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Final Fantasy: A Different Take

I’m sure everyone saw Neal’s editorial on Final Fantasy last week, and I’m sure not everyone agreed with it. I know I didn’t, and that’s why I felt I should also write up an editorial to give people another view of the series from a fellow Final Fantasy fan. Just to give some credit to my love of the series, I’ve beaten Final Fantasy 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10, 13 and several of the sequel/prequel/spin-off games. To start this off, I’m going to define a word that gets thrown around a lot in the gaming community. This word is “fanboy.” The term fanboy is … Continue reading Final Fantasy: A Different Take

State of the Franchise: Final Fantasy

I have been playing Final Fantasy games for a long time. Now, just because I have played a franchise for a long time does not make me a fanboy. Since I’m talking Final Fantasy, I bet Todd would be getting in on this article if he wasn’t mad because my Blue Jackets beat his Capitals in hockey. As many of the long time readers know, Todd is anti-Final Fantasy. This got me to thinking about how far the franchise has come. Each installment has gotten more advanced and introduced something new. Final Fantasy VII set a precedent and each one … Continue reading State of the Franchise: Final Fantasy

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