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While the PSP works well as a gaming device, sometimes using it to watch movies can be a bit of a chore. How many people want to hold their PSP for up to two hours in order to watch a UMD movie? Many developers are working on products to make watching movies and video easier, as well as providing a more rich sound experience when listening to music. Hip Interactive is one of those developers, and from what I have seen from the Stereo Station+, I have found an easy way to watch movies on my PSP.

When plugged into the Stereo Station, the PSP fits perfectly and looks like it is meant to be a complete unit. In addition, the Stereo Station double functions as a rechargeable adapter. That way, in addition to being a docking station for the PSP while watching movies, it will easily recharge the internal batteries. All that is needed is the stock AC Adapter that came with the PSP.

While the PSP is locked into the unit, the height and viewing angle can be fully adjusted, so no matter where you are when watching videos or UMDs. You will never be uncomfortable.

Operation of the PSP’s video functions are still available from the PSP itself, but on the Stereo Station there are five additional buttons: two for volume control (which worked out much easier than the PSP’s volume control), fast forward, rewind, and play/pause. However, to switch between tracks or UMD chapters, you must still use the PSP’s shoulder buttons.

In terms of sound quality, the Stereo Station is amazing. When tested with MP3’s I could easily tell the difference in sound quality. The bass levels are high and not tinny at all, and really add an extra bit of muscle to your music.

The unit is very sturdy, and the base is quite heavy. It will take a lot to move the unit around on your desk.

The only concern I have with the Stereo Station involves turning the PSP off while in the docking station. When I turned off the power on my PSP, in a few seconds it came back on, even when the Stereo Station was turned off. I did find that by leaving the PSP idle for a few minutes, the display on the PSP will shut off. I only wish there was a way to keep the PSP plugged into the Stereo Station and be able to keep the power supply off.

The PSP Stereo Station is currently available in stores at a retail price of about $60. In my opinion, the price is well worth it. Anyone who uses their PSP as a music player, as well as watching movies and video clips will be very happy with the Stereo Station.

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