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Happy 4th of July gamer fans! I’m back with another review and this time we’re back at with the new Shop Titan’s Pet Edition!

So for those of you who read my last review on Shop Titans, they added a new feature. You can now get pets to liven up your store. What’s really cool is that you get your first one for free.
You can choose between a cat or a dog.  Mine is a cat and I named him Midnight.

For those of you who are new here and are wondering what Shop Titans is. It is a fantastic MMO where the main thing is to make stuff to sell at your shop. Questing for materials and even hiring extra people are second to selling. (Even though they are important to make your items.)

The basics are you go into a new town, you open up shop, make friends with the local crafters and hire them to make your materials so you can make goods to sell. You’ll need spaces for your wood, leather, cloth and iron to start out with. You also want to open as many crafting slots as you can so you can make your customers happy. (I’m already up to 4)

You’ll meet all kinds of people, one being a hero in training, who will lead a crew of wizards, thieves and warriors to help them find the extra goods you need. It’s not just the knight though, you can actually hire other kinds of heroes to help lead your groups of adventurers. The king also stops by on occasion and either offers rewards or to buy things.

There’s are also guilds you can either start or join for more options to hire. Some people are really hardcore too. I mean it’s like looking for people to raid with. It’s great!

Since you start out with a basic shop (the walls look kinda dingy) you have the option to upgrade and make your shop look nice. The nicer it looks the more energy you gain to make your crafts! Now you have a fabulous new pet to up keep your shop! Now, with the anniversary edition, Wallace the blacksmith comes to your door with an option of either a cat or dog to call your very own in the shop. He also offers you a deal to unlock your extra pet slots for a price.

You can feed your animal and give it a home. Plus I believe it add aesthetic to your shop. I mean there are a lot of animal lovers out there. What I really like though, is that you can purchase a new pet from Wallace the Smithy if you want. You can get a unicorn, pig or a chicken. Sounds like a fantasy farm right?

Like every pet in an MMO game you have to feed them. So the more you make the better things you can get for your virtual baby. You do start out with only one pet if you want more you need to open up another slot. You’ll need about 1,100 gems or 5 million at level 35 to unlock it.

When you get your pet you can customize the breed however you want. Just like adjusting your shops decor to get more lighting/energy points. You do have to feed your pet some times before you can unlock the other breeds/looks. The pet expansion shows how developer Kabam is continuing to support a thriving game and community. We hope this continues for a long time to come.

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