Tyler Lee, GiN Staff

Tyler has been an avid gamer his whole life, starting with his stealth missions into his older brother's bedroom to play his NES. A former writing consultant for his university's Writing Center, an establishment dedicated to helping college students with all aspects of writing, he has gained a great deal of experience in writing and has always loved writing about the video game industry. While a lover of most video games, Tyler enjoys a good action RPG and has just enough self loathing to enjoy putting in several hours with Dark Souls. He also loves sinking time into his classic favorites such as Ocarina of Time, Mega Man Legends, and The Legend of Dragoon.|Aside from video games, Tyler also gets his kicks from film and literature and enjoys discussing both with others of similar interests.

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Deadly, Only to Itself

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is a collection of titles based on the hit TV show, which is also included with the game. Unfortunately, a broken combat system isn’t worthy of the deadly title.