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Meg Stivison has worked on the development of games including Next Island, Empire Online, Verge Games’ Grumpy Goats, and two Nancy Drew titles. She writes regularly on games and gaming culture for Indie Games Magazine, Hardcore Droid, and other outlets. She blogs on games and life at

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Panem-Ville: Hunger Games

New Casual Game The Hunger Games Adventures Is More Appointment-Based Panem-Ville Than Adventure Story The Hunger Games novels suggest so many good games — a minigame hunting prey with Katniss’ arrows (a popular choice for the middle-school girls in my game design classes), a crafting and survival game like Lost In Blue set in the forest outside District 12, a combat game in the Arena, or even a social RPG, like Whitewolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade, set in the Capital — that I had high hopes for The Hunger Games Adventures. Even when I realized this game had some appointment-style mechanics, … Continue reading Panem-Ville: Hunger Games

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