If It’s Not Scottish, It’s"

Yep! It’s Another real time strategy (RTS) game where you gather the raw materials, make buildings that can manufacture troops, research technologies that allow better buildings to make better troops armor and weapons etc. But this one has a few differences plus a decided "Scottish flavor" to it. The graphics are ok. They are choppy at times, but generally ok for this type of game. The sound is ok as well; nothing to write home about or drive you screaming from the room either. It does have a decent in game tutorial that can get you familiar with the basics … Continue reading If It’s Not Scottish, It’s"

There’s a Bloodmoon on the Rise

I just can’t get too much Morrowind. And considering that 80,000 readers voted it the PC game of year and game of the year in the environment category, I’m not at all alone. Bloodmoon is the second expansion pack for the Morrowind game, and builds out the massive single-player RPG even further with an entire new land to explore that is alien and strange to those of us who have spent hundreds of hours adventuring on the mainland. Gone are the soupy hot swamps and dusty, dry mountains most of us call home. Bloodmoon features the island of Solstheim, home … Continue reading There’s a Bloodmoon on the Rise

Freelancer is Alpha 1-1

The space flight genre has always been a fascinating one for most PC gamers. It is one area where the PC will probably always be ahead of the console world, at least in terms of massive universe type games that would really be too advanced for most consoles, even the vaulted Xbox probably. Freelancer is yet another entry into this genre, and follows in the tradition of Wing Commander, Privateer and even – going way back – Starflight. Freelancer most resembles the Privateer series – Privateer II will always have a soft spot in my heart – in that you … Continue reading Freelancer is Alpha 1-1

Fritz checkmates other chess tutors

Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster is a bit like a wolverine in that it’s cute and furry on the outside, but has some real teeth once you get involved with it. Although the game is designed to teach children how to play chess, the underlying engine is Fritz, which is a mighty powerful AI that is highly respected in chess circles. Grandmasters like Vladimir Kramnik use Fritz to train for big matches. But children won’t be thrown against the full weight of Fritz until they are able to handle it. In fact, most children won’t even realize … Continue reading Fritz checkmates other chess tutors

1893: More Than Fair

Let me take you back to the golden days, back to a time when life was simpler. When it didn’t matter so much how much money you were making; as long as your work was a job well done, you know you would get by. A time when things were (at least in my opinion) better. What? Back to the Victorian era of 1893, you say? God, no! Cholera, polio, and who knows what else was trying to kill you, labor conditions were atrocious – I bet if it weren’t for things like the World’s Fairs, everyone would have done … Continue reading 1893: More Than Fair

High Seas Adventure Awaits

Ahoy mates – we close with the enemy – bring all guns to bear! Prepare to engage! Covering the period from the Seven Year’s War through the Napoleonic Era, Age of Sail II brings to you the heart of the Age of Sail. You can do battle as the British High Seas Commander against those upstart Americans in 1776 or fight for the Americans against the Imperialistic British in the War of 1812. You can play from the decks of a Ship of War or the decks of a Privateer just out for the booty. The choice is yours. My … Continue reading High Seas Adventure Awaits

Sherwood is a Sure Thing

The Commandos game pretty much set the standard in small-quad RTS games. Armed with only three or four soldiers per mission, you were tasked with defeating, or avoiding, a hoard of enemies during a variety of missions. The problem with Commandos was that it was just too hard to play. You shoot someone and you lose. The alarm goes off and you lose. Someone sees you and you lose. You step just one foot out of line and yep, you guessed it, you lose. Robin Hood takes players back to a simpler time, when breaking into a castle did not … Continue reading Sherwood is a Sure Thing

Heavily Scripted Space Opera!

The year is 2014. The humans have spread out among the solar system driven by the need for resources. As the Martian Diplomatic Convoy approaches the moon for an historic meeting with diplomats from Earth to settle their differences, it is suddenly blown out of space by unidentified armed ships. Needless to say war ensued. And this is where you enter, as either the Martian Colonists out to avenge the slaughter of their Diplomats, or the Earth forces out to get those upstart colonists back in line. Hegemonia: Legions of Steel is a space-based real time strategy depiction of the … Continue reading Heavily Scripted Space Opera!

Indy strikes back

The last Indiana Jones game I played was the Infernal Machine on the PC. While it was a good game, it seemed a little too much like Tomb Raider for me. The Collective’s latest Indiana Jones reincarnation might follow in the same Tomb Raider vein, but they were able to capitalize on the success caused by Buffy the Vampire Slayer to create an enjoyable adventure title that the Xbox surely needed, plus was a lot of fun on the PC. Taking place before the movie trilogy even starts (in 1935), Emperor’s Tomb has Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. in search … Continue reading Indy strikes back

Racing with a Story

I will admit that I have had very little experience with Codemasters’ racing titles. Most of the racing that I have done on consoles has either been through Gran Turismo on the PS1 and 2 as well as EA’s excellent NASCAR Thunder series. I know Codemasters has a strong track record with both their Colin McRae Rally and TOCA Championship series, but this is the first title I have been able to try out. Pro Race Driver is actually the latest in the TOCA series (in fact it is called TOCA Race Driver in Europe, but for this version, a … Continue reading Racing with a Story

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