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Lighting up the night

The backlit EluminX keyboard from Auravision is without a doubt the coolest keyboard any gamer can buy. By daylight the keyboard looks like a fairly normal input device. The only real clue as to its special nature is that the keys are clear plastic instead of a solid color. The lettering is black and easy to read. Something really cool happens however when the lights are dimmed. You notice that the keyboard is actually glowing faintly. The glow is there the entire time, but it’s subtle enough that you don’t really notice it in normal lighting conditions. But who plays … Continue reading Lighting up the night

GamePaks Put Fun in the Bag

I travel a lot. Every other week I head back home for a few days, and most of the time I take my Xbox with me. As a result I need to use something to carry my Box around. Originally I used a gym bag to carry it around in addition to my PS2 and at times my Gamecube. Packing three systems in one gym bag, not including software, controllers, DVD remotes, power and video cables, and whatever else I can think of can be a total pain. Lately companies are coming out with dedicated carrying cases that are designed … Continue reading GamePaks Put Fun in the Bag

Good and Cheap

There are times when a peripheral’s only purpose is to be a cheaper alternative. Such is the case with Phoenix Xbox controller from Gamester accessories. The controller is a carbon copy of Microsoft’s Controller S, featuring a nearly identical button layout, grip, and joystick/trigger functionality. Of course, being a third-party peripheral, all of this is offered at a slightly smaller price than Microsoft’s Controller S. Is the Phoenix Game pad worth your gaming dough? Shaping itself like Microsoft’s Controller S, which was specifically made for people with smaller hands, is it any surprise that the Phoenix controller is small? Nevertheless, … Continue reading Good and Cheap

Xbox Live Adds the Human Touch

This week, you can start playing multiplayer games with your Xbox. You will need to have a broadband connection and of course the Xbox Live Hardware from Microsoft. The Xbox live system comes complete with a Setup CD, Communicator headset, and one-year subscription to the Xbox live service. Installation seems easy at first, but does take a bit of time, as you have to fill in a lot of forms using the controller. After opening the box, all you have to do is connect your Xbox to the internet using your broadband connection and then stick the setup CD into … Continue reading Xbox Live Adds the Human Touch

Spider Gets Washed-Out

Ever since the day’s of Atari, there have always been poorly made products that only sell because of a particular license associated with them. It’s been an industry trend for quite a long while, and despite how annoying the trend is, casual gamers have still not wised up to the "licensed crap" ploy. Because of this, Naki has felt free to release the Spider-Pad, that despite it’s connection with the coolest Superhero ever, is still a pretty shoddy product. The first problem with the Spider-Pad, that will become painfully obvious to you the second you start playing, is how oversensitive … Continue reading Spider Gets Washed-Out

It’s About Control

This week we take a look at three different peripherals for the Microsoft Xbox. All are aimed at either increasing your control, or letting you expand the Xbox’s capabilities in some way without hurting your wallet too much. I will tell you right now, I used to hate almost all console racing games. To be perfectly honest, it is because I generally am not very good at most of them. Well that was before this little Gem fell into my hands. The Gamester Pro Racer Hand-Held Wheel has made driving games out side of the arcade fun. The first time … Continue reading It’s About Control