High Heat 2003 Is Still MVP

Hey folks, it’s baseball season again. And means it’s time to look at the latest and greatest baseball simulations on both the PC and console platforms. Once again, I must ask the same question that I asked last year, when I reviewed High Heat 2002, and gave that game 5 Gems (actually 4 + on the PS2). Why is it that there are still a select few morons out there (yeah, I am talking to YOU, Game Informer) that still love to trash this series as opposed to weaker titles such as All Star Baseball? Deep down inside, I have … Continue reading High Heat 2003 Is Still MVP

Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

Remote control cars are very cool things. When it’s a nice sunny day, you can go outside with them and do everything that you, as an observer, would never do in a real car. It’s this type of fun that publisher Titus, along with developer Team 17, hope to revive in Stunt GP. Unfortunately this is not the case as the game has a list of problems as long as Fat Albert’s grocery list. Stunt GP features seven game modes: Five single player (Arcade, Exhibition, Time Trial, Stunt Challenge, and Championship) and two 2 player (Quick Race, and Tournament.) The … Continue reading Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Tired of just golfing on your PC? Ever wish that you had the ability to design, and golf on your own links? Then, Sid Meier’s Sim Golf is right up your fairway. In Sim Golf, game players design, manage, and compete on their own golf courses. All of these elements are paramount to your success as a golf course entrepreneur. As you build your golf course from the ground up, you will need money to do so. Customers and competitions bring money in. By creating challenging and entertaining holes you can be sure that your customers will be coming back … Continue reading Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Patrician II is a Rich Game

Patrician II takes you back to Europe in the 1300’s, where sea trading was really starting to take off, and a veritable fortune could be made if a trader was clever enough. The most resourceful sorts of fellows could even reach positions of power in a town or even a seat on the fabled Hanseatic League. As with any economic strategy game, the concept of "buy low, sell high" is a must to master. However, it’s not exactly simple to determine what is in low demand in one town, and more difficult to predict what will be in high demand … Continue reading Patrician II is a Rich Game

Once You Pop, You Just Can’t Stop

It’s weird being the ‘puzzle guy’ around the office. Everyone automatically assumes that I’ll want to get the latest puzzle game to review, and – plop – there it is on my desk. But do they know me? Do they know my secret desires? No, let the ‘puzzle guy’ have his puzzles. Maybe I wanted a shooter or something instead, huh? There are two very good reasons why I don’t get the shooters. One, I suck at them, and two, I don’t enjoy them very much. So maybe they have me pegged, and ‘puzzle guy’ I remain. This is fortunate, … Continue reading Once You Pop, You Just Can’t Stop

They Mostly Come at Night

Mostly. Sure PC gamers have been treated to this fun franchise since 1999, but that does not make it any less enjoyable now that Mac-based colonial marines are joining the fight. Aliens vs. Predator is actually three games; each with its own first person shooter protagonist. The first is the Alien, who is defending his temple against shadowy humans. The second is a Colonial Marine, trying to escape an outpost overrun by the omnipresent Aliens. The third is a Predator infiltrating a scientific facility where the humans may be conducting experiments on fellow Predators! The second adventure most follows the … Continue reading They Mostly Come at Night

Conquest is Fun in the Suns

I can here it now "Ah, jeesh, yet another Starcraft clone." Wrong! Conquest: Frontier Wars by Fever Pitch Studios is not another planet based real time strategy game. It does involve starting with a single ship and managing the collection of resources and completion of structures that will allow you to build huge fleets to battle the baddies (in this case the bug type Mantis or the energy based Celareons), but any similarity to Starcraft ends there. In Conquest you are dealing with planetary systems of one or more planets and wormholes to get from one to the other. The … Continue reading Conquest is Fun in the Suns

Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

You’ve seen them. The evening news broadcast reports on some disaster or accident and moments later, looming in the sky above, hovers a rescue copter with a highly skilled crew ready to render aid. Have you ever wondered what a career as one of these air rescue personal would be like? Well Search and Rescue 3 (SAR3) is the game for you. At the moment SAR3 is the only search and rescue helicopter simulation on the market that I know about. Being in a class of its own doesn’t mean this is a bad game. It’s quite decent. It has … Continue reading Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

WarCraft III – Preview Overview

Hello from the battlefields! I was given the awesome task of playing the WarCraft III beta and telling all of you Game Industry fans the skinny low-down on game. I’ll try my best to cover as many aspects of the Beta as possible. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered. First, the beta disc didn’t include any single player content, map editing tools and cinematics. For all intents and purposes this is basically a beta test of WarCraft III under the Battle.net environment. Regardless of this, in short this game is eons ahead of its predecessors. In sheer volume … Continue reading WarCraft III – Preview Overview

Throne of Darkness Rules

I am an absolute nut when it comes to Diablo 2 and anything to do with samurai. So as you can imagine, the moment I found out about a Diablo-like game coming out based on a Japanese myth, I had to have it. And as with pretty much everything put out by Sierra, I was not disappointed. Throne of Darkness is not based on a real story, but follows a story line created by Click Entertainment. However it encompasses many of the details of larger then life hero’s as well as the danger and supernatural suspense that I have come … Continue reading Throne of Darkness Rules

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