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Quick question: How do you enhance your console gaming experience for just $9? Answer: make it more comfortable with a controller cover from GlovesPlay.

With all the fancy controllers out there on the market today, a lot of people still choose the standard equipment that comes with console systems. I have played for hours and hours at games like Champions of Norrath, and for me nothing works better than the good old PS2 controller.

However, it does have some limitations. The plastic is extremely hard and slick. The controller becomes a bit uncomfortable after a lot of play. Also, just from holding it for long periods of time your hands tend to sweat a bit. The controller can slip from your hand at inopportune moments, like when a boss level monster is about to pounce.

The covers from GlovesPlay are a nice way to eliminate most of these problems in one swoop. And they are very reasonably priced at just $9.99 each.

The covers are available for the PS2, Xbox or GameCube. On the PS2 you simply slide the controller into the black suede wrap. Two elastic straps fit over the top buttons and keep the cover firmly in place. On the Xbox, you use a single elastic strap, but get the same tight fit.

Suddenly, your controller feels a lot better in your hand. It’s like sleeping on just a mattress for a year and then suddenly someone gives you a pillow. The difference is like night and day.

While the outside is suede-like, the inside is a vinyl fabric. There is a half inch of foam padding sewn between the two fabrics. The result is that the covers provide a lot of extra comfort without increasing the size of the controller too much, which can be a big deal with those huge Xbox controllers that I can’t hardly get my hand around in the first place. In both the Xbox and PS2 models I tested, the controller felt better in my hand once the cover was added, a lot better. And I felt a lot better after hours and hours of gameplay.

I found that my hands felt comfortable and did not start sending me those "hey, we hurt so you better stop soon" messages after a few hours.

Currently black is the only color available. Thankfully, it looks great and tends to blend with most black controllers. The funny thing is that another reviewer did not know I had equipped one of the PS2s with the controller. He was playing a new game for quite sometime and commented that the controller was really responsive, much better than the normal one.

He of course was shocked to find out that the controller had not changed at all; we just added the GolvesPlay cover. We had to remove the cover to prove we were telling the truth. He just did not believe it.

This just goes to show that when you are more comfortable, you will have a better game experience. My advice is to get a cover for each of your controllers. It won’t cost a lot, and your tired and worn gaming hands will thank you.

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