Geomag Toys Are Back with a Glowing Success

GEOMAG is back and this time it glows! For fans of building toys, the new GEOMAG Glow set will be a welcome addition to any collection. Like all GEOMAG toys, the set features sturdy Swiss construction for hours of fun. With only 42 pieces, this is among the smaller GEOMAG sets, but it’s simple to combine with other GEOMAG sets like GEOMAG Mechanics or GEOMAG Super Color Panels. I think it would be fun to be able to mix the glow-in-the dark rods into other sets for some surprise glowing parts of a build when the lights are off.

GEOMAG Glow with the lights on…

All GEOMAG sets feature magnetic rods covered in 100% recycled plastic and steel ball bearings which can be combined to make a variety of construction projects. GEOMAG advertises their toys are fine for ages 3+, but I wouldn’t let children under 5 play with them unattended just because the ball bearings are small and easily swallowed. Luckily, the steel ball bearings are magnetic, but not magnets, which makes them much safer around toddlers, unlike Buckyballs, which can be terrifying if swallowed.

The GEOMAG Glow set includes two base pieces with holes in them that fit the ball bearings to stabilize them during construction. One base is square and the other is pentagonal, which helps vary the possibilities for construction. The set includes some preset patterns as a jumping off point for exploring creative construction. The booklet with the patterns is full color and broken down in basic, simple to follow steps.

…and GEOMAG Glow with the lights turned out.

Other GEOMAG sets feature colorful magnetic rods with magnets, but the Glow set only has the pale green rods that glow in the dark after being left to absorb light. I was surprised at how strong the glow was after being left in front of a window for the day. The rods and ball bearings come in two compartmentalized plastic boxes that snap shut. The boxes make keeping track of the small pieces easy and prevent the ball bearings from rolling all over the place. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of that in a toy. One of the biggest difficulties of building sets is keeping track of all the small parts.

The complete GEOMAG Glow box set.

This is another fun set from GEOMAG that anyone who enjoys building toys would be happy to have. The glow-in-the-dark features makes it a great Halloween gift for little builders. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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