FIFA 15, CoD and Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundles Announced

Microsoft has announced three new  Xbox One bundles due out in time for Christmas.  Gamers can choose from FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the much rumoured Sunset Overdrive white console. The Call of Duty bundle is going to set you back $499.99 (£429.99), but comes with a hefty 1TB hard drive. The console and controller also come with a limited edition paint job, complete with gold detailing and some custom sound effects when you turn the machine on and off. The bundle is due out 4 November and can be preordered now, on It also comes … Continue reading FIFA 15, CoD and Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundles Announced

NSA Spying On WoW, Xbox Live Players

A new report by the Guardian newspaper alleges that GCHQ and the NSA targeted online games and communities, including World of Warcraft and Xbox Live, as part of their anti-terrorism activity. This is the latest revelation from the dossiers leaked to the paper, by Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA employee. According to the article, the spy agencies developed capabilities to collect data from Xbox live and have been going under cover as Orcs and Elves in WoW. The paper says, ‘There were attempts, too, to recruit potential informants from the games’ tech-friendly users.’ An NSA document from 2008, describes games communities … Continue reading NSA Spying On WoW, Xbox Live Players

Three Xbox One’s Accidently Shipped Early

Recently three Xbox One consoles were shipped two weeks before the November 22nd ship date. Each system landed in the possession of three unsuspecting gamers. Microsoft instructed all three gamers to not to use their systems. One of the gamers made youtube videos about the Xbox One and it’s features. Features like the fact Xbox One has to connect to the internet on day one for a five hundred megabyte patch before any games can even played. The gamer who posted the information had his videos taken off of YouTube and banned from his console due to a ‘Terms Of … Continue reading Three Xbox One’s Accidently Shipped Early

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