Evil is so Good

When I first heard that the classic Temple of Elemental Evil D&D module was being made into a computer game, I was enthralled. This was a module that took about an entire summer vacation to complete, back in school when a summer vacation meant an entire summer off, and not just a week or two. Starting at first level, our entire group was at least fifth by the time we were done. So of course I was ready to return to Greyhawk and find out if everything was as I remember it from those many years ago. The biggest change … Continue reading Evil is so Good

Beyblade Charms the Kids

Beyblade: animal, mineral or vegetable? I’ll I can say is I’m lucky my five year old son wanted to see the new game I was about to try out. I started the game ready to kick some butt. Hey the package says Beyblade. This game is obviously about sword play. Much to my surprise I found myself playing against a spinning top. "WHERE THE HECK ARE THE SWORDS!" I screamed at the television. Then my five year old chimed in "They’re supposed to be tops Dad. Don’t you know anything?" Suddenly I felt the curse of old age creeping up … Continue reading Beyblade Charms the Kids

Pajama Sam 2 won’t exactly take the industry by storm

Humongous Entertainment’s Pajama Sam 2 Thunder and Lightning Aren’t so Frightening is the follow-up adventure to this company’s award winning release of Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside. Pajama Sam 2 was designed with the purpose of easing children’s fears of thunder and lightning in a creative and imaginative manner. This game begins with Sam sitting in his living room watching his favorite cartoon called Pajama Man. A thunder storm erupts outside and Sam finds himself frightened. He then realizes that he must try to put a stop to the scary weather. He finds his cape … Continue reading Pajama Sam 2 won’t exactly take the industry by storm

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