Takin' it to the Street

Let me take you to a place where there are no "Mile High Stadiums" or "Lombardi Fields." No camera crews or sellout crowds. No big commercial deals or million dollar contracts and no playoff berths or Superbowl appearances. Just a place where serious ballers go to live their dreams, play for bragging rights, defend their honor and their turf and of course do a little trash-talking. Any true baller knows that the origin of all football began in a backyard, or in a wide-open field, on the blacktop of an abandoned parking lot, in the alleyways of a Slum, or … Continue reading Takin' it to the Street

More Global Destruction?

More destruction you say? But of course! After all this is Command & Conquer and the dreaded GLA has yet to be decisively defeated! Command & Conquer Generals Zero hour is the expansion pack to the C&C Generals game. It adds more missions and some new surprises to the already impressive mix. The graphics, special effects and game play in general is vintage Command & Conquer. Collect the resources to build the buildings that allow you to build your military to defeat the enemy. So more of what we like best of the series in my mind! They have replaced … Continue reading More Global Destruction?

The Battles Continue!

Many were worried when Electronic Arts became the owner of the Command & Conquer franchise, but worry no more, as the latest Command & Conquer release – Command & Conquer Generals – has stayed true to the system we all know and love. Right down to the left click to target your units, left click to target their position to move to, it’s the same interface. And this is despite the current trend among Real Time Strategy (RTS) games to use left click to target units and right click to target location to move to. Command & Conquer Generals will … Continue reading The Battles Continue!

New Ultima is More of the Same

Bringing Ultima Online out of the shadows? Don’t think so. Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of PvP (player vs player) games. I avoided the previous Ultima Online releases due to their lousy reputation for being a PK (player killer’s) paradise. I did not even consider playing the game so I could do this review until I read that there was a 40 hour ‘young’ status during which you could not get Pked AND you get a free month (I can play 40 hours in a month no sweat!). Imagine my surprise when I found … Continue reading New Ultima is More of the Same

Take it to the Maxis!

Maxis and EA Games have released Sim City 4, the updated version of its hugely successful Sim City series. I will now go over the basics of Sim City game play just in case you’ve been in a cave the last decade or so. In Sim City 4 you are the mayor/city planner. The goal is to take a plot of land and build it up from a one-horse farming town to a bustling mega-city. To do this you have to zone the land for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. You have to supply the zones with water and electricity. … Continue reading Take it to the Maxis!

Get Shaken and Stirred with Nightfire

Whether attending an elite cocktail party for a billionaire madman or storming the beaches of his private fortified island, today’s elite superspy needs to be deadly and well-dressed. 007 Nightfire does an excellent job of capturing the flavor of the James Bond world, and providing a lot of action to boot. Basically, the game is a shooter, with some extra elements added in to give the game a bit of flavor. Each mission has certain Bond-like things you can do that will give you extra points and trigger the way-cool theme song. You don’t have to perform the Bond-moves to … Continue reading Get Shaken and Stirred with Nightfire

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