GiN Game of the Year Winners

The world situation kind of upended the Game of the Year contest this time around. But many of you were able to vote, and we appreciate everyone who did. While there will be no physical ceremony due to social distancing restrictions, we did want to celebrate the great games that made the year so special. Here are your choices for the games of the year!

Liberated Graphic Novel Title Shares New Gameplay Video

Liberated, one of the most exciting Polish video games of the first half of the year, is a groundbreaking, award winning, new vision of the future of digital comics. Panel by panel, you’ll switch between action, stealth, puzzles, and an engaging comic book story with compelling player-led choices. Liberated is coming first to Nintendo Switch in 2020, shortly followed by PC on GOG and Steam. Liberated is set in a near-future, tech-noir society slipping into the throes of authoritarianism. Powered by corporations and enabled by new technology, join the fight against state-driven misinformation. As government surveillance and weaponised personal data … Continue reading Liberated Graphic Novel Title Shares New Gameplay Video

New Frostpunk DLC Shows the Time Before Winter Came

Frostpunk was once a world full of life and energy and the new DLC expands on the story behind the popular city-building, survival game. 11 bit studios is proud to fully unveil the biggest expansion to the Frostpunk world! The Last Autumn serves as a story prequel to the plot of the popular base game and will change the perception of the frostbitten landscape fans are so familiar with. It will be available for PC through online stores such as Steam,, and the Humble Store on January 21st. Along with the release of its biggest expansion, Frostpunk is having … Continue reading New Frostpunk DLC Shows the Time Before Winter Came

Din’s Legacy RPG Expands to GOG

Soldak Entertainment announced Din’s Legacy is now available on GOG. Din’s Legacy is an action RPG with mutating characters, set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows and Linux. During the Orc Schism, the entire Orc race was violently split into Dark Orcs, Zombielords, and the Mutated. The Mutated are tainted with Orc blood, a zombie parasite, and necromancer magic. This makes people seriously mistrust and even fear them. The fact that they slowly mutate over time makes it even worse. Who is going to trust you when you grow horns overnight? Despite all of this, the Mutated are … Continue reading Din’s Legacy RPG Expands to GOG

Crossroads Inn Launches on Steam and GoG, Adds Alina Lesnik Soundtrack

Kraken Unleashed and Klabater are delighted to announce that Crossroads Inn, the highly anticipated fantasy tavern sim with RPG elements, is now available on PC via Steam and GOG. Additionally, the developers have revealed a detailed roadmap of DLCs planned for the title and have also shared a clip of the exclusive song ‘Forget me not’ performed by Alina Lesnik. “We have all contributed a lot of energy, ideas and time to make Crossroads Inn a great game! We have clashed in hundreds of debates over mechanical, narrative and UI decisions to the very final day, because we believe there’s … Continue reading Crossroads Inn Launches on Steam and GoG, Adds Alina Lesnik Soundtrack

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