Taking a Leap of Faith in the beautiful Evan’s Remains Platformer Mystery

Greets and salutations Modern Gamer fans! We’re back on track with this Saturdays review about a fantastic 2D platformer, Evan’s Remains! Let me tell you about this game y’all. It’s beautiful! If you love pixel art you will love this game. It’s beautifully animated as well with a twist to boot.

Let’s get right into it! First You get this cryptic message about coordinates to a mysterious island. They tell you to send Dysis. And Dysis is actually the cute girl on the beach starring into the sunset in the title screen. She’s supposed to retrieve the famous genius Evan who works for the company called UpBring. Apparently we went missing several years ago and no one knows where he went, until he sent those coordinates to UpBring. Dysis has this transmitter that allows her to talk with Nicolai, another scientist and apparently the boss of this operation. So that’s the plot, and away we go!

This island has puzzles to solve in order for you get past monoliths blocking your path. Apparently Dysis likes doing this kind of thing, so she won’t get bored. Her first encounter brings her to a young man named Clover (a young man who is always scribbling is his notebook) who is trying to look for a relic that can give eternal life, left over from an ancient civilization. But he doesn’t tell Dysis that until after the next day, when she opens a portal to her bedroom – which is a kind of magical realm itself – and finds out she lost her transmitter.

Clover, being surprised and freaked out, comes into her portal to talk about a drawing of a dragonfly. Clover tells her it’s best that they stick together until they find what they’re looking for. Frustrated, but hopeful Dysis agrees and the two head off to find the relic, hopping Evan somehow shows up along the way.
One thing I did forget to mention about Evan is that he’s really good at playing pranks, which Nicolai points out. Also Evan is famous for creating all kinds of cool gadgets like a pocket portal that contains a bedroom.

Alright I’m going to be honest here and say that this is the prettiest 2D pixel game I’ve ever seen. There’s so much detail in everything. It has a simple design, but everything is at the same time very detailed. Even the story heads have this beautiful animation style. They even animated the water, and there are reflections in the waves. THE WAVES GUYS!

The physics are pretty nice, I like the way the game plays. Obviously, it’s a relaxing puzzle game. It has different ways of getting up ad over each monolith. Which actually helps Clover decipher the hieroglyphs. Oh yea, that’s what the puzzles are, the ancient civilization’s language.

The story line really reminds me of some anime’s that came out in the early 2000s. It’s got great art with a fantastic twist. It really reminds me of Birdy the Mighty the Remake. (good stuff btw)
Anyway that’s all for now! Check back next for another review from the Modern Gamer!

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