Lisa Campos, Field Reporter And Reviewer

Lisa started playing games way back when actual images in games were still a big deal. In childhood she loved the old school quest games, a fondness which later in life evolved into a passion for RPGs. While RPGs remain her favorite fare, she's more than willing to take a break with a good action game and the occasional shooter. In games as in other media, Lisa is most impressed by good writing, and she believes that video games are as valid a medium for quality story-telling as any other one can name. When not playing a game on her 360 or PC, Lisa is likely out playing a table-top RPG, or has her nose stuck in one of the many books in her vast and ever growing collection. If given cause to think someone might have burgled her apartment in her absence, on walking in the first two things she's worried about having lost are the Xbox 360 and the martial arts supplies, and that says just about all one needs to know.

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