Violent, Demented Fun

Backyard Wrestling is not something for the kiddies. Though a very fascinating American subculture, the Backyard Wrestling videos contain everything you wouldn’t want your little brother seeing. Backyard Wrestlers aren’t just athletes – they’re machines. Immune to pain, backyard wrestlers do everything from stab each other with bottles, hit each other with barbed wire enwrapped bats, and even fall three stories through tables engulfed in flames. It’s sick, it’s demented, and unbelievably entertaining to anyone who doesn’t have a weak stomach. So, when Eidos announced half a year or so ago that they would be release a game based on … Continue reading Violent, Demented Fun

GameCube Gets Hit

The Nintendo Gamecube has worked up a bad reputation as being a system for the kids. Compared to the Xbox and Playstation 2, Gamecube has very little mature games that appeal to older gamers. Nintendo has tried several times to get third party developers to make mature games for the Gamecube, and has been relatively successful. However, most third party developers have been scared away because they don’t want to compete with Nintendo’s excellent first party games. Eidos released Hitman 2 on all platforms, but it was released on the Gamecube a few months after the other systems. By releasing … Continue reading GameCube Gets Hit

Italian Job Spins Out

The Italian Job as a movie wasn’t anything particularly amazing, but it was still a fun ride. The writing was clever and occasionally humorous, the acting was superb, and the car chases and heists provided ample adrenaline rush for your movie going dollar. Now though we have a game based on that movie, which seems to have been developed for no other purpose than to remind us how mediocre most licensed games are…and to teach us how to smash our heads against the wall in boredom. The game’s plot is told through a series of shrewd cut scenes narrated by … Continue reading Italian Job Spins Out

Hitting the Sweet Spot

He’s a bald geezer with a barcode tattooed onto the back of his burly neck, but somehow he still manages to walk in the shadows and dispose of his targets with deadly efficiency. I am of course talking about Codename 47, who has returned to dish out some harsh justice in Hitman 2: The Silent Assassin. Step into the genetically engineered shoes of uber hitman 47 for some stealth and sinister underbelly of society type shenanigans. When the game begins, 47 has hung up his silencer and retreated to the confines of a Sicilian monastery. But local mobsters have discovered … Continue reading Hitting the Sweet Spot

Commandos 2 Die For

Real-Time Strategy games rarely appear on consoles. Though the games are huge successes on PC’s, the genre has never really successfully crossed over to the console format. Attempts have been made of course, but the only one that ever really sold well was Starcraft for the N64. Despite all of this, companies still periodically make attempts to bring RTS’ to the console format, as is the case Eidos’ latest offering, Commandos 2. The game, developed by Pyro Studios, is a great entry in the RTS genre, although it is plagued by many of the same things that have held console … Continue reading Commandos 2 Die For

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