WWII Fighter Pilot Launches in Fall

Merscom LLC today announced plans to publish WWII Fighter Pilot, an arcade-style flight combat game in which players battle for domination over the Pacific skies during World War II. WWII Fighter Pilot will be available for the PC in October 2004.

As a pilot patrolling the skies of the Pacific, your life is pretty simple. Slice into the enemy with hot metal or end up as food for the sharks when he does the same to you. Never has this knife-edge moment of truth been so exhilarating as recreated in WWII Fighter Pilot. Soar through a sky dimpled with the lingering puffs of anti-aircraft fire. Scratch that itchy trigger finger with an arsenal of machine guns, artillery, torpedoes, and even air-to-ground rockets. Choose from the savage speed of the Corsair or the thundering beast that is the Dauntless bomber.

WWII Fighter Pilot drops you into the heart-throttling action of the Pacific Campaign with addictive point and shoot arcade gameplay and unparalleled 3D graphics. So join up and learn what air combat really means. The first lesson: life begins at 20,000 feet.

"We are very excited to be publishing WWII Fighter Pilot in North America," said Lloyd Melnick, Director of Merscom. "At $19.99 it is a great value for all gamers, from WWII buffs to anyone who has wanted to fly a combat aircraft. Most important, it is really fun."

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