Maple Story Adds Into The Storm Update

Maplers ready for the Tempest Updates can now enjoy ‘Into the Storm,’ the first installment of a four-part update to MapleStory. ‘Into the Storm’ brings various system changes to the game, allowing players to advance jobs at lower levels faster, increase their equipment arsenal, create more characters, and more.

Players can maximize their skills and strength with bonus experience and quicker job advancements. The third job advancement has been lowered to level 60 from level 70, and the fourth job advancement has been lowered to level 100 from level 120. Additionally, EXP requirements have been adjusted and bonus EXP will be given at each key level.

Maplers now have more options with their equipment and can now increase their arsenals since most equipment no longer has substat requirements. They can also maximize character slots, which have increased to holding 18 characters per world, an increase from 15. Players are now able to try every class without having to delete characters.

Honor Experience has never been easier to obtain in MapleStory. Players can gain Honor Experience in Azwan whenever they want and have a higher chance of upgrading Inner Abilities with Circulators. The Honor EXP needed to raise honor levels has also decreased significantly with this first update.

The second installment to the Tempest Updates is coming next week. With the Luminous Update, players will be able to create Luminous, a new playable Hero character. Once a Luminous character is created, players will have to decide if Luminous will pick the good side over the bad and save those he loves, or succumb to the Dark Mage’s overwhelming corrupting power that cannot be ignored.

Luminous will be the most powerful MapleStory character to date, and as players use their Light and Dark skills more, they choose the side their Luminous character follows. Players looking to take the path of the Light side will have access to Light magic skills like Reflection, a skill where Luminous emits a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage. Those faithful to the Dark side will be able to use Dark magic skills like the Apocalypse skill, which opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy. Or they can walk the path of Equilibrium with skills such as Death Scythe, where a scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies.

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