PC Gamers Rejoice: Skyrim Creation Kit Materializes

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Creation Kit, the content creation mod tool, is available via the Steam download service.

This will give PC gamers the exact same tools used by the developers at Bethesda to make dungeons, mods, weapons, characters, outfits, armor, monsters, NPCs and anything else they can imagine.

Using the steam workshop service, gamers will soon be able to read the descriptions of mods, review them, and try out their favorites within the game. Gamers can even subscribe to their favorite modder’s channel, whereupon newly create mods from that artist will be automatically downloaded and added to the game.

Bethesda developers talk about all the great new features in the following video.

Look out gamers, the world of Skyrim is about to get even bigger!

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