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Hi guys! It’s another famous week in spring with the one and only Modern Gamer. Do you miss shopping? I know I do, but I’m not too keen on going out, just yet. I hear in some states they are lifting the lockdown slowly. But that’s ok, because I just found the coolest shopping game on the face of the planet. Yep that’s right, say hello to Shop Titans! It’s the cutest shopping simulator I have ever seen!

So let me get down to business here. I don’t want to spend hours staring at my computer screen to get to where I want. I’m already home and tired of sitting in one particular spot all the time. I like to move around. Guess what you can do in Shop Titans? YOU CAN PLAY IT SYNCHROSOUS CROSS PLATFORM! I am so happy with this, cause if I wanted to I can get on my phone while I’m in the bath relaxing or get on my iPad while I’m cooking in the kitchen.

I can also play with other members whether they’re on Steam or their other devices. Guys, this is what we’ve been waiting for, is it not?! This is a major game changer for me. I absolutely love it!

This makes it all the better to play with other members in a guild. You can create your own or go solo. Best of all you can play with other like-minded people from around the world. Not only can you play with you friends, you can meet new people. This is like a shopping MMO.

Then there’s the artwork and character creation. I freakin’ love it! You want to know about my favorite part of any game? It’s character creation. I could spend all day doing that and drawing my characters afterwards. (I’ve done that) But what I love about this is that it’s Chibi characters, or what the call super deformed in Japan. For those that don’t know it’s a character with a small body and a bigger head. Often it’s used to describe cute and funny scenarios in Japanese anime and is often used scribbles in some manga artist signatures. It’s gained popularity over the years and is the choice style for Shopping Titans.

Speaking of art and displays, it looks gorgeous on any screen you play on! With a whopping 1080 HD resolution at 60 frames per second, you are in for a smooth gameplay experience.

You’re not just building a shop, your also crafting weapons and helping to build a city with the locals. This is very close to age of empires. But it’s set in a magical Dungeons and Dragons like setting. I personally love it since I’m all about fantasy.

First you customize your character, and you really can’t go wrong with any color combination. You start out as a basic human with basic clothing. You’re starting out so it’s normal. You’re walking in the forest and greeted by an old man named Owen. He leads you to an old shop that desperately needs cleaning. You’ve got to click on the dusty boxes to get to them clean. While your cleaning the place, Wallace says you’ve caught the eye of the blacksmith who comes up to your shop. He instructs you how to craft your first sword. Others come around and start helping you get merch into your shop. You even get a tailor and miner. This game is fast paced for a relaxing title! After that , people just pop up in your shop and want to buy things.

This a free to play game, and you can earn all your stuff, but you can also purchase other things to get ahead in the game. There are also people like King Reinhold who will come by and offer you something at discounted price. The offer will only last a few days though. So get it while you can. The more you earn when customers walk in, the more you can upgrade your shop. It’s pretty fun. Any you better keep your inventory up, that’s for sure.

The more you craft the more level your crafting skills. You can only craft two items at a time to start with. Some require research prints. Your tailor was kind enough to get you some. Then you learn that you need a knight to go into dungeons and get special items to help make your more advanced and special items. You send them off to a dungeon and they do all the hard work for you. You also get extra cool items to upgrade your team. There will be chests you can get that have to be opened by a key. And you can get keys from trading gems or you can get them from bosses in the game. The chest might even hold a rare blueprint for your shop. You’ll also have extra tasks that will help you gain more gems and gold.

There is a lot to do, and if you love shopping and building up a peaceful, commercial empire, then Shop Titans is the game for you. It’s a title that I got into so I could review it, but I will be playing for fun for a very long time. Come by my shop. Tell them that the Modern Gamer sent you and you’ll get a discount!

Alright that’s it for now! Thanks for reading. If your curious about what Modern Gamers does in her spare time. Check out her work at and

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