, Headup Games. Deadly 30 will be unleashing the starving walkers tomorrow via digital download. "Deadly 30 is an ode to the classic side-scrolling genre, and adds in a perfect blend of tower defense and even a little RPG to compliment the non-stop shooting action," said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director of Meridian4. "Given the recent mainstream … Continue reading Deadly 30 Zombies Stalking Download Sites