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Tired of that same ‘ole raggedy 9 to 5 gig? Looking for the kind of job that stimulates the mental vortexes, gives you a reason to get out of the bed each day, is filled with endless opportunity, never yields a dull moment, and pays a pretty nice chunk of bread? No no, my friends, you can’t have my job here at GiN, but no worries. Jayman has your Saturday morning hook-up in the form of Mech Mechanic Simulator, which is now available on Steam. Minimal experience required, all applications accepted, and to hell with those lengthy background checks. Let’s get to work people.

First day on the job, you’re gonna love the scene. This ain’t your average work shop. The place is decked out. You’ll be surrounded by state-of-the-art equipment, including hi-tech stations with power wash, data scan, and customizable features as well as heavy duty machinery and sophisticated work benches for those big and tough repair jobs. Plus there’s space to grow into, even a private office just for you on the second floor.

You work for Sakura Technologies, but you’ll practically be your own boss accompanied by your very own handy, yet slightly over-talkative, robot assistant. That’s right, the world is your gem my friend, but remember with great power comes great responsibility. There are no shortage of jobs out there, but you’re gonna need to boost your reputation to get access to those special contracts and larger pay days.

Your job is simple. In the present age of mechanized machines, you’re a fixer as opposed to the usual customary role of pilot. When out-of-commission mechs start arriving at your shop you’ll find yourself hit with a wide scale of repair issues and a bit pressed for time to get these machines back up and running again.

Most of your jobs are gonna start with exterior detailing which will usually includes blasting sand or rust off to help restore original finishes. Afterwards, the real work begins as you perform a series of manual deep scans to locate faulty parts. The smaller jobs usually consist of repairing a single faulty component, but bigger contracts will often present a multitude of issues.

Once you’ve located the problem(s) you’re gonna need to go under the hood to get things done. You’ll find even the smallest of jobs to be fairly labor intensive. More times than not you will first be required to detach large mechanical limbs or wings and get them onto a workbench where you will systematically dismantle them to reach the faulted part(s). No detail will be spared as you break your mech down, meaning you’ll need to remove multiple bolts and clips to remove plating or wires and even take parts off in a particular order when the situation calls for it.

After extracting the bad parts you will need access the shops database to find a new or refurbished replacement. How you optionally go about replacing the necessary part(s) will be a tossup from time to time as you will have to pay out of your own pocket initially and hope to recoup that with substantial profit on your required investment. This also means that you’ll need to think about whether or not to accept those larger contracts when your funds are low.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the other part of the job. You know, the one where you rebuild piece by piece whatever parts you previously dismantled to get the repair done? Sounds like fun right?

Believe it or not, it actually is! You’ll be hooked for hours after you complete your first contract! Mech Mechanic Simulator provides a satisfying level of challenge and accomplishment with each new assignment. A slow addiction mounts over time with this one as you hone your mechanic skills and build reputation playing this strategy simulator. This game easily earns a solid 4 GiN gems and is more than worthy of a spot in your must-have library of games.

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