Gaijin Records Real Tank Sounds For War Thunder


Gaijin Entertainment Collaborated with Museums Around the World to Capture and Precisely Reproduce the Sounds that WWII Tanks Made While Engaged In Deadly Battle.

Ground Forces Expansion will provide gamers with even more real life action thanks to the effort and commitment by Gaijin Entertainment to ensure that gamers get the most realistic experience with the sounds of real World War II tanks discharged during battle.

Similar to the process implemented by Gaijin Entertainment’s sound design team for all of the action sounds in War Thunder to date, which recently won Gamescom’s ‘Best Simulation Game award’, the team again set out across the world to capture the sounds necessary to add more immersive elements to Ground Forces Expansion gameplay.

Visiting US and European museums, Gaijin Entertainment was granted rare access to record the WWII tanks’ actual sounds, from moving across terrain to firing rounds. The sound design team spent time with more than 13 high sensitive microphones designed to pick up even the slightest variation in sound levels. Taking that audio information, the development team was able to accurately reproduce, in-game the exact sounds used by some of the most famous tanks from WWII, including the StuG 40, PzKpf III and IV, Sherman M4A3 and M4A1.

Thanks to these efforts, players will be able to tell the difference between the tanks by their sound alone. This level of commitment to detail began with Gaijin Entertainment’s best-selling success Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and continues on with the further escalation of the War Thunder franchise.


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