Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Gamescom 2019

Entertainment area pass holders will be able to watch Cyberpunk 2077 being played live by members of the development team at the game’s booth located in Hall 6, Stand C049. These presentations will take place Wednesday, August 21st through Saturday, August 24th. The studio’s business booth in Hall 4.1, Stand C041/D050 will host behind-closed-doors gameplay showings for media and trade visitors from Tuesday, August 20th. These will continue up to and including Thursday, August 22nd. This year’s gamescom will also play host to the first offline qualifier of the official Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest. The event will take place on … Continue reading Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Gamescom 2019

Creepy Cult Adventure Church in The Darkness Ready for Release

Fellow Traveller and Paranoid Productions are proud to announce their tale of choice and indoctrination, The Church in the Darkness, will be launching August 2, 2019, for PC, Mac/OSX, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. They are also thrilled to reveal the game will be available on the same date on Nintendo Switch! With your infiltration of the Collective Justice Mission at hand, will you save your nephew or will he be lost to the cult forever? Players are challenged to step into the shoes of ex-cop Vic as they infiltrate the South American compound of Freedom Town in a search … Continue reading Creepy Cult Adventure Church in The Darkness Ready for Release

Moonlighter Between Dimensions DLC Out Now on PC

The biggest ever expansion for Moonlighter, the critically acclaimed shopkeeping RPG from 11 bit studios and Digital Sun, which recently reached one million players, debuts today on PC. Available now for the price of 6.99 USD/Euro, the Between Dimensions DLC expands on the main experience by letting fearless adventurers descend into an all-new Interdimensional Dungeon while filling current dungeons with new creatures alongside offering a bunch of new weapons, armors, shop items, and rings. Editor’s Note: Check out our full review of Moonlighter! After a tumultuous time, the village of Rynoka was once again at peace thanks to the brave … Continue reading Moonlighter Between Dimensions DLC Out Now on PC

Multiplayer Arena Shooter Hoverloop Gets New Trailer

Belgian publisher Cronos Interactive and developer Not A Company have released a new gameplay trailer for their multiplayer drone combat game, Hoverloop. Planned to launch later this year, Hoverloop will introduce the world to a new spectator sport dominated by the pilots of nimble remote-operated drone fighters. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access and will release for both Steam and Xbox One in the fall. The trailer takes a peek at the variety of decorations, guns, and powers available to the player to trick out their personalized vehicle. In addition to the weapons scattered around the map, … Continue reading Multiplayer Arena Shooter Hoverloop Gets New Trailer

Dustwind Post-Apocalyptic Tactical RPG Launching Soon

Dustwind Studios and Z-Software GmbH are set to launch a big single player focused update on steam next week, on July 25th. This massive update will include much more, including the most in-demand updates being a New Playable Titan Race available in the Multiplayer, an improved Single Player Storyline Map Editor, and the very thing the fans have wanted the most – a single-player campaign. All of these updates are being released as a free update to current players. Initially launching on Steam last August, Dustwind, a real-time tactical RPG has been positively received on Steam by players worldwide who … Continue reading Dustwind Post-Apocalyptic Tactical RPG Launching Soon

Summer Catchers Launches on Steam

Welcome to Summer Catchers! Today marks the first day of your epic road trip as Chu, a young girl from northern lands who has never seen summer. She dreams of the oceans, mountains and the wondrous world to discover. With her trusty wooden car, you must travel to distant lands full of mystery and complete your quest of finally seeing summer. But before we head out, let’s make sure we have everything we need! First things first, we need to take a look at where we are going. There are lots of sights to see along the way so you … Continue reading Summer Catchers Launches on Steam

Court of Ashes Story-Based Kingdom Managment Game Announced

With the kingdom left in chaos, it’s up to the council formed by five influential royal advisors to steer the state through the storms of instability and internal power play in a midst of foreign invasion. Can you secure the borders and prevent the looming disaster? Find out in Court of Ashes – a narrative-driven strategy game presenting your strategic choices through much more down-to-earth, human perspective thanks to visual novel elements. Developers: Cratel Studios Platforms: PC, Steam

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