Avalanche makes AirHockey 3D

Avalanche Team announced today the release of AirHockey 3D, the PC remake of a massively popular classic game Air-Hockey. In this game the player must outwit the opponent’s ever changing play technique and score 12 goals into the opposite gates to win the game. With advanced levels of player/opponent detail and responsiveness, futuristic visual effects and on-line gameplay support, AirHockey 3D offers the most "In Your Face" air hockey experience ever.

AirHockey 3D is air hockey in its purest form for true fans who demand the finest gameplay and refreshing play experience. The player’s key to success is to hit the puck right into the opponent’s goal while securing the home goal. With the new online support, the player can compete with a friend over the net; however the computer opponent will be a tough cookie too. The game allows you to try hand at two unique modes. While experiencing the fast paced action in the Classic mode, the player may also hone the skills in the Arcade mode. Playing AirHockey 3D, the gamer will be surprised at the total realism of the game and immersive three dimensional graphics with futuristic visual effects. With an all new control system which is simple to learn and use, the player will be catching, dribbling and hitting the puck like an air hockey champion in no time!

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