Deadly 30 Zombies Stalking Download Sites

They may walk, but you’ll need to run to survive the unquenchable zombie lust for living flesh in Meridian4’s new Deadly 30. Pure Indie, this classic side-scrolling shooter was developed by the two-man team of Iggy Zuk and Gonzossm, and was discovered by Meridian4’s partner, Headup Games. Deadly 30 will be unleashing the starving walkers tomorrow via digital download.

"Deadly 30 is an ode to the classic side-scrolling genre, and adds in a perfect blend of tower defense and even a little RPG to compliment the non-stop shooting action," said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director of Meridian4. "Given the recent mainstream appeal of all things zombie, we felt it was the perfect time to release this challenging and addictive game."

In Deadly 30, players must survive 30 days and nights in a zombie-infested world where they can recruit companions, upgrade weaponry, and fortify their position to fight waves of hungry zombies. During the day, players can gather resources, enhance their base defenses, and explore their surroundings for useful items in order to prepare for fighting relentless waves of zombie night attacks. Three different playable characters, A.I. controlled Team Combat and upgradeable weaponry and defenses help keep players alive as they attempt to eradicate the zombie hordes.

Deadly 30 will be available via digital download on GameStop PC Downloads, Amazon, and Direct2Drive for $4.99 with more channels to follow.


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