Survive a Brutal Castle Siege in Gloria Victis: Siege Game

Craft supplies and manage resources by day, scavenge throughout the fallen city by night. You’ll face hunger, injury, disease, and despair – as well as the growing tensions between civilians and the city’s last defenders. The soldiers won’t hold for long without your support, and if their defense fails, the invaders will have no mercy. But remember, rescue is already on its way. The Midlanders, proud of their lands of plenty, await the upcoming days with dread. Just before harvest season, dozens of drakkars arrived on the shores of Midland, bringing hordes of raiders from the frosty North – the … Continue reading Survive a Brutal Castle Siege in Gloria Victis: Siege Game

Wartile Tactical Battler Deploys to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Deck13 Spotlight and indie developer Playwood Project are delighted to see the tabletop game reach the console audience, after the PC version left Early Access two years ago on Steam. Players will be able to buy the Wartile Complete Edition to secure the upcoming Story DLC “Hel´s Nightmare” for a discounted price. Editor’s Note: Check out an early Let’s Play we did with Wartile on Steam! ABOUT WARTILE: HEL´S NIGHTMARE Evil powers have been awoken and a horde of Draugr Warriors is pouring into the norse regions, leaving trails of death and chaos in its wake. The King of the … Continue reading Wartile Tactical Battler Deploys to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

DOOM Eternal Now Avilable

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, announced that DOOM Eternal is available now digitally and at retail stores worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, PC, and Google Stadia. Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal was awarded Best Action Game and Best PC Game at E3 2019 and has appeared on more than 350 ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2020’ lists. It is the direct sequel to DOOM, winner of The Game Awards’ Best Action Game of 2016. “DOOM Eternal is the most ambitious game our studio has ever created,” said Marty Stratton, Executive Producer at id Software. “The … Continue reading DOOM Eternal Now Avilable

Quarantined Players Get Family Friendly Deiland Game Free on Steam

From publisher 101xp and Chibig Sudios: “As many of us gradually adapt to staying at home, we have decided to help you with the inevitable boredom by letting you have Deiland for free! Deiland, the sandbox adventure role-playing game will be free on steam from the 20th to the 23rd of March. What’s more, the game will remain yours and in your library even after the special offer has ended! Publishers: 101xp Developers: Chibig Sudios Platforms: Steam

Iron Danger Steampunk RPG Releases New Content

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released a new gameplay features trailer for Iron Danger, the time-manipulating tactical RPG coming to Steam on Wednesday, March 25! Iron Danger adds a new twist to classic tactical RPG action with the ability to turn back time up to five seconds to change the future! Players can dodge or block attacks that were sure to hit them, strategically adjust their position on the battlefield, then choose their next actions to capitalize on the situation. Iron Danger gives traditional tactical combat a puzzle-like element, letting you continuously test new approaches and synchronize your … Continue reading Iron Danger Steampunk RPG Releases New Content

Celebrating Games in Save State

Celebrating the joy that all different kinds of videogames can bring, our brand new Save State column is written by longtime gamer and GiN reviewer Vincent Mahoney. He plays way too many games to be able to officially review them all, but we can tap into his amazing gaming world and learn about some hidden gems right here in Save State!

Medieval GTA-Like Rustler Fully Funded, Releasing Free Steam Prologue

Rustler has been fully funded and reached additional stretch goals. Our character, Guy, will gain a new set of skills and perks, and the universe has been expanded to include ten extra side quests and three minigames. To celebrate that, the developers from Jutsu Games alongside their publisher, Games Operators, are publicly distributing a free prologue, available soon on Steam. Rustler: Prologue is a narrative introduction to the full version of Rustler. It’s a short, standalone game with its own beginning and end. Play as a poor peasant and climb up the ranks of the feudal hierarchy. Publishers: Games Operators … Continue reading Medieval GTA-Like Rustler Fully Funded, Releasing Free Steam Prologue

Reworked Lust for Darkness Game Re-Released for Switch

Editor’s Note: The uncensored version of Lust for Darkness was reviewed by GiN on the Steam platform. See the full review here. Lust for Darkness appeared on Nintendo Switch last year and shortly after that vanished from American eShop due to ESRB concerns. The game occurred to be too strong, even for a mature American audience, getting a postrelease Adults Only rating, and consequently, being removed from local eShop. After tweaking a controversial content and reworking the most contentious assets, SimFabric is happy to announce Lust for Darkness: Dawn Edition. A special version of the game adapted to the American … Continue reading Reworked Lust for Darkness Game Re-Released for Switch

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